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Fitting new forks on my electric motocross bike and sending it! I upgrade the SUR RON electric pit bike with rock shox and ride urban MTB freeride lines, huge portable kicker ramp gaps and fast trail! Would you ride this bike!?

Hello everyone today is going to be epic because i’m once again on the electric moto we’ve got here this is the surround it’s super fun but as standard the suspension sucks so bad so luckily i’ve got myself a pair of these rock shocks here and we’re going to fit them on which hopefully works so we can have some sick forks up front the rear shocks not that bad so

We’ll get this on first give it a little test and then uh shred some urban free righty stuff on this beast along with the orcs rad track and just basically have the best time ever so let’s whip these old forks off and get the freshies on front wheel off boom throttle off back brake it’s quite a sketchy stem really on there considering the speed you can go so

I’m glad we’re getting all this off now really oh well easy oh my god those bearings in there look crazy look at them that’s like a moto style one hopefully that works on these forks then um if it’s even gonna work oh yeah so there’s definitely it’s g like literally made for it so if i can get these bearings to fit in there then that’s going to be on so

Good right after a bit of faff and i didn’t think it was gonna work i’ve managed to get these crazy moto style bearings off and hopefully they’re gonna fit on here then we can run exactly the same bearings again just gotta try and get these all on without destroying everything that’ll do i reckon that’s so so perfect that is gonna be the best thing on earth i

Know i’m a bit ghetto the way i fit stuff but it is on there now and i think it’s going to be the best thing on earth so let’s just tighten up all these side bits as hard as possible the harder you tighten these up the better ah yeah yeah that’s so good you don’t even need to cut the bars the forks down there like so ready for us ready throttle on them yeah

Front brake is on now one pill grip because there’s a throttle on here that’s all now bit of an old one but the stock is literally at home now um so it will be available soon the pill grips which i’m really really excited about all right fork is on yeah tighten up a few of these bits then we can test it in the orc trad pumped so we’re gonna make things a little

Bit more exciting with the hopper ramp we can come out of that berm there and i think if i put the ramp the other side of that big mound we can have a steep sort of whippy kicky jump so let’s go and magic this here you go then this is where i want it so let’s magic it oh that was magic look at that ready for a shreddie so what i want to do is lift this to

Here and then you sort of in my mind are going to come out of that burm and attack this lip and then get sort of boosty and sideways then into that berm behind this landing i think that could be well cool so get that in position boom it’s a bit steep at the bottom there but obviously we got suspension on there now that’s really good so i think that’s going to

Be the dream let’s give that a go wow oh oh that is so good let’s get that again so good it’s actually pure steve so it feels staged let’s have a look at that well these new forks on it’s actually insane like you have a bit more confidence jumping now because it doesn’t just bottom out every go so let’s get it again from here i’ll try and get more sideways

In normal speed because it’s the dream that’s insane that is so fun what you want to do now then is go and test this thing in a more urban environment we have the kickers street spot let’s get out of here and send we’ve come to a classic duma here but what i want to do is ride it differently i want to come up on this it’s going to be so fun jumping up and then

Landing a wheelie here all the way along and then drop into that section new forks full sus and throttle twisting dreams ready lubes here we go then oh how the hell did i save that that was so sketchy then keep going oh sick on to the next we’ve now just got a new spot with the ramp up here after a huge walk with it and this is a perfect double look at it that

Is massive i didn’t even go that fast let me get used to that and then i can make it way bigger that was quite easy then so let’s go back a little bit more about there that’s just starts to get a little bit ridiculous then it’s quite funny just like a tiny bit more each time just exacerbate so furiously but then from here it’s still mass so all right here we

Go then oh so nice i like a bit more right up smoother speeding we can definitely get it back past the past that path there let’s do that then move it back an extra foot or two don’t really know where we’re going with this because it can just go forever but it’s really the trust that i’m putting in this ramp because this is for mountain bikes and this bike’s

Really heavy because it’s a it is a motorbike really it’s like a pit bike about 50 kilograms so hopefully that survives big scene now whoa that was sketch it happened like that before we lasted urban on this thing it’s like you hit the ramp so hard that it starts to fire you back i’m gonna go for it again now and i don’t want the front wheel to be like that

That’s the worst i think that’s the only thing with that ramp because it’s probably quite steep when you start hitting it with speed and the front wheel goes up so let me try and get it nicer now that’s so big look at this like you can get proper like steez on that bump that’s massive i want to go bigger as always so i’m going to actually put the ramp back down

So it’s smaller in height and i think then it will be less kicky so the speed will then do the the jumping for me you know so i’m going to pull this back to there i know it’s getting ridiculous and the run-up where i’ve decided to put it is so small but i think that’s good sign because it stops me from going completely out of this world far less height on the

Left so let’s try it that’s so good right that’s getting ridiculous now that’s so fun but i think if you want to go start going bigger we need a longer more mellow ramp so it’s more of a because that’s got like quite an aggressive kick to it while we’re here though and there’s this perfect mound let’s get a slow-mo and i’ll try and scrub over it like proper motor

What i’m going to do now actually is pull this ramp right in on its steepest setting because that’s quite a steep landing there and then i might be able to do something like no foot cans in that actually just get that there with that ramped right up just one from the top i’ll pull it in a little bit more that’s so aggressive at the bottom but also so so good

Let’s try that then okay oh wow that is so horrible oh that’s way too heavy landing it didn’t hurt but i think i’m gonna break this bike if i do it again so i think we should pack that ramp up find a new spot of a steeper landing and get out of here we’ve now come into the local woods where we made a track not that long ago that is totally vanished now it’s

All overgrown so that’s going to be super fun making it come back to life by shredding it hard so i’m going to smash a few laps and then we’ll get a sort of montage of the whole way around so here we go yes oh my god this thing is so fun it is a motorbike as well it’s basically a pit bike it’s super heavy but obviously with that throttle oh it’s just the best

Thing ever i’ve seen a lot of people when i ride this get super angry because well i don’t really know why but i mean if you’re a guy that’s riding these and thinks it’s fine to go on mountain bike trails it’s definitely not it’s not a mountain bike i mean it rips the place up so if you go and ride a trail that someone spent ages making you’re obviously going

To destroy it so please don’t ride these on mountain bike trails this is just a woods here that is uh we had a pit bike track here forever so we’ve just re-made it by riding it and i can’t really see the harm in that so on that bombshell of pure dreams an upgrade of forks big jumps and smashing through loam that is the end of the video i hope you guys enjoyed it

That would be awesome if you leave some comments and be sick you subscribe see in the next one

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