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This video shows how to fix or repair non working electric bikes, ebikes, electric motorbikes.

Hey guys so in this one we are going to be taking a look at electric motorcycles know the guy that had this one being used for half an hour and our grass pitch been put in a shed for over a year still in immaculate condition so the charge are the owner doesn’t know the original charge of us doesn’t even know what it looks like a he stripe it in a charger he snapped

Off the pen that he plugged the charger and he took the wires off that try charging it through the wires and said that charger just wouldn’t accept to charge whatsoever so to him the bike is completely done and dusted and no use purchased it for 45-pound let’s get this thing going for free so if you have an electric vehicle like this or even one of the little

Plastic power wheels or kids right on toys this is what you’re going to want to do in order to fix it so to start off there is a bolt here for the plastics and one on the other side and also there are two bolts up and underneath that keep a seat on and there on some bars underneath so we’ll get the plastics off see what we need to do from there okay so i’ve moved

Through to book remove the two bolts from the sides and the two from up and underneath on the seat no that’s the seat off and we get the plastics off the plastics are held on main size our battery gauge up here which just happens to be showing absolutely nothing anyway but there’s one clip it needs to be taken apart and the plastics can come away and then get

The bike down and see inside it okay what we see so far is we’ve got two batteries two 12-volt batteries and yeah a speed controller i do see the terminals are actually hot glued over which i’m happy about because then there’s no exposed terminals but we’ll get that stuff hacked and these zip ties chopped get this stuff out of the way there’s a metal rail in here

That’s bolted then down at the back down here see that down there there’s another one inside the front alright just down in and not all obviously be the holder rack for the batteries we remove that out of the way the battery should come out so let’s get to it just be mindful you’ve not pinched the wire before you do the choppy choppy that seems to be the zip ties

And stuff alright next we shall undo the glue from the terminals there we go no dramas not even forcing any terminals for some fun behavior oh right these are screwed into these have screws usually they’ll have like speed connectors are some kind so actually i’ll start i’ll get the wire rack where are we there are we will get this frame off forced so we can free

Up the bartley’s it’s allen headed bolts front and back we’ll get that taken care of i’m just taking the terminals off and the screws are really really soft so i’ve already chewed one right up trying to get it off it was a nightmare so just be careful them now our low quality this one’s coming off it was just one one was stuck extremely hard right no then we did

Remove the bar and i was dodgy i shouldn’t have removed the glue until had removed the bar because it nearly touched the terminals and wouldn’t a beam so awesome we just got to move to the bar i’m trying not to block your view got it in a nice snug place we’ll get the next when i don’t get them up onto the worktop okay so we have both batteries we have them up

We’re gonna pop all the little rubber caps off the top of them and make sure all the cells are covered and distilled or deionized water or a while as because i dropped a bar and we just before i picked it up so yeah please be wearing your safety goggles just in case that spots in your eyes like so oh another one should really be wearing gloves as well but what’s

A little bit about the acid between morons a no you will refill the cells up get a voltage read in and hook up to another 12 volt battery the trickle charge over and then get the smart charger on it right i don’t know if you can see this see this the red parts and the white parts of the cells they need to be covered in water and a lot of them are not so let’s fix

That we’re gonna use deionized water a little syringe i do also have another video on how replenish these batteries if they don’t work by trying to charge them obviously if they’re not swollen if they’ve just been left on charge there so dad they won’t charge like these are and i will show you how to rectify them i’m just going to take some water and start filling

Up the cells until cells and say they’re submerged i’ll do that for all of them hey guys so i ended up i had to screw the screws back in and order give something to grab on over this of a car booster patia which the 12-volt battery inside which you could just use another 12 volt just like the ones you have and you just attach and red to red black to black 11 the

Trickle a trickle over no that took a few hours to battery is already with mars to get the energy it trickle up in the barkley’s it’s 11.3 11.9 so nearly 12 so these batteries are already back to good we’re going to stick them onto the smart charger they’ll take a charge now and get them charged up these caps put back down again so they’re not flapping to vote or

Falling off and yeah we’ve got them back in the bike and see if it turns all i’ve already just ordered the charger know that the voltage is up ready go so we’ll get these sealed in and we might use something nice and bright like this stuff and we’ll get it all sealed up right no we just got to do everything in reverse and just hope we don’t blow ourselves up well

You can hope i blow myself up – ally got fingers crossed that doesn’t happen right our body it’s gonna drop in and this is the force bot laetare mentals facing towards the back of the bike right up to the back and we’re gonna get our second but we’re trying just drop that straight in mind you’re not trapping any wires because if they get jammed now with a motion of

The bike banging up and down right then it you could bear the wires and short out so stay safe right bart later then they’re both tested with voltage i’m happy they’re in a good state so now we just need to find all the little screws and put the terminals back in now these are why i’ve been cds not parallel so it goes negative it goes from positive to negative and

On the other side as just as a single positive in a single negative but you’re jumping one side over here negative to positive i’ll be dollars advised when you open up you’re not too sure it’s like a big spaghetti mass it’s always good to take a picture before you start yeah helps if you have little tiny cuddly fingers i have to regroup the other two screws are

Oh that’s right they’re all put back inside the bike because i had no way to grab one of them with the crocodile clips from the jumper booster part so i put these in give them something hold onto trying to be quick so that it’s not edited apart you think other stuff has happened and it’s not there we get our live lead here yeah i just touched it on to that negative

Right there there goes your video there you go guys you go whoo oh pins and needles so that’s actually a good thing my batteries are working fine i just don’t know what that little ball went yeah i need to find it that was nippy nepi i was nothing like a 9-volt battery was it 24 volts yeah i’m dropping the vault so we’ll be back in a second when they get them on we

Eventually found the other screw keep getting shocked maybe it just does that initially when it joins on but after being zapped that’s kinda spooky electric’s is not my fun sport right whoa they’ve been placed and sparked in a way now we’ll set up the hot glue gun and fill in cover over these terminals over here so there’s no more of that shady business happening

Yes we’re just hot glue in the terminal so there’s no contact between any metal parts and about a while anybody’s on the bike keep it all safe splurge on there right that’s done now i did take the a ignition part apart turns out that’s got wires one it’s on and off and i do not have a key so i’ve popped the back out of it smashed the bottle part that would take

The key out of the thing and clip the rest the ignition back in the back now you’ll be able just to turn it on and off from the front i’ll show you that in course of detail but for now we need to get the support bar back across the barclays again and just in case it baffles you it can only really come in from the back slide the long under all the wire in not that’s

Fixing point now we’ll get that tightened in yourself stuck a zip tie up just to hold the controller back on again and we’ve got another supply here hold the wires close together i’ll just come in and give them a bit of snippet a snippet to keep them out the way sure not getting any wires well looking in the viewfinder very clever right now we’re going to shove

The top on that has the battery gauge and see if we can get it to light up and we should have power to either spot right inside you had hook clip that was attached to but me gauge up here it’s going to this clip that we took it off of just get these in together go ahead wind picking up here that’s like connected now we just need to turn the ignition on and see if

It was bangi buying buying what if it actually works screwdrivers not big enough oh yes we have battery gauge well you so i’m going to show you guys we for the ignition that was just popped out drop the back out of it and then took this chunk here the metal part that was in sided it takes a key and just put that down on well actually put it in the vise put a punch

On the top and just smacked it straight through and then put a little bit back in the back again that was it and now you have a switch that can just turn on tour not on/off on/off see we’ll make them up a key that you can just use for this self soldered back on the charge step in order the charger that has a three pin connector it was just dangling list on the back

I’ve stuck a nut and here hold on just no but that’s not right but either no one screw right on so you have to come up with something else to keep that in place for pushing the charger and apart from that all is well practically brand new dart bike let’s see if we can get you some real total action here oh it’s heavy oh yes lovely jubbly so 45 bucks plus another

Tenner for a charger 55 bucks you got a 500 quid dark break in brand-new condition just a shame so in future guys if you got a problem with yours of you give it a long storage or you’ve just picked one up and you just can’t charge it and your charge is just not recognizing it either that’s how you go about fixing it so sweet so anyway thumbs up if it helps you in

Any way leave a comment subscribe for more videos don’t have to and it’s a bit cliche people saying that but they all means guys and you grow the channel so get the thumbs up and join the crew lots more projects like this bye for now

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