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How to fold a Dyson Bikes Adventure 20-inch Folding Electric Bike

Learn how to fold the Dyson Bikes Adventure 20-inch Folding Electric Bike.

Hi this is david from dyson bikes in this video we’re just going to show you how easy it is to fold up our adventure 20-inch folding electric bike so we’ve got this one here we’ve got the seat up a little bit higher and also the bars lift it up a little bit the first thing i want to do is drop those down which is just simple to do with the quick releases drop

That out of the way if you’ve got one of the fabric drink bottles just take that one off and set it aside now we can fold the petals so kick the kickstand up as well just squeeze the pedals in like that two fingers in there give them a squeeze you can fold those up and you want to have the pedal roughly about there or the crank arm roughly about in that position

Now the real trick i think to doing this is using the rear brake so with my left hand i’m going to hold the rear brake on and that stops the bike moving around now we can open the latch you’ve got a little safety here just lift that up open up our latch hold the nose of the seat just here a little bit of a little just push a little bit with your knee just open

It up and i’ve still got the rear brake on so you can see it’s not wanting to move around and we just fold it around like that now bikes folded up see we’ve got a little stand here that’s going to stop uh this chain wheel hitting the ground so i’ve still got the rear brake on you just pop that on the ground so then you can see the bike’s folded up now you

Can fold down the handlebars there’s a safety on the side lift that up move it down and away we go our bikes folded up ready to load into the car you can see it’s quite compact we’ve got a handle here so it’s easy to maneuver around you can wheel the bike as well you can just pop it together if you use the sort of front wheel then the pedals aren’t going to

Move just be mindful if you’re using both wheels when you move backward the cr the pedal or crank arms will move so that’s how to fold the bike to put it back together is just a reverse so we put our handlebars up make sure that’s locked in again rear brake and we just walk the bike out you can see with the rear brake on it doesn’t want to move together lock

That down little lever shut fold our pedals out they just fold out you don’t need to hold the latch and we’re ready to go so that’s our adventure folding 20 inch

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How to fold a Dyson Bikes Adventure 20-inch Folding Electric Bike By Dyson Bikes