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How to Remove Your Electric Bike Front Wheel | Easy Electric Bike Tips

If you own an electric bike, you need to know how to remove your electric bike front wheel. We’re back with more easy electric bike tips. This eBike tip might be the easiest of them all, but you need to know it all the same! Removing your electric bike wheel is a must whether you want to throw it in the back of a car or change a flat. In this video, that’s what we’re teaching you!

What’s going on you guys it’s got front fly rides back again today with another quick tech tip we are getting back into these for you guys so that you can become a better a bike owner you can know a little bit more about your bike today we are going to be teaching you how to remove the front wheel from your bike a pretty standard and easy tech tip but you do need

To know how to do it for a lot of reasons sometimes you get a flat tire out there maybe you want to put your bike in the back of your car because you haven’t for whatever insane reason committed to getting a tray rack yet and you’re gonna transport the bike and you need to take off that front wheels so everything fits in there whatever the reason you is that you

Need to take off your front wheel we’ve got you covered unless of course you have a front hub motor ebike which you shouldn’t have anyway get rid of that thing immediately and buy a mid-drive motor a bike that’s my other tech tip of the day don’t buy a front hub motor bike this episode of the unapologetic ebikes knob is brought to you by anything except for front

Hub motors so hector is going to be walking you through how to take that front wheel off on any ii bike actually any acoustic bike either this should be pretty useful for you guys as well so you’re welcome acoustic bike world even though you hate us sometimes we just want everyone to be a better bike owner hector take it away thank you scott let’s talk about how

To remove your front wheel first off we want to make sure your bicycle is in a safe place so that your bike doesn’t roll away from you you want to make sure you set your kickstand down and make sure your bike is balanced you may also want to turn your bike upside down as long as the cables and brakes on top of your handlebars aren’t gonna be affected if you have

Your bike upside down so let’s take a look at what thru-axle you’re working with on your fork so there are a few types out there there’s a bolt on there’s a quick-release there’s a sr sunt or proprietary fork and your typical skewer that you would need to release before you can take your wheel off so rock shocks and fox forks typically come with a bolted on or a

Quick-release through axle so you will need a an allen wrench to simply unreleased the thru-axle kind of like you would unscrew a typical screw or you can unlatch the axle and then spin the whole axle counterclockwise to remove the axle from the fork for specific sr son two forks you will come across a proprietary through axle for that you will need to release

The latch first push in the end the opposite end of the latch and turn counterclockwise or clockwise just a little bit so that it locks the ending in place and then you can pull the entire axle out safely so what you’re used to seeing on other bikes is having an axle with a skewer that goes straight through the hub so with that all you really need to do is release

The latch unscrew it a few times and the wheels should be able to come right off from the bottom of the dropouts of the fork if you happen to unscrew it too far and a spring comes off at the end with the nut simply make sure that the cone ends are facing towards each other and making sure that the small end is closer to the actual hub of the of the bicycle whereas

The wider end is gonna be towards the actual bolt or the latch but you also don’t need to pull this all the way out to release the wheel from the fork now that you have removed your thru axle you can carefully remove your wheels so that basically just means that you pull your through axle and the wheel will slip right from underneath the fork dropouts keep in mind

Not to press your brake lever or pull your brake lever make sure that you put a block in between your brake pads otherwise you can lock those brake pads together you definitely want to make sure you put that brake block in between your brake pads in your caliper before you transport it that’s happened many a times where you moving your bicycle around putting it

On your truck and all of a sudden you place your press your lever down all the way and you lock your brakes together when you’re ready to put your wheel back on make sure that you align the rotor with your brake caliper that’s actually one of the most important things you want to make sure that your rotor isn’t hitting anything along the way making sure that the

Wheel sits right back into the dropouts of the fork and the dropouts again is just that area at the bottom of the fork that holds or cups the axle of your wheel of the hub then you throw in the entire through axle you tighten it down to spec you don’t need to tighten it extremely hard keep in mind this still is fragile aluminum you don’t want to over tighten any

Of that and after it’s all tightened down and snug all the latches are put back together you’re ready to ride that is our tech tip for the day like this video and subscribe to this channel so you can see more tech tips leave us a comment below and let us know what you would like to see to make yourself a better ebike owner and we’d be happy to teach you thanks

For watching you guys we’ll see you next time

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How to Remove Your Electric Bike Front Wheel | Easy Electric Bike Tips By Fly Rides USA | Electric Bikes