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How To Test Ride OutRider USA Adaptive Electric Bike!

Shout out to OutRiderUSA for making an amazing off road adaptive bike! Check out the links below to see my first experience and ride in the bike.

Hey everyone what’s going on zach here welcome back to my first video of 2021. i hope you all had an amazing new years about a month ago i tested out this adaptive electric bike from a company called outrider usa they sent me this new bike to test out and try i got it for about four weeks and it was an amazing experience i got to get in a bike all on my own and

Go on some off-road trails with my dad and my brother something i haven’t been able to do since my accident and so if you haven’t seen the videos i posted of me and the outrider usa bike i’ll leave a link to those videos in the description below definitely check them out if you haven’t already i’ve been getting a lot of comments and questions people asking how

They can get the bike if they can test it out if you can buy it how much it cost all those sorts of questions so in this video i’m going to do my best to try and answer all of those so outrider usa just started this new program called extended test ride which means you can get a bike one of their electric bikes shipped out to you for a certain period of time and

You can try it to see if you like it and if you like it you can end up getting one and if you don’t like it then you can send it back so what this program offers is a weekly rental option so for the first week of renting one of the bikes it’s 89 a day and if you end up wanting to extend the rental for another week it goes down to 69 per day and if you want to

Rent it for an even longer extended period of time you can do that it just depends on the availability of the bike because right now there are not a bunch of bikes so it’s first come first serve or whichever bikes are available right now and outrider usa will ship the bike to you free of charge if it’s to a business with a loading dock or fort lift because the

Bike is pretty big and it comes in a big wooden crate and shipping for this bike is only available in the united states or canada so now i want to talk about the different types of bike options so the bike that i tested out first was called the horizon tri-pin and basically what that means is where my hands go my hands were stuck in these tri pins and that’s

How i can drive and steer the bike but they have other options available as well some of the other bike options include the coyote which is their first four wheel drive bike the one that i tried was a three wheeler it had two wheels in the front and one in the back so the coyote is their first four wheeler the next option would be the horizon hand cycle which

Is operated with an integrated hand pedal slash steering system that is power assisted so every time you pedal with a hand cycle on the bike the electrical assist will kick in and help you go the next one is a horizon all-electric which is basically an all-electric bike so there are no pedals for you to use with your feet or your hands it’s just simply a hand

Throttle and lastly is the horizon pedal with electric so instead of the hand cycle with the power assist you cycle with your feet which has the power assist so those are the five different options of the different types of bike option that outrider usa offers the horizon tri-pin the coyote the horizon hand cycle the all-electric and the pedal so now i’m going

To play a quick little clip of each of those electric bikes so you can see how they look and how they operate so check it out okay so now i wanted to give my personal testimony of my experience with the outrider usa electric bike in my opinion i loved pretty much everything about this bike i am so happy that we live in a time where technology is getting

More and more advanced and options like these are available to people with disabilities and this bike will work for anyone able-bodied or with a disability the person doesn’t have to have a spinal cord injury like me any type of mobility impairment someone could use this bike so like i said i really love this bike it gave me an amazing experience i gotta go on

Bike rides with my family something i haven’t done in 10 years since my accident before my injury i used to ride dirt bikes surf skateboard i was into the extreme sports and so off-roading and bike biking was something i loved to do and then after my accident i could no longer do those things until outrider usa so i just want to say thank you to the company

For sending me the bike because it really gave me an experience i’ll never forget and i hope to definitely have on one day because i would love to take it out again i think for how big the bike is it’s actually not that heavy i believe the bike is definitely under 100 pounds so it takes two people to lift to kind of get in the back of a truck it doesn’t fold

Down really so it’s kind of a bigger bike and you have to have a place to store it as long as you have somewhere to put it it’s awesome it charges quick the battery life lasts a long time it goes up to 25 miles an hour which is really fast when you’re when you’re in it i hit when i had i think i hit like 23 miles an hour and it was awesome just to feel the wind

Flying in my face like i used to experience when riding a dirt bike it just brought back all of those memories and feelings that i hadn’t had in a long time as far as the controls everything was pretty good for the most part it was easy enough for me to do i am a c4 quadriplegic i have a pretty weak upper body my arms aren’t super strong and as far as gassing and

Breaking on the bike super easy the one thing i did struggle with personally because of my lack of strength in my upper body is turning i did have a little problem turning so maybe in the future if they continue to upgrade these they’ll be able to make some sort of power steering which will just make it really easy um so i noticed when i had it i could only do

Really wide turns like at the top of my cul-de-sac or if i was out on a skinny bike trail and i had to turn around someone would have to pick up the back end and kind of just rotate me around to face where i wanted to go and then i could take off but if i had a big area i could do a turn if i was in a skinny trail i had to have help turning but other than that

That was really my only criticism i guess you could say i don’t like that word but the one thing i would change if i could would just be to make the steering a little easier so that’s gonna be it for this video i hope you all enjoyed it again if you haven’t checked out the video of me in the outrider usa bike the links will be in the description below definitely

Check it out if you yourself are disabled or know someone who’s disabled that you think would love to try this check out the company i’m gonna leave their website in the link below you can contact them ask them any questions you want but like i said they just started this new program called extended test ride you can reach out to them and request any of the bikes

That i mentioned and see if they have one available for you to test out you rent it on a weekly basis the first week it’s 89 per day the second week it’s 69 dollars per day and let me know what you think if you end up getting one and testing it out i would love to hear your comments on it thank you everyone for watching and i’ll see you in my next video yeah you

Go a little faster i know look at all the birds down there you

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How To Test Ride OutRider USA Adaptive Electric Bike! By Zack Collie