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HUGE and POWERFUL – The New Electric ATV SE Tundra 4×4!

Today in the review a real electric offroader! It is the first serial produced electric ATV SE Tundra 4×4. It has all wheel drive, low range and diff locks, so it is a real offroader, but it also can do some stuff on asphalt!

Today in the review of the biggest powerful and exciting electric atv se tundra fast on your seat belts we are to start right now hi there as usually it’s me just a voiceover you’re awake and review machines and this is the newest electric atv se tundra as far as i know it’s one of the first zero produced full-scale electric atvs if you know other models please

Let me know in the comments and finally we’ve managed to get one for the review and it seems to be a real off-roader there is ovo drive low range diff locks today they are going to make tough tests of this machine including hard off-roading of course so it’s going to be an interesting day take your seats on our quest and get comfortable my friends it’s time to begin

Thank you how do you like the exterior it’s quite unusual isn’t it it’s white stumpy and rather long it resembles a tiger leaning to the grounds just before the attack as a matter of fact today they have a review a pre-serial model so it’s not polished yet and there are maybe some loose ends the length is 225 centimeters it’s like a limo in a frozen world the seat is

Huge there is enough space not only for two but even for three people there is a serious electric motor with 21 kilowatts power the battery has 120 ampere hours capacity the motor is equipped with mechanical reducer so there is a real low gear let’s look how to control the drive modes there are actually two buttons there being one its front rear drive and neutral

The yellow button enables low gear the big red button it’s an emergency shutdown sides of the rights of the handlebar we see the standard control unit of the drive modes here we can switch on the front drive and there is a button to activate diff locks of both axles and as far as i know at this moment it the only zero produced squad that have a real mechanical

All gear and deflogs well it seems to have covered the main features of this vehicle and now i am straining on the leash to make a first test of this beast let’s go the silence it’s the first thing that you notice after any gas vehicle almost absolute silence if you have never tried any electric off-roader you definitely will be shocked by the fact how quiet it

Can be as to the other impressions i liked how smooth it is there is no any jerks just a smooth acceleration but if you activate a low gear and push throttle it takes off like a shot so hold the handles tight the handlebar is very light because there is an electric power steering the standard tires are not quite big so the ground clearance is 27 centimeters and

That we should take into account crossing some obstacles in this case thanks to the all-wheel drive and diff locks that helped us to get over this hammock speaking about the suspension performance it seemed to me decent but let’s look at it closer foreign under your adjustable independent suspension system they have they haven’t adjusted it yet and did seem to

Us a bit tough but it’s matter of taste that display is simple but it’s big and bright there are front and rear power bumpers the handles are pretty standard and they are not worth mentioning there is full set of lights for moving on public roads finally i should mention a winch and now i think we are ready to begin a real tests of the vehicle to make our tests

More exciting we invited a pro rider max and the first thing we are going to do is to make a drag race with my 800cc gas quad foreign take your bets almost a little gas engine or 20 kilowatts electric power the where is touch we see that the electric quad is slightly faster but nearer to the finish the gas one overtakes his opponent foreign this way they

Can make a conclusion that the acceleration is almost the same as the performance of 800cc gas quad as to the maximum speed we will check it later and now i want to mention a perfect drivability of the vehicle it’s white and squat the battery is installed low to the ground so the gravity center is also low and it’s controlled very well as i said the acceleration

Is decent but let’s check the maximum speed you know guys actually the result we see now is not correct we didn’t know at that moment but all the tires had very low pressure that is why it’s lower than it should be but let’s watch what the squad is capable of on asphalt as we can see even on a dry asphalty with low pressure tires there is enough power to do some

Drift on the quad but it is off-roader isn’t it so let’s find some george foreign firstly we tried how the low gear works and it works quite well the torque is insane and it allows easily to move on zero’s roughnesses let me remind you all this stuff is an absolute silence and this electric smooth power provokes you to drive aggressively even on the usual road

But in our case we didn’t know that the tires had low pressure suddenly one of the tires came off so that match our test was finished but don’t worry we will continue it in few seconds but this time they equipped our clutch with standard tires and inflated them properly the weather became worse and now it’s only zero degrees celsius outside this time as we can

See we managed to reach 86 kilometers per hour maximum speed all the forest roads meantime johnson terio mud racing track so there is a lot of fun to sweep through the forest on our electric beast but as a matter of fact this quad is not only for recreational purposes it would be a good weddings for parks and rental businesses for farms and hunting and for all

Those who got enough of noise and small of combustion engines if you want to enjoy god songs instead of engine mumbling the electrocutive is your choice foreign we found some dirt so let’s check if it is a real off-roader all of your drive low gear and deflogs make this quad be area offroadder actually it moves in dodge as a big zero safety besides all the

Main components are waterproof here but if you are going to cross water obstacle quite often it’s recommended to do some additional waterproofing well all that stuff is great but let’s speak about some flaws and the main weak side of the squad to my mind is range with standard 120 ampere hours battery the range will be from 50 to 100 kilometers according to the

Condition of use not very impressive but there is a bigger battery pack that will provide the range about 200 kilometers finally it’s time to speak about the prices and actually it’s rather costly with standard battery pack this quad will cost you about twenty thousand dollars let’s go today thanks for having right with us my friends please consider subscribing

The channel if you like this video there will be many more interesting materials here not bye

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HUGE and POWERFUL – The New Electric ATV SE Tundra 4×4! By Review Machines Worldwide