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I Bought the CHEAPEST Full Suspension Electric Fat Tire Bike

Heybike Ranger First electric bike review where advertised specs are meeting my tests. Super cool and comfortable electric bike to own.

Affordable e-bikes are the best since they are ultra-portable special new york city helps with saving space they’re easier to fit in your vehicle if you travel fat tire e-bikes offer better package in my opinion they’ll handle any terrain and here on this model we have this nice addition that i’ve been asking for a while and hey bikes finally included this awesome

Seat suspension transforming the ranger model into dual suspension pretty much also fat tire e-bikes add that cloud comfortable feel while riding today we’re unboxing the new ranger step through model from hey bike this is a 1279 bike that has some interesting upgrades that i was looking for in the previous models that i did not find this e-bike is powered by

500 watt geared hub motor that propels this bike to 25 miles an hour top speed you can use the throttle or pedal assist with throttle you can cruise advertised by the brand 37 miles and it would assist 48 miles in range i’ll test and see how much range and maximum speed i’ll get with 220 pounds and we’ll see if my results if my numbers are getting even close to

The advertised numbers the battery is located just behind the seat in the middle of the frame keeping the weight centralized and low gravity allows you to swap the batteries fast and removing them for indoor charging we have on this model 48 volt system 15 amp capacity or 720 watt hour lithium battery that will accommodate with an usb charging port allowing you to

Charge your phone your camera or any electric portable device on the go the lcd display is located in the middle of the handlebars on the right hand side you have the thumb throttle the display will show you all information you need to schedule your ride like battery capacity speedometer pedometer and the watt meter the bike comes outfitted which amount of seven

Speeds and we have three level modes here with pedal assist intelligent three level pass and here we have the first level speeds second level and the maximum third level with this top speed foldable step through design easy and fast to fold and fold compact footprint the bike weighs 70 pounds or 32 kilograms front and rear disc brakes and several other included

Hardware features like the front and rear fenders and the rear rack on this model you can easily convert it into a cargo bike by adding this cool front sturdy rack we have the front and rear led lights and an electrical horn and the most important the dual suspension the front adjustable fork that smoothens first impact and the seat post will reduce the impact even

More making this e-bike extremely comfortable the assist levels are super handy for days when you want to reduce the power output and push harder get that workout you miss for the week or set the max assist or just cruise by using the throttle alone for days when you’re coming home from work after a long day and you have low energy levels the biggest advantage

Of this model is a step through and foldable mechanism that comes with a 20 by 4 inch fat puncture resistant all-terrain tires that will allow you to ride anywhere guys we have very nice handlebars leather feel for longer range rides really helps to support your your palm here your hand and look at this whole space here you can put cargo in between and wrap it

Around when you’re sitting very easily and comfortable to sit in the bike mount this mount and you have so much room really comfortable guys also it’s foldable point there so it’s easy to fold and fold i have the option here to mount the front rack for you know extra loads and turn this bike into cargo like bike you can adjust the height of the handlebars and of

Course the suspension i was talking about it’s not really high uh end level uh suspension but it works pretty good and it’s good to have it now of course you can upgrade and uh spend 75 to 100 plus dollars and get something really smooth really nice uh higher quality this is a basic uh suspension that does pretty well and it’s good to have on this model included

In 1279. the bike turned out by itself no more assists but the biggest the most important part is that i got power to the last second which is very important it is freezing cold 35 to 40. i’m not sure exactly it’s morning sunday i covered 28 miles and a third maximum speed averaging 18 to 23 miles an hour mixed pedaling and throttle alone on a freezing winter day

With 220 pounds and i think in the more optimal or let’s say on a warmer summer day i should get 30 to 35 more range and that sits between 36.4 to 37.8 miles which are fantastic results folding this bike it’s easy and fast makes it a really compact package that will allow you to use it and easily store it if you travel with a truck or if you travel with an rv good

Option to explore a city or off-road sites despite having a compact frame the bike is sturdy designed to support 330 pounds allowing riders from 5’3 up to 6-3 and a wide spectrum of weight range safely enjoy this model i think at the price of 1279 this bike offers a lot of good features and competitive specs guys i place the link down below in the description box

Check it out hey bike is offering two years of warranty and support which is really handy to have let me know in the comments below if you have any questions there are a lot more cool ebikes reviews coming out on this channel i also have a surprise for you i have three super cool fast e-boards that i’ll be testing and reviewing soon so don’t forget to subscribe and

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I Bought the CHEAPEST Full Suspension Electric Fat Tire Bike By Electric Vehicles Space