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I review the DYU D3F 14 Inch Small Electric Bike Folding Ebike

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Fat guy on a little e-bike oh that’s all i feel like right now or like i’m on like a clown on like a unicycle or something happy spring kind of we’re still uh it’s a little cloudy and rainy but we’re close uh so thank you guys for joining me today we’re doing the dyu e-bike review hard to call it an e-bike it’s very unique uh sorry it’s a little windy if my

Audio is not the greatest i apologize um yeah there’s a lot to talk about on this bike it’s definitely the most unique e-bike i’ve had in the garage here uh man where to even start so i guess i’ll break down what i’ll do in this video so we’ll talk about some of its performance um which spoiler is kind of on the level it has some pros though don’t get me wrong

We’ll talk about who i think this is for if you should kind of avoid it if you’re looking for certain features or if it’s something you like if you’re looking for other features there’s a lot to talk about here so might as well just dive in here so i’ll start by going over the parts and kind of the quick spec overview we’re not going to dive into much because

There’s not that many parts all right so let’s talk suspension first this is all you get a little springy seat and to be honest it actually is pretty comfortable i got to give it a thumbs up for how awkwardly small this thing is uh it actually is not crazy awkward to to drive and i’m like a really big guy and that’s another thing to preface i am uh probably

About 240 pounds and it can handle me so that’s saying a lot we only have a 250 watt motor it’s a really small motor it’s a typical motor that you’d get in a scooter so if you’ve ever been on an electric scooter you’re going to get the performance of that rather than an e-bike so i’d almost classify this more as like a scooter than i would a e-bike so just

Going over the parts there’s no drivetrain it’s literally just a chain ring and this uh rear sprocket and it does its job you know on an e-bike i find the less parts the better because it’s the less things that’ll break and speaking of break we have decently acceptable uh disc brakes here no brand name or anything but they they do the job uh they’re pretty

Thorough pretty decent stopping power all right so brakes yeah fine drivetrain as i was saying there is a pedal assist however i gotta say it is so i guess weak like it’s hard to feel that it kicks on that the only time i’ve really been able to basically what i’m getting at is you’re gonna want to be using the throttle plus pedaling to get the best performance

Out of this we do have a headlight which is nice that is turned on by this button right here if you hold that that’ll turn on as you see there and then this is the battery indicator which is just high to low really uh simple so if you if you’re not into the complex like bike computers on other e-bikes this is something you’ll enjoy because there’s literally

Just led lights here i don’t even know if they’re led so outside of the lights you literally just have an on and off button and you can tell it’s off because the lights go away and you can tell it’s on when the lights come back and that’s really oh yeah the rear light here uh is a manual button which isn’t great and it’s literally connected to nothing it’s like

Kind of an afterthought i believe they just kind of threw it in the box which reminds me this is by far the easiest e-bike i ever built from the box you literally just kind of throw the fender on and i think that was it maybe attach the handlebars all right so let’s take it for a ride okay so now we’re on kind of a flat kind of road here where i want to just

Demonstrate the power of zero where i’ll literally just use the throttle assist here uh to take me from zero to probably a max speed of maybe i don’t know 15 miles per hour if that and you know i want to say it again as i’m reviewing this like this is working like we know off the top there’s a very small motor this is a 250 watt motor this is not made for people

Who want to go really fast however it’s it’s hauling a larger adult when it’s probably made for more of a teenager or uh well maybe not kids but i think you know what i mean someone smaller is gonna have a lot more fun on this than anyone in adult range the price point again i think well i haven’t mentioned it yet is about uh just under 500. which you do get

A decent build quality i got to give them that it feels very sturdy it’s doing its job there everything’s very easy to use which i like and yeah the only downside i’m really having is the smaller motor so yeah let’s demonstrate that kind of from from zero to 15 on the road ready so we’ll just crank the throttle and let it go and i won’t pedal at all here

So uh let’s start pedaling with it now see how much more speed we’ll get all right this is where we’re going to get the most speed of the day going downhill there’s a speedometer down the road from my house like a uh you’ll see let’s go all right let’s see if it’ll clock us yes it said 15. all right we made it back home we got a good decent ride out

Of it here just so you can hear and get a feel of the motor and the power or medium power i’ll just give it full throttle so you can get the sounds ready that’s it maxed out and for scale let me grab a bigger e-bike so you know what a little more power sounds like so the hardest thing for me about this bike is who do i recommend it to who’s it really for and

It’s honestly kind of hard to say so the handlebars can come down definitely and the seat obviously goes down too it gets pretty compact i already checked it will not fit in the front of the tesla nor the drop down but it does fit in the trunk so it is good for city living maybe you’re bored and you want to kill some time at a supercharger about that too maybe

But i think what it comes down to is this is probably for kids i think older kids of course but it’s it’s got just enough power that they’ll probably have a good time with it it’s reliable so you could feel like they’re on something safe i think the battery life is actually super impressive but probably just because it’s such a small motor and doesn’t have to

Work very hard so you’ll get a lot of life out of it again 250 watt motor is usually the size that’s on very very cheap e-bikes or small um basically like scooters really and i don’t even know if it has that like i’ve been on a 250 watt scooter very recently and it had a little more kick than this so i don’t know take that as you will but it’s got enough power

As you saw we were able to get to like 15 miles an hour and then uh man sorry about all the cars i can’t make a video out here anymore yeah so long story short i feel like it’s a good kid gift they can take it on bike rides maybe have fun it’s not gonna go so fast that they’re gonna get hurt on it definitely always wear a helmet uh when you’re especially if

You’re giving this for your anything with a motor and kids please make sure like even if they’re the best rider like you could get the throttle stuck and just it gets away from you so you got to be careful on these things it’s also the cheapest technical bike that i think you could get under 500. there’s no actual e-bikes that are that price unless you go used

So that’s kind of hard i also though maybe would recommend spending a little more money and getting an actual bike if you’re buying it to get an e-bike because i mean it’s just an awkward size you’re not going to have as much fun as you would on an actual e-bike however if you’re looking for like a micro mobility stored in your car emergency use maybe or you

Got to haul it up flights of stairs so you want something small now it is let me see oh it’s still it’s still kind of heavy so it’s not light but lighter than the e-bikes i usually ride so i don’t know hopefully that helps you in your buying uh journey i know i had fun with it so as much as i want to kind of like say oh it’s slow it’s for babies i did have

Fun riding it so i think that’s what matters um if you have any questions on it let me know i i mean again like my overall recommendation is probably if you’re into e-bikes is to probably get something else uh with more power you’re gonna have more fun you’re gonna grow into it because you can adjust the speed on them and you can grow into the speed however

If yeah again you’re shopping for your child you’re looking for something small you’re looking for something very easy to use easy to install go with the dyu bike and don’t get a dui bike no one should get one of those it’s the worst joke i’ve ever made okay i think i should end the video here so thank you guys again you

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I review the DYU D3F 14 Inch Small Electric Bike Folding Ebike By Larry Lynch