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KYMCO Total Revolution ionex 3.0: Bring the Electric Era to Every Rider

At KYMCO, we are committed to bringing the electric era to every rider.

Today a great transition in modern transportation is underway electric vehicles are poised to become the most explosive global transformation for the coming decades over the next five years the world’s automobile manufacturers will launch more than 300 new electric models into the market ongoing at the same time for motorcycle and scooter riders kimco is

Leading the way in preparing the world for the fast approaching electric era when the pandemic subsides and the world reopens we will not return to the same old days before the big shutdown but a brand new electric era awaiting us so how can consumers businesses and governments embrace the electric revolution at kimko we have been dedicated to realizing the

Electric region for more than 20 years and today we are ready to propel the world towards the electric era with three game-changing initiatives the energy replenishment of electric vehicles has always been a major consideration for people wishing to go green for most riders home charging is the most convenient way however in many residential buildings a

Power outlet nearby the parking space is not available therefore the option for batteries to be removable is essential so riders can perform battery charging or battery swapping for commercial purpose vehicles on the other hand battery swapping is the preferred option swappable batteries eliminate having to wait while charging and give businesses the required

Non-stop vehicle operations consequently in-house battery swapping stations that provide convenient and instant energy replenishment become indispensable for businesses for these reasons kimco equips every ionx electric vehicle with various energy replenishment options including plug-in charging removable battery charging and removable battery swapping

To provide all riders the optimal way to recharge based on their scenario making energy replenishment available to everyone we have removed the long-standing obstacles that previously prevented people from going electric today numerous electric vehicles have been launched into the market however few have been greeted with great enthusiasm by consumers

And businesses alike the truth is that these electric vehicles are simply overpriced for what they offer the key lies in the fact that the mir electric powertrain has the only differentiation is insufficient to make electric vehicles desirable it is critical that electric vehicles are designed to fulfill the true needs of people for the electric transition

To succeed therefore kimco equips the high-end models with revolutionary features and breakthroughs that fascinate enthusiasts who pursue pioneering innovations for the mainstream models kimco focuses on delivering a rich set of attractive and practical features at affordable prices to suit different business requirements kimco collaborates with industry

Leaders to build the ideal electric vehicles for specific commercial applications all efforts are devoted to making electric vehicles truly desirable and at the same time attainable by creating electric vehicles with great value we raise people’s desires and motivations to go electric one vehicle does not fit all people use personal transportations for

Different reasons to extend the green movement to the majority of society it is important to provide a wide variety of choices for different customers therefore kimco has created a full range of electric vehicles from electric superbikes to electric urban scooters to meet everyone’s needs the revolutionary super sport motorcycle super nex is for people who

Simply want the best the high performance street bike revo necks is for riders who aspire to the next era of sport bike riding the fun to ride motorcycle f9 is for those who enjoy nimble handling the sport compact modern scooter s7r is for people who seek the thrills of acceleration in city traffic in addition like ev is a full-sized retro style scooter

Agility ev is the best all-rounder for everyday commute and all-purpose utility i-1x offers a stylish design while providing convenient urban mobility in essence kimco has developed a full spectrum of electric vehicles for the new world from motorbike to scooter from full-sized to compact from sport to leisure and from consumer to business by providing a full

Range of diversified electric vehicles we have the perfect match for anyone wishing to go electric leading the charge kinko is committed to making an impact at the juncture of this significant transformation of modern history we remove long-standing obstacles that prevent people from going electric we raise people’s desires and motivations to go election

We satisfy everyone’s needs as people go electric with these three initiatives kimcore brings the world one step closer to the electric era you

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KYMCO "Total Revolution" ionex 3.0: Bring the Electric Era to Every Rider By KYMCO UK