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Making homemade electric Motor bike || Part – 1


Hey guys the history lesson motorcycles you smell of my sport bikes i’ll try the ustinov allowance for my entire thickness level one at p and np joy thickness and motoring back there in the app engine level three kilo bottom what we have a useful put whole body external de cádiz or belly up and turn over six in the aperture montano along too the

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Is oh two guys have better control of authority on every my path in control super a way to a controllers remember 72 volt thousand words yeah well as a amara 72 volt 35 mpa he controller or the user hamara 72 volt 65 mph a controller am quiet a hundred aspira got a cheap pen a thumb booyah controllers you stand up like a he is

65 mph do control array or be problem me over a 72 volt car controller for him arab us look into 72 volt battery a biffle of america’s slinging it a beautiful amateur maples battery a a 48 volt 25 m deliberately is this coming up la electric motorcycle ordinarily like me you skate or go back maybe a better many use dt so we problem iantrickett better him at a

Fast hand into his composure logbook other another in next video the garage has been to the other theater a cna thosethe from his course a 48 volts he operated during a am pitch throws a 680 a controller 72 volt thousand is 460 volts 48 volt the owner/operator get sucked into a controller another animal a video the battery other the 13/8 manipuri a controller

The user key it says it’s a lucky the conga bucky happy a controller can be used kirk a 72 volt battery larocca is a 1800 key speeds achieved correcting a verb skiba pascal converter k3 happy the city converter a geek at iridium original output are a 72 volia 48 volt who scored a 12 volt the converter he is a dega was divided by 3 era ended happy ante three

Homes ways to use carnival happening bite me last night a marathon throttle me bath coretta is your throttle a iskander those which i’m familiar take push-button the three murder so push button i’m home kelly already injured 3 motorola button eyes from blow 3 spiracle you staring a low medium or high kelly or super imposable as i said the miracle mr. dixit is

A push material a whisk or music arranger ticket or even map of hitting the reconquista repeat over thanks the village 11 complete were evacuating the color canadian colliding the honka if sorry teach them apart to make a novel out the power to veto the capital the ina to me that’s heavy rock papa salabhasana the lighter than a self-analysis record and i built an experiment

Transcribed from video
Making homemade electric Motor bike || Part – 1 By Creative Science