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Meet the Magnum Cruiser Electric bike / Test ride POV and Review

This week we reviewed the 500W Magnum Cruiser on the trail. This beach style cruiser electric bike comes with 26 inch wheels designed for performance and comfortability when riding. The Long range 48V / 13 Ah Battery has a range of 20 to 60 miles depending on a number of variables like body weight, cargo weight, terrain, wind direction, and pedal assist level. The Das-kit R4 Rear Geared Hub Motor has 500W and 6 modes of pedal assist to reaches speeds up to 25 mph. The cockpit features a large display that puts controls for the bike at the riders fingertips, including thumb throttle control. with backlight for clear visibility during night rides. The Cruiser comes with an independent powerful front headlight and rear light. It’s high step-over frame design makes the Cruiser I nice laid back ride. Interested in buying one for yourself? Visit for all your e-bikes selections and accessories. Please like and subscribe and check back next week for more electric bike content.

Welcome back to the channel it’s your host rob with shop e-bikes i’m joined today with magnum’s cruiser check out this beach cruiser electric bike it looks really really good one of my favorite features about this bike is the weight this thing’s 59 pounds so it’s really easy to put into the back of your truck or on top of a bike rack wherever you’re trying to

Get to the construction of the cruiser starts right here this is a high step over frame the whole bike is made out of a 6061 aluminum alloy that’s one of the reasons it’s super light everything about this magnum is designed with comfort in mind that would explain the seat this is a selly royal cruiser with gel and it’s also got the dual spring suspension at the

Bottom even your cockpit comes with the selly royal brown for your handles these things are very comfy they’re very squishy they feel different than what you’d expect when you first touch them some of the other features you’ll notice in your cockpit is your c7 magnum display you’re gonna see your mode select your pedal assist your on and off button you also

Have an eight speed shimano drivetrain you’ve got a bell and then you’ve also got very conveniently placed tektro hydraulic brakes you don’t need to have any tools to adjust the handlebars because this is a quick release you just pull back and pull up and then you can shift this however you would like i think i want mine right there i like the look of the

Schwalbe big bin 26 inch tires i like that they’re brown they match all the accents on the bike really matches that cruiser look at the back of the bike you’ve got these black alloy fenders these are going to prevent a whole bunch of splashback when you’re on the trail and you’ve also got a really nice rear rack this thing can hold up to 59 pounds and it’s got the

Triple bungee system at the top keeping all your gear secure i love this design with the magnum bikes now a lot of the magnum bikes come with an integrated light that is not the case with the cruiser this is an independent light and you simply just turn them on with the button and it’s also an independent front light now both the front and the rear light require

Aaa batteries so that’s a good thing to know if you’re in the market for this guy now we come to that portion of the video where i give you all the specs that you actually came here for this has a 48 volt 13 amp hour battery this thing will provide you between 30 to 60 miles of range it has a 5 volt usb port in case you wanted to charge up your phone or like a

Speaker there’s all sorts of devices you can put on top of a bike you have what i would call a minimalist chain cover protect your pants from all the oil and and also just to protect your pants from getting stuck in the gears the pedals are designed very nice there’s not really any sharp pieces on it so if your foot slips you’re not going to scrape yourself up

And then at the back of this guy you’ve got dos kit r4 rear hubbed motor this is a 500 watt and it’s paired with a rear shimano acera 8 speed drivetrain to start the bike you’re going to hold the battery until you see the green flashing lights pop up you’re then going to want to hold the on button on your mode select and then you will see your screen turn on this

Display is going to show you several things it’s going to show you your battery life it’s going to show your miles per hour it’s going to show you your pedal assist modes and this thing has six different pedal assist modes it’s going to have your odometer you can set your time and then this is also going to show you how much power you are taking from the battery

All right so we’ve covered the specs i think it’s time for us to put a gopro on my chest put a helmet on my head put my butt on this bike seat and get this bike on a trail let’s go i like the simple kickstand pretty heavy duty let’s get on so i really like the way the cruiser sits obviously i’m going to like it because this is a it’s designed to be a cruiser

It’s designed to be comfortable so right out the gate whenever i wanted to do my throttle nothing happened because this is not the throttle this is i love that so now we’re gonna go through the pedal assist modes pell assist number one not much is really happening let’s go to pedal assist number two you can feel the 500 watt motor start to kick in you’re

Still doing most of the work now let’s go pedal assist number three i would say the motor kicked in about double gotta move up my gear to keep up it’s really nice to have eight different gears on this bike now let’s move up to pellissips level four it’s a good little burn in my legs i mean we’re on gear six and we’re at 16 miles per hour let’s go up another

Pelosis level yeah we’re cooking now let’s do one more pelican level oh man i’m flying oh yeah just got to 26 miles per hour so compared to the nomad and the scout this is a tremendously different feel it’s very laid back and having the throttle at your thumb is a pretty substantial difference i guess when you’re in the market for an electric bike you need

To first determine where you’re taking the electric bike if i lived in the city this cruiser would be amazing but if i lived near the mountains i would want something more like the the nomad or the scout but before you pull the trigger on any of those bikes you should definitely get a test ride in because this cruiser has genuinely surprised me look at that

Cornfield now with this magnum cruiser you do have an adjustable preload down below on the left of the fork and you also have a lockout switch which is a great thing to have right here because you can adjust this while you’re riding but if you want to tighten up that fork you get super tight get rid of that bounce or if you want a bouncier ride that’s a good bounce

So this magnum cruiser is sweet this thing is so fun it’s such a comfortable ride especially with the seat i like the way that it has that relaxed lean back as you’re cruising um and there’s a good reason why this is called the cruiser you definitely need to test drive this guy i love how lightweight it is i love the thumb throttle and i love how comfortable

And relaxing this ride truly is just buy one from just just do it just go to and just buy one thank you guys for tuning in if you have any questions about the magnum cruiser send us an email to or leave me a comment on the youtube page and if you’re in the market for an electric bike go visit

We’ve got a great selection and we’ll deliver to most places in the country minus two states i think you know who those are check back next week for some more electric bike content please like and subscribe and have a great day bye you

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Meet the Magnum Cruiser Electric bike / Test ride POV and Review By shopebikes