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New 2021 Colours Announced For Zeros Electric Motorcycle Range!

My SR/F review:

This week zero motorcycles announced a whole bunch of new paint schemes for 2021 right across their range there are no major mechanical updates to speak of but they make some great looking bikes and so in today’s video we’ll take a look through all of the new colors and i’ll give you my thoughts on some of these bikes as i’ve been lucky enough to ride most of them

But before we get started if you’re new here and you want to get all of the latest updates about new motorcycles for 2021 right here on youtube then please do remember to hit subscribe i’ll be covering as many of them as possible right through this busy period of new motorcycle launches let’s start with the bike that i’ve ridden most recently the srs this is

Their sports touring model built upon the chassis and equipment of the naked srf which was launched a couple of years prior not only does it add a fairing for wind protection and 13 more range but also a more comfortable riding position and a larger pillion seat now i really like the substantial feel of this bike it’s super planted on the motorway and i think it

Would make an awesome commuter and the way it accelerates is just as addictive as the srf there’s a link to my full video about it in the description below for 2021 it’ll come in the same two color schemes that it launched with blue with gold rims and grey with gold i quite like the look of the stealthy grey but let me know your picks for these bikes down in the

Comments below the standard version starts at nineteen thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars and the premium which adds a six kilowatt rapid charger heated grips and aluminium bar ends starts at twenty one thousand nine hundred and ninety five the naked srf we’ve just mentioned also gets a color update for 2021 and this bike could probably be my pick of

The whole zero range when i read it last year i was super impressed with the handling power delivery electronics the finish and the comfortable position but i also think it’s their best looking design with a more substantial tank shape than the smaller models and a steel trellis frame that helps to make a feature of the battery again there’s a link to my review of

This bike in the description for the next model year you can choose from either black with a silver strip and gold rims or mint green with a red highlight and black rims personally i think a combo of the two would look best the mink green with the gold wheels but as it stands i go for the green the rrp for 2021 is 500 less than the srs with the standard coming

In at 19 495 and the premium at 21 495. if you think of the srf as they’re super naked then the sr is more like a middleweight with about 70 horsepower on tap that doesn’t sound like a massive amount but it’s the peak torque of 157 newton meters which is pretty much accessible from a standstill that makes electric bikes like this an absolute hoot to ride the sr

Comes in a single color choice of red and black for 2021 with a starting price of fifteen thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars and there’s also the learner friendly s which has essentially the same styling as the sr but with a less powerful motor i was blown away by just how quick this bike was considering that you can ride the 11 kilowatt version with

A cbt it’s to do with the fact that internal combustion engine bikes are measured at peak power whereas electric motorcycles are measured at a continuous power which they can sustain for 30 minutes either way check out the video i’ve linked to in the description it will be available in gray and blue for 2021 with a starting price of ten thousand nine hundred and

Ninety five dollars rounding off the street models we’ve got zero super moto styled fxs this is another one i’ve ridden and i really enjoyed the nimble package with a kerb weight of just 114 kilograms if you go for the smaller battery that’s about half of the weight of the bikes that i’m normally riding it’ll be available in grey and gold for 2021 with the 3.6

Kilowatt hour version costing from 9295 or the 7.2 kilowatt hour power pack with on-board charger from 11 295 although that pushes the weight up to 133 kilograms the fxs is also available as a more off-road focus bike in the form of the fx you get larger spoked wheels and some more dirt friendly tyres more suspension travel some slight tweaks to the geometry

And a much taller seat height of 881 millimeters to the 836 of the fxs for 2021 it’ll be available in this new black and green color scheme and it’ll have the same pricing as the fxs so 9295 for the small battery 11 295 for the large with the onboard charger the s and sr road models are also available in a more trail friendly spec with the ds dsr and dsr black

Forest the dsr was the first electric motorcycle that i ever rode and it really convinced me that they can be just as fun as an internal combustion bike it’s got a great commanding riding position well-spec equipment and all that torque download just like any of the other models again link in the description for my dslr review the black forest edition is zero’s

Attempt at a long distance adventure bike with luggage a screen crash protection peripheral lights and hand guards it also gets the charge tank upgrade which can give you a 50 charge in less than an hour it’ll be available in black and starts at 18 895 if you just after a punchy commuter which can take on some gravel then you can get the dslr without all those

Accessories and save a bit of cash it’ll be available in brown and gold and cost three and a half grand less at fifteen thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars lastly there’s the ds a bit less power but still punchy enough with over 100 newton meters of peak torque for 2021 it comes in a matte gray and green color scheme and it costs the same as its road

Going equivalently s at 10 995 dollars and there we have it the 2021 xero motorcycle range in all of its new colour schemes it’s been a while since we’ve had a massive update from xero with the srf in 2019 being the most recent significant development let’s hope that 2022 brings another leap in electric motorcycle performance but for now there are some great

Looking bikes to choose from and it has to be said that xero have the most comprehensive selection of electric bikes by a long stretch so let me know your favorite down in the comments below my pick is still the srf but i always enjoy hearing your thoughts and if you’re new here and you want to see more videos like this hit subscribe and i’ll catch you next time

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New 2021 Colours Announced For Zero's Electric Motorcycle Range! By MOTOBOB