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RADRUNNER REVIEW: Rad Power Bikes Affordable, Modular Electric E-Bike [1st Timer Perspective]

★ The RadRunner at Rad Power Bikes online store:

Aisa this is the red power bikes rad runner and something a lot of you probably going to want to know is what the top speed of this is and what the acceleration is like an hour long battery life top speed this plague is around 20 miles an hour that’s what they say on the website and i’ll demonstrate now what the acceleration is like here we go so i won’t pedal

At all i’ll just pull the throttle which is here on the handlebar call that that and this should give you an idea of how fast it is so the red power bike red one i can go up the c 245 miles on one charge so that it’s very much dependent on how are you using a bike if you’re using pedal assist that’s these settings here so you can turn that all the way up and

Even pedal the same amount of power but it’ll just feed much more power from the battery to your speed so the higher you’ve got that less the battery’s going to last and that’s the same for if you’re literally riding this bike with the throttle not doing any pedaling then you’re probably gonna get around 20 miles i’d say so the ride our bike ran runner comes in

Two different colors i’ve got a black one here and helen who’s filming she’s got a few different additional extras that you can bolt on and buy additionally on the website this one basket yeah really cool if you’re going shopping shopping on there she’s also got this back seat which turns the bike into a two-seater bike so if you’ve got a friend or a partner

He wants to ride with you that’s awesome and here these are little additional things that come with it the foot stands for your second rider so they flip down like that and then they flip back up out of the way when you’re not using them and then some additional features that i’ve added to my rad runner bike is this central storage unit which is awesome so i

Think it looks like a ton of y’all on the motorcycle is where you put fuel what’s on top is a cup holder and inside you have extra storage so i’ve just got my helmet in there right now last i’m not riding cool feature on the front i’ve also added this protector which is a kind of like a mudflat thing that’s got any muddled air coming up for me when i’m riding it

There’s also one for the fat comes at the front but i haven’t installed that i think it looks pretty cool about i’ve got kick stands as well and a second see the additional rider hey guys apologies for change of scenery but raining the microphone so i’m having to reshoot a few of these shots anyway where was i i think i was about to tell you about the dials on

The rad runner so looking at the handlebars here you’ve got nice little bell that’s quite cute on the dial here this is where you’ve got the pedal assist settings so if you were to have this on 0 here then it would just be like pedaling a normal bike if you turn it all the way up to 4 and you’re gonna start going super quick without actually pedaling or hardly

Putting any effort in at all so that’s really nice if you’re going uphill we don’t want to get too sweaty this is your overall battery power so that’s how much juice you got left in your battery that’s important i don’t care then you have a light this is the light switch yeah that’s really nice that this actually comes with the bike so you don’t have to worry

About buying lights as an extra feature looking towards the back as well there’s a rear light there and it actually works as a brake light that’s me pushing the brakes extra safety feature when you’re on the road this is where the throttle is so i’ve got the bike on the kickstand so it’s not gonna go zooming off wins it took me a while at first know where to

Plug this in to the power cord it comes with it but if you look at the top the battery pack on the other side with a little socket there that’s where you plug it in the charge like takes about five hours to charge this bike is totally awesome is so much fun to ride it’s a huge smile on my face and helen’s the same she smiling minor camera good speed i remember

The first time when she told that the problem would matter go on this bike she was so so happy okay so yeah it’s great it’s relatively inexpensive as well so you don’t have all that much money and you can get all of the base model road runner and then add on the additional extras if you want to make it more be utility bikes you can add a bass gear add an extra

Seat for an additional rider center storage unit here as well there’s so many different things things that i didn’t get also on our website so if you’re in the market for know that your bike is definitely go check out the rabbet on that so much fun thanks for watching guys if you want to see more videos like this definitely subscribe to our channel and took the

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RADRUNNER REVIEW: Rad Power Bikes' Affordable, Modular Electric E-Bike [1st Timer Perspective] By TRAIL \u0026 KALE