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Saroleas Electric Motorcycles N60, Manx7 and SP7

Sarolea Motorcycles’ electric Isle of Man TT racebike and their electric production bikes are some very futuristic machines. the production bikes are limited to a crazy 450Nm but the race bike is packed full of monstrous torque. The bikes utilize technology such as 4G connectivity, 3D printing, and formula one tech.

What’s up guys you’re watching moto futurism today we’re going to be taking a look at one of my favorite motorcycle startups sarolea which is an electric motorcycle brand out of belgium now i’ve done my best to get all the information put it in one place for you guys and at the end of the video you’re looking at the interesting technology that makes these guys

A futuristic motorcycle company the world first saucer alia and 2014 racing the island man tt zero now if you’re unfamiliar with the island man it’s effectively like watching pod racing from star wars but it’s a real thing and crazy people actually do it the tt zero is a zero emissions electric cousin electric bikes do a timed lap of the same track and

Obviously they’re scored accordingly in 2014 sarah leah came 0.4 seconds off a podium so 4th place this here is the futuristic race machine that did it it’s called the sp 7 which is a pretty rad name so that could be a gun or a rocket ship i don’t know about you guys but might just be one of the best-looking motorcycles i’ve ever seen personally pull up a picture

Of it here so you guys can have a look so carbon-fibre obviously everywhere on this thing swingarm is really cool it’s an interesting design you know let me know what you guys think i love it personally sort of like that classic style seat as well so pretty cool looking bike like very interesting some design elements not straying too far from what your typical

Sort of superbike is but also doesn’t really look like one at the same time background so in 1850 solar was established although originally it was just an arms manufacturer wasn’t until 1892 that they began to make push bikes which obviously subsequently led to internal combustion engine motorcycles fast-forward basically they’re all but forgotten after 1963 had

Some interesting years where they were actually shut down by the nazis temporarily and then eventually merged with another company back to modern day in 2010 a new motorcycle company under the name sarolea is formed by these two gentlemen so buuren and torsten robbins now i want to deviate for a second just to take a look at austin’s linkedin this dude is a bit of

A heavyweight in the engineering world a couple of these notable sort of career accolades he’s got is the toyota formula one team working with audi sport japan on the lemans 24-hour which is one of the hardest racing events on the planet also got freelance composite technician from the mclaren f1 the guy knows his way around buildings pretty fast race technology

That definitely shows with sarolea what makes this even cooler is the brothers have a family affiliation with the brand from their childhood their uncle is even a factory motocross racer in 1950 so pretty rad gives it a little bit more heritage another interesting claim is that sarolea is the oldest still existing motorcycle company in the world having made that

First motorcycles in 1901 race bike first off torsten claims this bike has the most torque at the crank / motor shaft in the world comes in about 600 newton meters of torque which is mind-boggling what’s even more impressive is by the time that hits the rear wheel it’s a thousand newton meters of torque to put that into perspective a triumph rocket 3 produces 221

Newton meters at peak and that’s the most talk you’ll get out of a production motorcycle not to mention to do that it weighs 294 kilo pretty heavy when you compare it to the 217 kilo that the sp7 weighs in act as you can imagine this thing moves now i’m gonna jump over to sarah leah’s youtube just to show you guys a quick launch video to give you an idea of what

That feels like now that’s zero to a hundred kilometers an hour in 2.8 seconds sara lee also claimed that the bikes capable of 320 kilometres now or 200 mile-an-hour componentry and materials so the sp7 runs forged aluminium wheels bérenger breaks wds air suspension so no oil no springs this thing literally just glides on air it’s predominantly constructed out

Of carbon fiber a little bit of aircraft aluminium and some titanium components as well bikes also constructed like a formula one car in the sense that it’s a monocoque construction and i’ll explain what that means a little bit later in the video certainly also developed their own digital display and software battery weighs in at about a hundred kilograms so just

A little bit heavier than the the battery on your smartphone black runs a one to one sprocket ratio which is pretty uncommon in the motorcycle world and you only really see it when you have higher melting talk there’s no gearbox and no clutch it’s a direct drive from the motor to the rear wheel bike is literally twist and go the swing arm is carbon fiber with an

Aluminium center piece this helps reduce unsprung weight of the bike obviously improves the performance the motor is cnc machined and lives in a carbon-fiber housing looks pretty rad you can see that here obviously it’s got formula one style wheel nuts which are quick-release a throwback to horse turns formula one days bike is very narrow when you compare it to

Your thousand cc inline-four obviously that helps with it aerodynamics and an electric bikes that’s going to help with the energy consumption as well if you want to learn more about the race bike and its accolades jump over to sally’s webpage and jump straight into the racing tab sarolea currently have two offerings they have fully fed makes seven which you can

See right here they also offer the n60 which is a naked version of the same bike in my opinion this is probably the coolest thing that’s early and make at the moment and i’ll go into a bit more detail about this bike in a sec both bikes are advertised on the website and you can even pre-order and make seven today so i’ll leave a link for that below for you guys

Who up more money than i do the unique selling point of these bikes is obviously all the r&d that gets done on the isle of man tt with the sp 7 all that technology and all of those lessons go straight into the rotor going machines now even though they are dulled down just a little bit both of these bikes are boasting some pretty phenomenal stats so i’m gonna

Jump over the website and just go through some of those statistics with you power figures 163 horsepower or 120 kilowatts 450 newton meters of torque which is about 332 feet pounds top speed is 240 kilometres now obviously not that fast but it’s a road-going bike so we’re not really too stressed about this 330 kilometres range which i don’t know about you guys but

That’s plenty for the kind of riding i would be using this bike for this is a key point for a lot of people – barrier with moving to electric vehicles is the range anxiety but i feel like this is more than enough range for the average user of this style of motorcycle it’s got a 50% front and rear wheel weight distribution so that the weight is spread evenly across

The front and the back of the bike as i mentioned before carbon-fiber monocoque frame and carbon-fiber swingarm the difference between sp7 and the road-going bikes is the öhlins suspension as well so these bikes actually run öhlins as opposed to the wds air suspension in the race bike the still riding behringer brakes got forged aluminium wheels as well running

Dunlop sports smart tyres fairings a lot of the bodywork is carbon fiber they make mention to some other materials as well which we’ll go into in a little bit got titanium bolts from pro bolts and three different battery options with the mate 7 so when we said 330 kilometres as range that’s actually the highest end battery you can buy we’ve got a 14 kilowatt hour 18

Kilowatt hour and 22 kilowatt hour now they produce different distances obviously 230 kilometres being the lowest and not 330 on the higher end and right down the bottom if you’ve got the reserve button so if you have the cash i highly recommend jumping on this this bike looks like it would be an absolute riot to ride now we’re gonna move on to that n60 which is my

Favorite episode laters offerings a lot of similar componentry and statistics obviously the öhlins suspension carbon fiber monocoque or carbon fiber swing arm same motor the same forged aluminium wheels bearing two brakes as well dunlop sport smart tires a notable difference is the weight difference so the mag-7 being 217 kilo while the n6 t is 215 kilo this is due

To lack of a fairing and a shorter seat unit but predominantly they’re very similar bike with different aesthetics another notable difference is the lack of battery options on the n62 get the 22 kilowatt hour or you don’t buy one down the bottom it makes mention to a collaborative package which is a really cool element of this bike and i’ll talk about that in just a

Minute bike also has a cnc machine new yoke with a thread machine into them so the handlebars just screw directly into the yokes but don’t know how great this is for adjustment but it is a cool idea nonetheless interesting tech so this is my favorite part of looking into these companies the first thing we talked about before was the monocoque design so just a quick

Definition from monocoque which i know sounds like one penis in english but actually means a vehicle structure we have a sassy’s and a body that are both one component we see this in the hypercar and the formula one world a lot but you don’t really see it in the motorcycle industry however all of the motorcycles that sarolea produce are utilizing this technology

Why does this matter the first reason is weight by cutting down components you cut down the overall weight of the vehicle the second thing that torsten mentioned was variable geometry and center of gravity because the motor swinging arm assembly and headstock bolt directly onto the battery with six bolts each these components could be modified and changed without

Having to modify the frame so you can obviously affect your center of gravity and geometry without having to do anything to the main body of the motorcycle this will also make it easier to produce future motorcycles utilizing the same powertrain the third reason is it makes the bike more stable and rigid which obviously helps performance in handling 3d printing

And polly mako what makes this bike interesting from manufacturing standpoint is the use of 3d printing and a partnership with poly maker which is a company in the 3d printing racket together with poly maker surly i have developed 3d printing materials that are suited to this kind of work they use 3d printing for sketching prototyping and even componentry on the

Final black solely even claim to produce 3d printed prototypes that are fully operational and get written now i suspect we’ll be seeing more of this kind of manufacturing in the future so it’s just interesting to see how some of these early companies are adapting with the technology backwards chain tensioning mechanism this is a cool sub feature of the black that

Torsten points out in a bike shed video basically the chain tensioner which would typically be at the back of the swing arm is moved to the front at the pivot point the reason for this it reduces unsprung mass and allows the suspension to become more responsive helping traction at the rear wheel under tough road conditions caliper integrated in the swinger i’m

Unsure if this adds any performance benefits but it does look rather sleek so i thought i’d give it a quick mention if you know more about this design feel free to let me know in the comments below ergonomics and brake configuration the front brake is very standard at the right hand on the hand control where you’d expect it to be however the rear brake is actually

On the left hand side opposite now this is where your clutch would typically be on an internal combustion engine motorcycle or ously there is no clutch so there’s nothing on the foot pace no gearbox either so you have some nice clean sleek looking foot pegs the reason the rear brake is on a handlebar is to give you better control over the motorcycle as you can use

Your fingers instead of your foot there were some concern people in the comments on one of these videos where they were sort of making mention to the lack of a chain guard and potentially ending up like a one-legged pirate so hopefully so they’re address this in future iterations i’m not sure if it’s actually a problem thought i’d mention it anyway 4g connectivity

Worldwide 4g connectivity is becoming pretty commonplace in the electric vehicle space even harley davidsons livewire includes 4g lte connectivity it basically allows for over-the-air up and data transmission tesla have really pushed this technology into the mainstream even using it to sell over-the-air performance updates now i don’t know if this will be the

Case with sarolea but it is an interesting possibility adjustable torque and regenerative braking the software on the bike has some adjustable parameters including torque and regenerative braking basically the rider can limit talk to what they need and feel comfortable using but they can also limit regenerative braking this generates electricity and recharges the

Battery as you decelerate this is because the wheel is turning the motor and producing electricity so effectively reversing its primary function the higher your regeneration is set the more engine braking you’ll receive this isn’t new technology but it is worth mention the n60 collaborative package this is by far the coolest part of this bike basically if you buy

The n60 you get this carbon fiber helmet from head-on helmets which looks phenomenal and is style match to the motorcycle you also get this tailored protective riding suit from cafe costume and on top of that you get this damascus steel knife from studio blade why not the suit is probably my favorite part it’s pretty james bond level basically you can fly around

The city wearing your protective equipment and then jump straight into a meeting without having to change very cool obviously these guys are worth watching when the tt0 recommences in 2023 just to see how they’ve developed the sp 7 on top of that they’ll also be racing the lemans 24 hour at some point in the near future having done test laps recently so what did

You guys think loved it hate it what are your favourite innovations and sorrow leaders motorcycles would you buy one feel free to leave a comment below let me know what you guys are thinking thanks for watching don’t forget to hit the subscribe button if you like futuristic motorcycle technology and you want to hear more of this kind of content next week i’ll be

Looking at the damon hyper sport which is littered with some really cool innovations that seem obvious once you see them my name is max and i’ll see you guys in the future take it easy

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