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Should Electric Motorcycles Use the Same Charging Socket as EV Cars?

Welcome to our travel vlog clip where the Wife and I discuss whether EV motorcycles should use the same charging socket as EV cars, and how hard hacking an EV motorcycle could be.

So i have another question and this is this isn’t something i’m expecting you to know but it’s a curious thing that i have i’ll do my best so at the moment obviously some cars have the universal plug to be able to charge them right do you think the bike’s gonna use the same universal plug ideally yes do you think all bikes i know this is a real i know we’re moving

Slightly away from zen zone bikes actually like the ae1 and the a2 might use a different actually no i’m going to change my answer no i don’t think they should they should use the same plug now the reason why i’m saying that or would they shouldn’t they shouldn’t they shouldn’t have the same the same socket as cars as electric cars right the reason for that my

Reasoning i’ve just worked out right now how many motorcycles electric motorcycles can you fit into one parking bay uh so you put one motorcycle in there that means that you can only charge one motorcycle or one car however what if the charging stations came with a motorcycle adapter that allowed you to split the connections yeah to multiple different motorcycles

So so if motorcyclists wanted to use an electric charging bay they could charge their own bike but they might find other bikes they’re charging as well i mean that’s one of the big issues with car charging is that at the moment in public areas there’s hardly any you know you might be lucky if you find five uh parking spaces that have charging stations at the uh

You know at the moment at the moment and then um but motorcycles however you can you could do it two ways you could either have designated motorcycle parking for motorcycle charging or you could bundle bundle them together but obviously you’ll be able to fit a load of bikes into a single bay i mean imagine if you’re on a ride with your buddies you know three or

Four buddies you’ll be able to fit all your bikes into one parking boat to charge them up it’s almost like you could have like um a wall of parking like a wall of charges yeah little slots for bikes to go in and like almost like petrol pump things yeah you pull it out yeah yeah that’s it yeah um no i was just curious as to i mean i have another question and i’m

Sorry i am deviating slightly here but it’s just popped into my head if i don’t ask it now i’m gonna forget that’s okay how easy you think it’s gonna be to make an electric bike if it’s just charging um i don’t i know i think it will be hard a batch like a kill button for the battery oh absolutely yeah you will still have like a key fob or you’ll still have a key

A physical key that you need to put into the bike to to unlock it to start it up and all that i mean i don’t actually know how electric bikes start up tesla obviously have the whole phone system which by the way can be hacked so there are like um weaknesses there are there are security flaws in using a mobile phone app because it uses i think bluetooth radio

Waves and you can intercept those bluetooth radio waves quite easily and then and redirect them and things so um or yeah so but i i don’t i don’t know i mean i think that’s probably something they’re working on but yeah it could be you could unlock your or unlock your your motorcycle using your phone or something like that i imagine at some point

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Should Electric Motorcycles Use the Same Charging Socket as EV Cars? By Goblin RIDES