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The BEST Womens Electric Bike For the City | Womens Commuter E-Bikes

Are you looking for a women’s electric bike for the city? This video shows you the best e-bike for city riders and commuters.

Alana here with six three zero today we’re going to talk about the best women’s electric bike for the city so stick around thanks for tuning in i am here with the 630 ride in the park electric bike this is the best women’s electric bike for biking in the city for sell for several reasons first of all this bike is has a 500 watt motor so that means it’s going to

Be great for getting you through intersections quickly if you’re commuting to work and you have a lot of lights that you need to pass through quickly it’s going to get you through quickly and safely additionally if you have any hills in your area or if you’re in an area that gets a lot of traffic that motor with the pedal assist or with just the throttle is really

Going to help you maneuver quickly whenever you need to whether you’re avoiding obstacles going uphill it’s going to make it easy and effortless additionally let’s talk about the aerodynamics so this bike has thinner wheels than you would see on our typical comfort bike like the every journey or around the block so that means you’re going to move a lot faster it’s

A sleek design frame we have the more narrow handlebars which also gives you more power for maneuvering quickly again adding to the safety of biking in a busy intersection additionally this bike has disc brakes which means it’s going to make it safe and easy to brake on a dime if that’s what you need to do so of course when you’re biking in the city it’s busy you

Have a lot of car traffic sometimes you don’t even have a bike lane so it’s safety is really key and that’s what you’re getting with this bike um what else we have the low step through frame so no matter what your wardrobe is for the day it’s going to be doable with this bike you don’t necessarily have to swing your leg around if you’re in a skirt or a dress you

Can step over easy to mount and dismount all right let’s talk a little bit about the motor and the battery so this bike actually has three modes of writing first would be standard meaning the battery is off motor’s off it functions essentially as a normal bike so if you want to burn more calories get your heart rate up you can turn everything off and ride it as

You would a normal bike but you can also use the bike in full throttle mode so that means no pedaling at all with just the throttle you can hit up to a max speed of 20 miles per hour and in the full throttle mode no pedaling the battery battery will help you cover about 30 miles so that’s pretty good distance you could essentially get to work without doing any

Work at all no work until you get there but we also have pedal assist mode so what that means is that as you pedal the motor kicks in and gives you more of a boost and in pedal assist mode you can go even faster so you can hit a max speed of 28 miles per hour and in pedal assist mode since you’re also doing some of the work the battery lasts a little bit longer

Around 30 to 40 miles so it’s a great way to to get your heart rate up a little burn a little bit of calories while still not doing all of the work and another great thing about this is that the battery is removable so when you get to work you can pop the battery out and i’ll show you how that looks just turn the key slide it out and then you can plug it in so

It can charge while you’re at work um if you need to so you have full battery on your way home you don’t have to worry about pedaling if you don’t want to you can use full throttle at the end of a busy work day um and give yourself a little bit of break of a break so that is the ride in the park 500 watt women’s electric bike the best option if you are biking in

The city if you’re using your bike as a commuter commuter bike and of course in addition to all of those great features it looks super cute this is the teal but we have a couple of other color options as well all right let’s go for a test ride okay super easy to mount step through let’s turn the motor on and i’ll start off in full throttle let’s go so it hits

About i just hit 12 miles per hour so i reached that speed pretty quickly and now i’m in i’m in pedal assist mode i’ve eased off the throttle throttle so i’ll start pedaling and this one has seven gears so right now i’m in seventh gear um i’m actually gonna bring it down to six five so really you can adjust everything to get the exact ride that you want whether

You want to be doing more or less work or no work at all it’s really up to you but it’s a very sleek quick bike now so hitting 16 17 18 19 and that’s about as comfortable as i feel right now let’s turn around so super comfy easy to ride a few things i forgot to mention the seat it’s a bubble seat so it has a lot of cushion which is great for a long commute and

It also has this back rack which holds i think just about 50 pounds so it’s great for a paneer or a basket if you bring a bag to work as i’m sure you do this will take care of that so that’s the women’s ride in the park electric bike hopefully that was helpful to you if you’re interested in buying a bike for commuting to work or riding in the city this is going

To be a great option if you’re wondering if this is a good fit for you be sure to check out check out our body fit quiz on our website you input your height a few other things about yourself and where you’ll be riding and it’ll suggest bikes to you um based on your stats also you can check out our 630 pedalers group on facebook it’s a great place to get

Recommendations from real 630 owners so you could post a question about your writing style or which models you’re interested in and you’ll get tons of responses from people with that bike so it’s just a great resource if you’re interested in getting a new bike or even if you already have a bike it’s a great place to share photos and get encouragement from other

Riders so check it out and be sure to download the 630 pedaling app it’s available in the google play store and in the app store it’s great for logging your rides i love looking into the app and seeing how many miles i’ve logged and we have giveaways every week a leaderboard so it’s really motivating to get up there on the leaderboard check it out thank you for

Watching hopefully this was helpful if you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments below and don’t forget it’s your journey your experience enjoy the ride

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The BEST Women's Electric Bike For the City | Women's Commuter E-Bikes By sixthreezero Bicycles