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Vitesse Force electric bike, 400 mile review, can it off-road? Settings and what I think.

Four hundred miles in to my 1st ever electric bike and it’s going well, apart from falling off in this video.

Are on the market whoa afternoon it’s june the 4th i’m back out i’m i’m at about 400 miles now not quite there but close and i’m not going to get a chance to get on the bike for a little while so i thought i’d do my 400 mile review now there are two other videos in this series uh my first trip out on it up to about 70 miles um and then a 200 mile review when

I figured a few bits out swapped a few things out um this 400 one is just sort of pulling it all together really the things i put on done really well the tyres are amazing the seat for 10 quid off ebay is absolutely outstanding the grips 15 pounds halfords um they were a game changer they just want that little tiny thing just changed so much for this bike i’m

Going to go through a few of the settings i’ve been asked a few times on the comments section can you upgrade this can you trick it to go faster and the short answer is i don’t know you probably can the long answer is i really wouldn’t bother uh it does everything you need it to do i travel 20 miles 22 miles to work and back each day on this up some huge hills

And you don’t really need anything else i i don’t know why you would want to put a throttle on it or go 30 miles an hour on it it goes you know when i’m pedaling it goes 20 miles an hour anyway um anything above 15.5 miles an hour you do not get any assist that’s probably why people want to to upgrade them there are some settings you can change those are um

I’ll go through them in a section in a minute uh i’m going to take this out today up at holden forest outside of exeter it’s on a on a trail i’m not going to take it on any serious trail stuff go back to video one to see what happened when i did that didn’t go well i’m just going to take it out on some some rough terrain but not seriously rough terrain very

Quickly what i have changed is i’ve put smart sam tyres on the original were hendra and they were terrible i’ve swapped out the free hub at the back for a shimano freehub because my original one failed i’ve swapped out the grips because the original ones were terrible and i’ve swapped out the seat because the original one gave me a sore bum simple as that so you

Don’t have to watch video two now but do watch this one because there are some little things that i don’t really know if they’ve they’ve worked or not uh the the one setting i know you can change to trick it is the wheel size i’m not going to do that i’m not suggesting you do that i’m suggesting you don’t do that because that will trick the motor into working

Harder and i don’t know how the motor the motors are buffeng it’s a bafang hub motor i think that will put too much pressure on it and probably burn it out way quicker than it would normally burn out let’s get on these trails okay i’m going to show you some of the features because it’s nice and dark in this wood this is the led screen it doesn’t show up very

Well in sunlight so what you do is you hold in the on button and the up button at the same time and it brightens up so in night time if you want to look at your screen i don’t really look at mine i’m not really that interested in my speed and such on button and up to go off so on button and up to go on on button and up to go off okay some other settings that

I don’t think you need so you’ve got your power up power down and your on button so your on button power down power up so i’ve i’ll go right from the start let’s get that get the sky out of the screen so switch him off blank screen switch it on it’ll tell you your miles your speed your battery how many watts you’re using and it’s in mode one it’s a passive

Mode where it will just help you a little bit you can call it click down and you’re getting no assistance at all regardless of what gear you’re in flick it up and it goes up accordingly i generally have it on five just because that’s how i like to roll if you wish to change any of the settings which i genuinely don’t recommend you do hold both the up and down

At the same time and it takes you into the settings menu and you can see here it says 27.5 that’s the size of the wheel now i can change it to 28 16 18 20 22 24 26 700 c 27.5 i’m gonna leave it at that so to move on to the next setting you just press the power button and that takes you to set to max speed now this is the one i don’t really know if it

Works or not i’ve got it set at 40. when it came out the box you can see that number going down it was set at 15 something 15 or 16. i haven’t felt any difference since i’d put it up so i don’t know if it does anything i’m just going to leave it at 40. power button again and that sets your led how high you want it can you see i don’t know if it’ll show yeah

You can see that on the screen you’ve got three settings of intensity of the led screen i like to have it on one just so it saves a tiny little bit of battery because i’m not really fussed about the screen and then the set four by pressing the power button again is your units wherever you want it in so kilometers it’s showing up very small there all miles now

Obviously i’m in the uk so i’ve got it set on miles and that is all of the settings i’ve been able to find it’s all the settings i need as i said i don’t think you need to go mucking about with it it does exactly what it says on the tin let’s get back on the trail this is where it comes into its own this hill starts off starts off slowly but with literally

No effort at all 10 miles an hour so the bike is using 568 watts of assist flattens out a bit here now on my analog normal however you want to call it bike on my bike i normally stop here have a little rest but of course i’m assisted today so i can pedal up this hill without any problem use the gears nice there’s a lot of unfair criticism about the budget

E-bikes on the forums we all can’t you know not all of us can afford three five seven ten grand on a top-of-the-range bike so i’m glad that these entry-level ones are on the market whoa and i’m glad i was fail oh sugar okay okay all right that’s not right let me allen keys out talking and driving i don’t know yes going back i’m glad that these entry-level

Bikes are out there because i would not be able to afford what some of them cost oh man it’s the one the one one i haven’t got oh well all right everything works they’re pretty robust that was my fault hit this hit this stuff while i was talking didn’t see the sign there until too late turned and uh and there you go you come off take your eye off the ball and

You’re off your bike but yes it’s um it’s a pretty robust little thing i have had people say that the forks are yeah a bit of gravel gravel rash i don’t know let’s get back on back on the horse and to those of you that are going to say you can’t ride your bike with loose handlebars i am aware i’m just gonna take it steady until i either see another cyclist

Who’s got the right kit or i get back to the car so i came off but that was absolutely my fault um it’s my responsibility to check all the nuts and bolts are tight enough where this bike really comes into its own is the road i do a 22 mile commute and it absolutely smashes it just chews up the hills i get to work i’ve hardly broke a sweat it’s um it’s great

15.5 miles an hour below that it assists me above that it doesn’t get to a big hill whack it in a low gear boom i’m up the hill it’s really really a great bit of kit i would not listen to the naysayers that are that have got three five seven grand to spend on a bike if you haven’t got that like me this bike is going to do you absolutely fine it does everything

It’s supposed to do yes it’s not as light yes the motor isn’t the bosch it’s a buffeng it’s 36 volts 13.4 amp i haven’t found a place to buy the batteries separately yet which is a isn’t the concern of mine yet but it will be in a year or so um these bikes are in blacks go outdoors millets they’re being sold all over the place now uh audi even started selling

Them for a little bit and one of their special buys which i think is why my my other video got a lot of views um it’s a great bike if you if this bike is your budget get this bike it’s really good you

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Vitesse Force electric bike, 400 mile review, can it off-road? Settings and what I think. By The Optimistic Adventurer