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Volcon Electric Powersports CEO discusses increase in demand for electric off-roading vehicles

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Let’s turn to earth week and electric vehicles president biden really making a push for evs as part of his infrastructure plan so we want to talk to one company that’s positioned well as a result of that for that we want to bring in andy lisner he is the ceo of volkon electric power sports and also yahoo finances pro super mania the expert on this topic is joining

The discussion as well andy it’s great to have you here on yahoo finance i understand you are the first all-electric off-road power sports company i’m curious what’s the enthusiasm like right now for this industry yeah thanks for having me um it is uh the the enthusiasm is mostly uh for electric on-road um we all know that there are a number of car companies and

We have a number of motorcycle companies that make on-road electric uh vehicles off-road though uh there are very few and and really limited to just a couple small uh manufacturers we are the first sort of all-electric off-road-only power sports company and um the initial work that we’ve done um aggregating a consumer base has been extremely positive people are

Really looking forward to be able to recreate off-road with a quiet clean um uh recreational vehicle uh two and four wheels eventually as well hey andy pross here so i know you guys have a few vehicles coming out two motorcycles two kind of four wheel drive wall for vehicles what kind of interest are you guys seeing from like a reservation standpoint or order

Standpoint sure yeah we we the the reservations back in november we launched um uh the company in mid 2020 we publicly showed off our first vehicle the vulcan grunt which is our first motorcycle in october and we began taking uh deposits for that vehicle soon after and the deposit volume has been um overwhelming uh we actually uh have uh far far exceeded our

Production forecast that we have for 2021 uh we’ve had to add uh basically double our production capacity we went from a three line factory to a six line factory uh working two shifts a day um to uh uh to basically fulfill that demand we’re essentially more or less we’re just a uh maybe 15 points shy of of uh pre-selling our entire 2021 inventory congratulations

On that uh being shy i suspect you’re going to achieve it and you’re delivering the vehicles now but and also the name is really cool where’d you get the name vulcan so the volca we we initially had a different name and we um uh employed a an agency to help us uh work on uh a little better name obviously um the the letters vol sort of uh represent electric

Um the elect our electric world or the ireland newly electrifying world a lot of companies use that and um uh vulcan just seemed like a a strong tough durable um electric vehicle company hey andy where do you think we can actually test drive these vehicles out i know you guys have an online presence but where do you guys see yourself marketing these vehicles uh

Throughout the country yeah so we we will uh you know our our primary source of sales are direct to consumer and as an off-road uh off-highway vehicle off-road only we can do we can do that and we will have affiliate retail partners that won’t necessarily sell our vehicles all of our transactions will be through our direct consumer platform but they’ll provide a

Network of stores where people can see our vehicles in person touch them demo ride them uh and then ultimately make a purchase with us um uh with us uh commissioning those retailers that help us make the sale the retailers are essentially acting as an advertising platform for us uh additionally we’ll have a demo tour traveling through the country uh having people

Uh visiting uh re retailing partners and uh events we go to powersports events hunting and fishing events agricultural events we found that the the best way to sell uh one of our two wheelers the vulcan grunt and the vulcan run is to put people on them um we have seen people who have never ridden a motorcycle before who’ve never wanted to ride a motorcycle before

Uh get on one of our vehicles and in about 30 seconds uh having the time of their life and and coming back um really enthusiastic about about the product there’s no clutch there’s no gears it’s a low seat height doesn’t make any noise you know doesn’t have a lot of fumes so it’s it’s very easy for anyone to ride and you since you’ve uh since you’ve seen such

Strong demand for your products you’ve sold out or not sold out but you sold a substantially uh high number of your 2021 inventory have you accelerated your launch plans or some of your expansion plans as a result yeah expansion plans from from a production facility we’re in a temporary production uh facility right now we’ve had to double the square footage of

That we’re building a factory nearby here in liberty hill texas all of our vehicles are built here uh in the us greater austin texas area um and then we are what what has had to expand has been our our our export business uh we were initially looking to 2022 2023 to really um reach out beyond our our shores and export these vehicles but the demand from countries

All around the world whether it’s southeast asia or europe or latin america has been so high we’ve had to put in place a really strong export sales force as well andy do they make noise i mean part of the fun with more with traditional gas powered vehicles is the noise and the rumble of the engine electric’s a lot faster the torque is great but can you get the

Noise option uh they make very little noise the noise you hear is basically of the of the drive train you hear the suspension movement otherwise they’re silent and that’s for and obviously that’s the nature of an electric vehicle but it also comes in extremely handy off-road uh because you you you don’t upset neighbors you don’t upset the wildlife a large number

Of our pre-order customers are going to be using these for hunting and a lot for exploring places that a traditional gas powered motorcycle wouldn’t be able to explore because of the noise it makes so yes on-road i agree it’s fun to hear the noise of the throttle and and but um but off-road having a really quiet silent uh vehicle to explore on is really is really

Special leisner ceo of vulcan electric powersports thanks so much for hopping on here and joining us today and of course are thanks to pros super mania as well

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Volcon Electric Powersports CEO discusses increase in demand for electric off-roading vehicles By Yahoo Finance