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Where cant Energica electric motorcycles go? Zero SR/F rider claims there are.

For years now I’ve heard of places and trips unreachable by Energica’s because of their dependence on CCS charging. Finally a Zero SR/F motorcycle rider shows a route that an HD LiveWire or Energica Ego or Ribelle, wouldn’t be able to get to.

Hey everyone i heard that there was a video where a zero writer demonstrated where zeros could go but energicals couldn’t the word in some online groups is that energicas are no good in some areas because they’d be limited to three kilowatts of charge compared to a premium zero’s six kilowatts that’s at level 2 of course so let’s take a look at this video and see

If an energica could accomplish this ride or not okay let’s fast forward here a bit this is uh him taking the trip and talking about it from jacksonville to south florida i pulled in at my friend’s boca raton home around 8 40 p.m tired but what an enjoyable ride okay this is a bit deceptive he actually did half of his 671 mile trip in this video uh in one day

About 336 miles or so the most i’ve done on my stock energica is a little over 800 miles in one day so hearing a stock zero doing 671 miles in a day kind of set up some alarm bells in my head so back to the video wait 8 40 p.m he left at 6 00 am that’s almost 15 hours to go 336 miles for an average speed of about 36 miles per hour 670 mile round trip but more

Importantly without pass level 2 charging the route i took wouldn’t have worked here in florida level 3 ccs chargers in urban cores and smaller towns are still relatively rare wait what the east coast of florida is covered level 3 charging meaning anyone riding a live wire or energica would have spent many more hours charging if they tried to duplicate my trip

Wait many more hours charging let’s see what i can do with my old energica the one that’s less efficient and shorter range than the ones that are out now all right sandbagging some numbers here i could go down there in under seven hours uh jacksonville to boca raton he arrived at 8 40 p.m tired i’d have arrived in time for a late lunch before 1pm or i could have

Slept in until noon and still beating him to boca raton by almost two hours now i know what you’re gonna say but zero fun you charge two and a half times almost that’s gotta cost you about twenty bucks bill’s trip was free wasn’t it is half a day worth twenty dollars to you i know half of my day is worth far more okay so you wanted to hang out at those locations

Maybe with the free chargers not a problem quick charge and then hang out over there they’re about a mile or two out of the way from the ccs chargers not a big deal or you’ve got ccs just skip the level twos entirely and hang out wherever you want along the route that’s a lot of freedom for 20 bucks conversely my xero doesn’t support faster level 3 ccs charging

Meaning my bike is a poorer choice for long interstate road trips this is true my stock energica beat a modified maxed out zero that likely cost over thirty thousand dollars on my cross-country run uh if you don’t have ccs charging within 50 miles of your place okay yeah maybe go for something with fast level two but if you’re trying to save time ccs will get you

Anywhere much faster trying to save money don’t buy a thirty thousand dollar bike with slow charge times and less range than energica that only costs twenty 23 thousand dollars like and subscribe like and subscribe

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Where can't Energica electric motorcycles go? Zero SR/F rider claims there are. By Zero Fun