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0 Harley Dyna Ebay Hard Saddlebags review and install

Harley Dyna Ebay hard saddlebags install and review.

Sit back and join aiming for the what’s up guys welcome back to the channel this particular episode is going to be getting these hard bags bolted on as you saw in the picture we got some saddlebags in the dyna they are right here um i’m not particularly a huge fan of saddlebags but i use this bike a lot to commute to work and wearing a backpack like

With your you know stuff in it whatever you need to tr take and travel with it’s just one of those things it’s a pain in the butt i hate it being on my back especially with a step up seat because it kind of rides up and sits on top of the seat so we’re going to go with these hard bags and of course we’re always on a budget here so we got some bags off ebay i’ve

Been looking at these for a while and finally made the jump i think they were like 60 bucks i’ll put the link in the description below and they come with the mounts and let’s see let’s get a close-up on these bad boys all right so here are the bags i already took the bubble wrap off let’s see so they come they are keyed hard latching and they actually have a

Built-in um tail light right on the lid and then they open they fold towards the front they have a pretty bulky hinge set up on them so i kind of like that the fitment on the plastic isn’t too bad it’s kind of it’s a little bit flimsy when you shut it but when you lock this key down on the back side see when you lock it down it actually holds it pretty tight so

The mounts and hardware are all in the bag it came with everything you need to mount it here’s your wiring for the tail light and that’s up there so you can see it has a little tail right here this is inside the bag looks like it also has some some reliefs cut in it if you want to do some lower supports as well kind of like stock style setup where it actually

Can sit on top of some hardware also we are going to use the mounts that it came with like so with the rubber mounts and put in these will mount through the fender holes on your struts on the back of the bike and i’m sure these are going to be cut and kind of adjusted to make fit but these are pretty decent um i might cut these and make them a little bit more

Tucked in if we need be take some material out reinforce it whatever we need to do but these things were 60 off ebay and they actually don’t look too bad it was i was kind of on the fence between these and there’s a like a really square more boxy type one but these are actually very similar to harley’s hard bags that i’ve seen on dynas before so they’re not

Too bad now we’re gonna mount it up and see how they run and i’m not gonna paint them right off the rip because i’m gonna see how they run and see how they function first and if i like them and if they work for what i need um then we will color match them and paint them to the bike and the main reason i’m running salad bags because i work at 24 hour shift so

When i go to work you know i would take pretty good food and change your clothes and all that stuff and it would just be so much better to have some saddlebags on this dyna so without waiting let’s go ahead and start getting these things bolted up frustration it’s easy to cross the line either you live or you die all right so as we just saw these

Only have one provision to mount these bars which i’ll probably drill another hole and make two but it looks like to mount in our original our factory um strut holes on the fenders you know these are going to have to be kind of manipulated and twisted to get a fit and then we’ll have to tweak the bags after they’re mounted and make sure they’re both mounted

The same and once they are in the correct position then we’re probably going to have to do a second hole in here and mount the bags that way they stay and then they’re not moving around because once you get these bolted on these are pretty much the bags will be swinging pretty much if we keep just one bolt in there so i’m gonna get these bolted up and we’re

Probably going to clean up these mounts you know sand them down so they look good and then once we get it all mocked up and everything secure then we’ll do an additional mounting hole in the bag between the highways on the sea waiting for something to get to me i wasn’t sure what i act like was all right we got them mocked up and we got the single

Holes in the back in use that came in the bags and then we also have them bolted up to our fender struts which obviously that worked out fine and the mount so they aren’t hanging straight down with the bags they’re kind of tweaked because they’re universal so you can mount those struts anywhere and then you just have to the mounts you have to swing to line up

You know make your bag level so as soon as the bag is level where you want it now mark the back side of the second hole on the fender mount and then i’m gonna pull the hard back off drill the hole in the hardback so we can have our second mount and then that’ll lock those brackets in the same spot every time and then i can unbolt the mount the bracket mount

And then i can trim this up right here and get it cleaned up a little bit to make it look better and maybe reinforce it if we need to but it’s not horrible they’re not too bad i mean you can see they kind of follow the shock right here pretty good so that’s them those are the mounts so we’re going to do what we can with these we’re going to get them mounted up

And hopefully we can get them so they’re not flimsy and they don’t look like junk because if they’re all flimsy and like shaking around i’m definitely not going to run them and i’ll end up getting some leather pros throw overs or something like that i just didn’t really have the coin at the time to flip for those and i really needed some bags so we’re gonna try

It so all the status baby i am out to play give me your retention and your sweet redemption i will never let you down will it ever get funny oh i want it honey baby how you make me i’m all right so they’re mocked up they’re bolted up with the brackets and two holes in the back of the bag they really they don’t look too bad now i do still have

Some movement in them you can see if i grab it and shake it but i mean you know every bagger oem harley it kind of has the same thing you kind of want a little bit of give in it zones not shaking like that going down the road but i mean it’s not too bad and it’s securely mounted so i don’t know if y’all if you can see back in here so you got your two brackets

They’re halfway decent but they definitely need some trimming up here cleaning up and painted or powder coated correctly and obviously these bags if i do run these and decide to keep them i’m going to paint match them with the bike so they’ll be gray and painted but it’s bolted on now it’s ready to go i’m going to get the other one bolted on and i’m going to

Run them like this for a couple days and see how they run before i spend any more time making the mounts any better or painting things so once that’s done let’s get the other one knocked out say um all right we got the bags mounted up i got it rolled outside and they actually came out they look pretty dang good they look good my only concern is they’re a

Kind of little little shaky not too bad not much more than a stock harley hard bag but i think the lids they don’t have any weather stripping or any kind of like rubber gasket on it when you close a lid so the lid isn’t like a perfect fit it’s kind of like a little shaky but that could probably be fixed with some like weather stripping or you know gasket of

Some sort on the lid other than that i mean they came out looking pretty sharp let me show you right i mean is not too bad it kind of looks good i like it i don’t know let me know what you guys think do you love it or hate it they look like crap they look cheap i don’t know i’m on the fence they were sixty dollars uh came with all the hardware like rubber

Grommets everything they were pretty easy now i still have to i’m gonna color match them unless everybody likes them black i don’t know uh originally i was going to color match them and then i still have to clean up these brackets but i’m not going to do that yet until i get this thing on the road and make sure these things aren’t like vibrating all over the

Dang place because i’ll just pull them off if that happens but anyway leave comments below tell me if you guys like or not i’m kind of digging them it looks pretty clean but anyway thank you guys for watching we’ll see y’all soon on the next one

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$60 Harley Dyna Ebay Hard Saddlebags review and install By Project Dad Life