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067929 – 2004 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic FLSTC – Used motorcycles for sale

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Hey guys nick here with american motorcycle trading company knowledge in texas i’ve got a beautiful 2004 harley-davidson softail heritage is classic with him today this one’s got the smoky gold paint scheme with the vivid black nice tan and burgundy pinstripe here on the tank and on the fenders as well i really like these harley-davidson logos right here on the

Tank – real classy looking so the o fours got an 88 inch twin cam motor and they had an option back in those days to have fuel injection with 88 so this one’s fuel-injected it’s got a five-speed transmission upgraded set of chrome full-length vance and hines exhaust system gives us 88 a real good sound so the heritage has got the studded seat here with the studded

Leather saddlebags and also you can remove the passenger pillion from here and just have the solo seat look if you’re riding alone that’s how i prefer to ride it really shows off that rear fender and see here this pad is nice and thick for your passenger it’s also got a passenger backrest with a luggage rack built into it and that coupled along with the saddlebags

You got some nice storage area on this bike got the visors here on the rear turn signals the only cosmetic issues i can find on this bike are on the rear fender here there’s a small little tiny scratch there and then right here there’s a chip in the paint you can see it right there it’s got a nice tire on the rear some good tread left also i had a small scratch i

Don’t know if i’m gonna be able to see this but right there kind of where the seat mounts not the major just minor wear and tear got your rear crash bars here upgraded passenger floorboards and you also got the matching drivers floorboards and heel-toe shifter all the chrome’s real nice over here it’s also got this upgraded engine guard i want to say this is called

A mustache style part they also got the highway pegs to match the rest of the floorboards it’s got a nice seating position really stretch your legs out upgraded avon grips somebody added a little clock here on the handlebars we also got the studded leather tank build kind of dresses up the tank a little bit also offers a little extra paint protection look at that

Somebody also had a little thermometer over there keep track at the time keep track of the temperature i’ve got a nice chrome front end right here he’s got the visors for the headlight and spotlight in the spotlight it’s also got the chrome front end on it chrome lower fork legs somebody spent some money and time on this bike this is the docking hardware for a

Windchill a quick-release windshield we got a full parts and service department if you’re looking for one sure we can find you something it’s also got the single brake rotor setup this is what they call it middleweight cruiser so they can get away with that it still has a lot of stopping power it really shows off the wire wheels and these wide whitewall tires i

Don’t think a heritage is really complete without a set of wide lights on it that’s just my opinion also like these conchos is chrome trim down here on the front fender i think that’s real nice this is one of our certified pre-owned bikes do a multi-point inspection on it 15 mile test ride to make sure everything’s working properly and then we take it out back and

Let the guys do a professional detailed got a little under 28,000 miles pretty low miles for a no 4 model starts right up with that fuel injection no problem motor sounds real healthy it’s real quiet there’s no strange noises it’s just real tight sounded good running bike good-looking bike definitely something i could see myself riding if you’d like to know more

About it you can contact our sales team toll-free at 888 411 51 or you can check out our website at cleaning our luscom and see our full inventory we offer excellent finance and extended warranty options take almost anything on trade and we sell and ship bikes all around the world to be real easy to get this one to you this is nick with american motorcycle trading

Company and arlington texas the freedom to choose

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067929 – 2004 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail Classic FLSTC – Used motorcycles for sale By americanmotorcycle