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107 to 128 Harley-Davidson Engine Kit!


Morning folks this is roscoe down and welcome to harley davidson bear vermont uh today we have a 2017 uh electric glide and we’re going to be doing a baseline stage 2 run because the customer is going to do a 128 kit it’s very good customer of ours terry robert from up north and uh yeah we’re gonna do a couple runs here and see where we’re at and then when we get

The build we’ll do a couple end runs and see how much we improved so we’re gonna do a fourth and fifth gear run so first run in fourth gear was 92 horsepower and 103 foot pounds of torque the second year of course the fifth year a little bit faster it was 92.14 with 107 foot pounds of torque so you gained a few on the top we’re going to go ahead and install

The 128 kit and we’ll see what we get when we get it done hey guys uh roscoe from wilkins harley davidson uh we’re back we just finished up our build on our 128 for terry robert i did the final dyno runs and as you can see up here when the first initially brought it in he had a stage two with a screaming eagle air cleaner and high flow exhaust and he was

Pushing out 92 horsepower and about 107 foot pounds of torque after all the install and some dyno tuning we our end results were 135 horsepower and 141 maximum torque so you can see that’s a substantial gain from what he had to what he has now so and terry will like power so hey guys look what i just did on the dyno wow you’re gonna feel that rip

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107 to 128 Harley-Davidson Engine Kit! By Wilkins Harley-Davidson