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110 inch 2009 Harley Triglide Tri Glide Ultra Trike for sale Motorcycle appraisal 2,900

Local certified motorcycle appraiser Jason Phillips inspected this well cared for Harley Tri Glide factory built unit. For sale in Sun Glo Metallic, it’s beautiful! Walk along as we cover the added extras and interview the owner of this unit. New brakes, tires, upgraded 110 inch motor gives it the power that most of these lack when it’s time to pass…… $22,900.00 810-691-2664

A jason phillips from oto appraised up for sale as a 2009 harley-davidson tri glide ultra classic factory-built bike new york pennsylvania i think they all got reverse we’ll get it out for a ride and then talk about it twenty-five thousand five hundred miles got a nice list of upgrades 110 inch motor at 110 inch upgrade sure sounds nice doesn’t it those things

Come stock 103 inch but they don’t get up the hills very well and that thing has no problem climbing or passing woods cam get hit the pause button at the wrong time there sunglow metallic red that’s a nice look in color it’s got the 3m pain protection kit on it i’ve got a few small nicks and chips that stand to be touched up wouldn’t you know a rock would jump up

Right with where the protection kit isn’t on it big sucker air cleaner that’s the nest dual chrome exhaust turn it off so we can hear ourselves think brakes have been recently done with new rotors twenty five thousand five hundred miles if i didn’t mention that before upgraded led headlight passing lights karyakin floorboard inserts harley davidson highway pegs

Vin number and engine numbers are properly affixed oh yeah let’s go over that chrome switch covers chrome bezel package on the gauges cup holder garmin with satellite navigation larry can you run that recline and seat back and forth what’s that cost was nine hundred eight hundred ninety seven dollars it was about half that if you just get the hard work for putting

Low oh yeah but that sir comes with adjustment on it you know you can lean way back run along rope relax what’s the story on the stereo well that’s the back speakers yeah this is the volume control for the back okay that’s cool so you didn’t really like the way it was driving with 103 cubic inch so uh you but they bit the bullet and i bought that 110 inch sidewinder

Kid of that sense mix and i bought the wood cams that don’t come with the money was it to do that to grab those rotors and brake pads or brennan who i’m there on the back end had bikes been completely services had all the gaskets changed around the oil pan all the over and changed who did the work while he’s been a mechanic here in town for 25 years everybody uses

Him yeah well like for many many of those 25 years he actually worked for a harley dealer show okay but you always did stuff on the side larry anything else extra you want to tell me about larry well those are some nice pipes yep yeah they sound great it sounded great and then you know discerns got the added on bumper yep that luggage rack luggage rack okay the

Headers are s&s pipes as well no those are just enough slip-on mufflers okay this is get the stock exhaust hurry and then i got that s&s big sucker air cleaner outfit on there so it gets point of air okay what’s the longest trip you’ve taken it down all that wonder of our genius so far yeah yeah virginia down to tennessee then back up here yeah i also put

A spacer kit on these foot boards see they’re usually right next to the pipe that’s why that it’s got a dent made into it that’s for nice i’ll fit tight yeah i got you but i kicked mine out into 3/4 of an ounce keep the heat off your feet yeah there’s no reason for murr be that close sure and this air early hardware we hear these highway pegs in that there there

They’re the best you can get in my opinion okay so you askin 22 nine for the bike yeah okay jason phillips from auto appraise if this unit interest you give us a call eight ten six nine one two six six four two thousand nine try glide ultra classic it’s in really nice shape less a few small little paint chips and knicks and whatnot thanks for watching have a great day you

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110 inch 2009 Harley Triglide Tri Glide Ultra Trike for sale Motorcycle appraisal $22,900 By AutoAppraise