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1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide

It wasn’t a big seller because riders didn’t like its distinctive “boat-tail” at the time, making the 1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide a rarity today. “Doc” D’Occhio, founder of Doc’ Motorcycle Parts in Waterbury, CT, has just spent two years restoring one. He explained the process for RIDE-CT & RIDE-NewEngland.

It was a huge flop for harley-davidson the 1971 fx super glide with its boattail rear end and oddly mounted shifter only 4700 were built they basically took a full dresser and they stripped it down same motor same frame same rear wheel they true a sportster front end on it this is just a sportster front end xl ch 110 front wheel fenders they did every basic that

Was it right but for some reason when it came time for the shifter because the way was mounted on this here side they had a figure sent amount so what they did was they put a foot peg in the middle of the primary which you could see it and they we were just dates all they did was take the shifter and turn it backwards and say well they’ll figure it out to shift

And it was worst thing ever i mean it was terrible because immediately the next year they realized what they’ve done it they put it back the other way doc tokyo who founded doc’s motorcycle parts in waterbury connecticut 50 years ago has just restored one that’s i say it’s 90% done we have to finish wiring the bike put gas and oil in it and fire it up and it’s

Ready to go he acquired the bike over decades beginning in about 1980 when a guy showed up at the store trying to unload some parts he said i got a bunch of junk parts i’m thrown away i’m well on my way up to dump he says i’m shawn what you want i said no we don’t deal with used parts i said we don’t get in today he’s will take a look there might be sighs all

Right he opens up the trunk of his car and there’s the fender then during the seat just sitting there oh my god i said i’ll bite out he’s no you can have his i’m sure i said here’s $100 i’ll buy it right so i bought it for the sole purpose of putting it up up on display and it’s been stood up on display for i’d say 30 years down metal street i had it on display

And i said someday someone’s gonna come in here and they’re gonna have a 71 fx missing that fender i said i’m gonna buy that bike and that’s indeed what eventually happened another guy presented him with a basket case everything was matching purrs match transmission front i said i’ll buy it from her so i bought it from right and i put it away and basically kind

Of forgot about it for oh i think a good twenty something years maybe more it was all the boxes piled up and then last year my son mike says you know it’s going to be a 50th anniversary he says remember that 71 he says why we want you i said you know you’re right i’m gonna take that down and i’m gonna restore it you know so i took the fender down got all the parts

Together started assembling it and try to remember all this parts from back then you know but slow but sure and start coming back to me you know i said the motor and transmission out to bob bernie and it’s completely rebuilt them and then we got him back i dri assembled it but about 90% dry assembled it right try to gather up the parts i could and then my son sent

The paint out and he already found the decals i don’t know how he found all the decals it’s currently about 98% complete i really want to get it like a 99 point bike where everything is exactly perfect you know there’s some parts i true on just to finish it but i want to take him off because they’re not right you know while it wasn’t accepted in 1971 doc had the

Foresight to view the fx super glide as something unique i always liked this bike for some reason because don’t forget i started a business in 69 and this came out with 71 and everybody hated it it was like one of those oh my god what is you know but it’s stuck in my mind you know and they disappeared quickly disappeared off the scene because of that fender that

Rear section people just trim away as fast as they could right away they troma waited come down to our store and buy a regular fender right for ride connecticut and ride new england i’m but wilkinson

Transcribed from video
1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide By Bud Wilkinson