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2002 Harley Davidson Road King Classic and 2016 BMW R1200RT Detail

Hey boys and girls i’m about to start this motorcycle detail job today this is a brand new r 1200 rt bmw and it’s pretty nasty too all the bugs and debris all over it now this one’s just basically gonna get a good solid cleaning and then i’m gonna seal the paint with vitality shield from beetlejuice calm it’s a bad man this one is gonna get a very thorough cleaning

And i’m gonna lightly polish all the chrome with chrome cream and then give it a really solid coat of protection with vitality shield as well you can see how water spotted and nasty this is with all the bugs this guy has nice stuff and he uses it i love it we’ve seen dirty we’ve seen clean that’s time for me to get busy alright youtube make sure to subscribe to

My channel if you if you haven’t if you don’t mind i’m doing a rental squash on this bike it’s how i generally do bikes and it’s gonna clean it up really nice and give me a good foundation to hit it with the clay bar my ultrafine clay that i import from japan that doesn’t more the paint but really removes all the contaminants and then i’ll be applying a vitality

Shield to everything all the chrome all the paint everything so i’m gonna get to work and stop yapping we’ll see you guys in a bit alright i got everything all cleaned up looking amazing i got vitality shield on all the paint right now i’m getting ready to wipe down all the chrome with it as you can see it hayes’s up then you just buff it off it’s really easy

To come off but the protection it leaves behind is pretty amazing it is slick as snot which is awesome it is anti-static so it’s not going to attract the dust and dirt and debris so check it out that’s a detail juice calm vitality shield boom baby all right now everything has been all chrome i did a light hand polish on all the chrome removed any pitting that i

Saw there were some large nasty spots back here on the top of the exhaust hand polished the wheels now this does look awesome i did all the paint with the magnum motorcycle juice and then i clay barred at all then i use my infinite finish just to hand polish it to and you know to get more shine out of it but i followed all that up with vitality shield and then

I put vitality shield on all the chrome’s and the windshield to help the bugs not stick and the rain to beat off looks awesome i only use my products from detail juice calm we’re about to really really blow it up i got new bottles labels you know a new pricing structure new shipping structure all kinds of new stuff coming for detail juice calm so check that out

Make sure to subscribe to my channel if you guys like my videos if you don’t mind please if you have comments or questions you can contact me directly at gary dean detailing at so that’s ga rry dea n detailing at all that’s left to do now is all the luggage i’m going to wipe down with magnum motorcycle juice so i’m going to use it straight

Out of the bottle saturate everything just like so and then i’m literally just going to wipe it down it’s going to clean it up it’s going to hydrate everything and protect it this magnum motorcycle juice is is perfect for matte and flat colors as well so i’m literally just going to wipe them down with magnum throw them back on the bike and then get started with

That bmw so i’m gonna get back to work the road king classic is all done and put back together looking amazing and now i’m started now on the bmw i basically just hosed it down with the infinite use detail juice to break up the dirt and grime prior to executing a rinse less wash with magnum motorcycle juice now moving forward i’m going to put magnum in for the

Pre-soak because it has the cleaning agent from ipc infinite purpose cleaner which does a better job of breaking down dirt and grime than just infinite use detail juice alone which is why it’s better for a motorcycle because you have all these nooks and crannies all the nastiness i mean you can see they just literally grabs well this is the infinite use detail

Juice but it literally just grabs that dirt and pulls it off the surface so all these bugs and stuff it’s going to be easier for me to clean them now after the pre-soaked so here goes all right now i’m got everything all cleaned and all the bugs off at the wheel and span and now i’m just waiting for the vitality shield to cure usually it takes about ten minutes

For it to haze up and be ready to be wiped off i still have to clean the bags and then i’ll also put vitality shield on the paint so that’s where we’re at now she’s shaping up i also put vitality shield on the chrome see that so time to do the bags all right boys and girls this bmw are 1200 r/t is all done so the process was i washed with magnum motorcycle juice

From detail juice calm then i clay barred with my ultrafine clay that i import from japan it’s a fantastic clay that decontaminates well but it doesn’t scratch that or more of the paint so that you can go straight into wax or sealant after you’re done a hand polished all of the paint with infinite finish i then applied vitality shield which is a hard shell polymer

Coating to all of the paint all of the exhaust which is chrome the taillight the headlight and all of the windshield notice you got lots of shine now no bugs no debris no nastiness i got that all up underneath there all in there nice and clean i am gonna still try to get this bluing off the exhaust i’ll probably use chrome cream and the 3m doodlebug for that i also

Hand cleaned the wheels very well the front wheel had lots of brake dust on it the rear wheel had a decent amount but it’s all clean now two bikes done customers gonna be happy that’s what i care about if you need your bike detailed or need a car detail polished to the highest level let me know eight one three eight four six four four zero six i’m always available

If you need me yeah the best way to get a hold of me is either facebook messenger or email gary dean detailing at or you can also message my cell phone number if you like these videos please subscribe and got any questions let me know check out gary dean’s detailed juice nation which is a group on facebook that supports all of my products and my process

Is if you want to learn more about detailing you want to learn how i do things you can sign up for a subscription to raw detail i’ve got huge things coming for detail juice calm march first it’s good i mean huge everything’s changing bottles labels how i pack how i ship everything is changing a new pricing structure it’s getting real and things are blowing

Up ship detail juice calm products all over the planet and people love it that’s the bottom line so if you want what many people feel are the best products on the face of the planet check it out if you got any questions let me know thank you for watching have a wonderful day

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2002 Harley Davidson Road King Classic and 2016 BMW R1200RT Detail By Garry Dean