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2004 used Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic

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What’s up guys sean here and we have a 2004 harley-davidson electra-glide classic just like this gorgeous look at it’s amazing looking now if you’re wondering you like it will do this to electric like classic in an ultra well all ultras are electric lights not all electric light there alterus and the big difference is no comm system no rear speakers no lower fairings

That’s pretty much it other than that it’s the same it’s the same bike so if you don’t want to talk to the the passenger on the back don’t get it on fur and you don’t have that option let’s take this thing for a spin this fuel and jack did you feel injection that fires up really good he’s got 77,000 miles on it which is nothing for these bikes this bike is so clean

Looking it was professionally detailed and a the local harley-davidson dealership i think it was accidentally done they weren’t supposed to do it because they don’t normally sell bikes with with these high with higher miles but somehow it got to the system and it looks beautiful it looks great it runs really good too let’s check out the fish take out the gauges

Voltage awesome just over 14 oil pressure while running awesome air temperature yep that’s working right fuel gauge and i assume that’s good mike’s got a good sound – it does have an aftermarket sony radio in it would that let you have you know some newer a newer system which i don’t mind any more of these days but it’s also hooked up properly with harley so you

Can still change the volume you change the volume and you can change the any to change the station with all the original harley controls good sounds good just good clutch feels good no slipping there brakes feel good i would probably they go back a little too much for me i know a lot of guys like riding it that way if i were gonna hone this bike myself i’d probably

Don’t bleed the brakes a little bit get a little bit air out hit that a little bit tighter but it’s nowhere to the point where it’s anything close to us being a safety issue does have the heel-toe shifter of course it’s like just cruises really really nice bike 77,000 miles and it looks this good we got the tank looks it’s got a lot of cool chrome on it i’ve got

These little highway pegs which is real nice when you’re riding long long long distances it’s nice just to move your feet just put them in a different position i just got done shipping loading up for bikes on the trailer and they’re getting shipped all over the country ones going to minnesota one’s going to iowa one’s going to alabama what’s going to california

Three harley’s and a honda goldwing so guys i ship bikes all over the place sell about 20 of mine and almost price 75% of them lately have been um like some shipping all over the country it’s a real easy process check out my shipping video and bikes it is a ship like this is way cheaper than what you think they would be i mean we’re talking you’re looking at 700

Bucks coast to coast and you’re thinking well why would someone do that because i sell my bikes cheaper i sound like thousands of dollars cheaper and i might have the bike that you want that someone that no one else has so i buy my cell my bike for way cheaper that you’re still saving money buying it from me rather than buying it from someone local i also have

A perfect ebay score no dissatisfied customers winter in terms of buying my bikes i let them know exactly what they’re getting into it is a beautiful day in man on pennsylvania and they don’t ride motorcycles i’m still buying motorcycles i just bought electric lights yesterday five electric lights i’m gonna have a lot of fun sell them i get the test drive all

Of them feel really tight guys check out the other video i do two videos i do a test drive video on an old walk around video check out the walk around video where i picked these bikes apart i show you every little knick scratching anything it’s perfect i tell you i think it’s perfect if we look around we can spend two minutes and we show you how perfect it is if

It’s got flaws i’m gonna show you all the little flaws that’s why people feel comfortable by advice from me you know by invite site it’s like sign on scene but if you saw the video you watch 20 minutes of video footage all about this bike one a test-drive and the other one i mean just walking around showing you every throw flaw these are flaws that everyone else

Wants to up and not show you i don’t think that’s right i don’t think that’s fair i want to show you exactly what you’re buying and i’ll let you make the decision of whether that’s something you want that’s the american way man that sun is just in my face can’t even see anything hi guys i’m gonna putting all these bikes online do you want this bike bid on it

Right now give me a call and these bikes sell really fast for me so you could and i don’t make very much money on these bikes i’m not trying to make a killing on any bike so i might i might you know you might be able to get me down off a couple hundred bucks i might have so many people in on it that you know i myself might be you know i could probably sell for

Full price i don’t know last time i’ve had a but you know one of these bikes i sold each one of them within a week and now i have five of them each nicer than the previous nah they’re all great they’re all different colors too and probably by the time you’re watching it they’re all sold all right guys subscribe to my channel

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2004 used Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic By Srkcycles