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2005 Used Harley Davidson Electra Glide classic 1550 Big bore

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What’s up guys sean here and i’ve got to have gorgeous 2005 harley davidson electra glide classic this bike was a trade-in of mine the guy who traded this in he’s had this a sense of a brand new and he bought a 2015 ultra limited this bike is a free pretty cool bike because from brand new he had harley davidson install a 1550 big bore kit in it he also has the

Done to it got some cool chrome accessories the bike runs like i mean like a champ at 1550 feels great check out the test-drive video of it i’m going to show you guys this is a great-looking block it’s incredibly clean look gorgeous i’m sure that’s the big picture of it it just looks great but you know any bike with 61 thousand miles it’s gonna have a few little

Little minor imperfections on it i just think runs like a champ it’s got a it’s got screamin eagle pipes on it sounds really really good that’s a let’s start from the back and i’ll start i’ll get real detailed and show you any little imperfections i can i can find we got a tail the dragon sticker on there pretty cool looking movie gonna come down here really good

Looks really good no other other dealership they like to make their bikes look as good as they possibly can i like to show people exactly i like to do almost the opposite i’m if you can see that guys seen the light that’s a little imperfection on the paint right there it’s very light very very hard to see but it’s there so i like to do the opposite i like to show

You guys exactly what you’re buying down to every little minut imperfection here just a little scuff that’ll that’ll buff that up right wet down they for someone come to pick it up beside that that’s really good that looks good look inside the engine i’m saying oil leaks engines really really really clean look at this cover it’s got a little some of the chrome’s

Gonna sleep it off their next thing what’s really really good look at the tank the bug it’s just scraping off a little slight scuffs like right there although the buff out it’s really really good seats no tariffs and the seats at all couple bugs couple bugs on this part of the tour pack but that they’ll all wipe off you come down over here it’s got a little the

Corrosion inside the bolt normally i don’t know why that was happening to these tags right because they use cheap material to make them but ng guard come down here burns a little dirtied up clean up very well you know hitting in the lower floor to same girl massaging the tire tire good it’s got plenty trade in those tires look at the front fender it’s just some

Little imperfections there’s a little chip right there two old ships right next to it it’s a little bit with a bug little stuff pretty tight check that one chip right there put the upper fairy popper fairing i’d give it like a eight and a half out of ten i mean you’re just walking past and looks really really good but just has like nor money most bikes with

60,000 miles and have just a little tiny little tiny imperfections on them you know most of their stuff like buff out but you know it’s great but just just bogs and you know tiny little chips because of boss but nothing jumping out its me a really big bugs yeah i’d say that’s very very good headlights look great here you see he’s got the street glide street glide

Mirrors and then he painted this saw this interfering which that i that comes like some hundred bucks to get that done it does have a little chip in the paint right there it’s got a scuff right here a little chip in the paint right there other than that was pretty good come down here sit just have to market grips tank looks great engine looks good a little bit of

Wax right there i never the paint was coming off but he was just wax this all looks good it’s a bug got some bugs sewed over all wipe off on the front that tour pack looks really good it seemed too much there no damage on the bottom of the warpath mike’s never been down a couple little light to little light scratches right right there at my nails not even picking

It up so they’ll be buffed out rolling really good let go over here this all looks really good hey guys it’s a really clean looking bike the top of the tour pack with really good rack on there let’s see what’s inside 12 volts we’ve got two keys got a little storage thing manuel is not here but he said he was gonna drop it off so that may more not get here backrest

Comes out for let’s see how this little runs well i know how it runs and you guys can watch the video let’s just show you how what it sounds like one thing that he told me was at the radio it’s a cd player but that it intermediately works it’s always worked for me but said it just said it doesn’t always work you can get them rebuilt for about 200 bucks a lot of

People just replace them anyway i wanted to let you guys all know about that he’s got a little chrome on the chrome buttons on here chrome cover you see the little the paint peeled off around that’s real common probably why he replaced the seal in the cover because of that pressure air temp well that was a lovely cold start because if you want to see what this

Thing rides like your rides really really well check out the other test-drive video for this guys this bike will sell fast and most likely it’s gonna get shipped up somewhere else in the country where someone’s gonna fly in and drive at home this is a really nice bike the brake feels really tight i would i would trusting i would trust this thing to drive it anywhere

Alright guys if you liked the video subscribe check out a lot of blanks i’m going to sell about 20 bikes this month and this one is gonna be one one all right thanks

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