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2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide!

Nice low miles Dyna with slip on pipes anda low low price. See our inventory here:

Hold on to that guys get your boy dennis & ted’s with the used bike spotlight well look what i got for you today beautiful dining here guys what we’re talking about is a 2009 dyna super glide custom super glide customs always easy to tell apart from the other dyna families because it came with the blonde motor and he came stock with all the engine all the

Chrome out on the motor the only other dyna that came with it stock was going to be you have the dyna lowrider in the y glide everything else had a you know alloy i like the street bob’s or the fat bob’s or anything of that nature so easy to tell it apart plus it was one of the few that had the the ignition switch on the tank so something a little bit different

For they got a 19-inch front wheel a little bit 160 on the rear so 96 cubic inch motor with a six-speed transmission and well that’s about where the stock starts and stops on this bike everything else is going to be really good nice aftermarket you have a nice sundowner seat here long distance comfort and you got to memphis shade detachable fairing system here

Now this bike that fairing comes off in on just that easily guys okay that’s that easy to take on and off so if you want a fairing for a long haul you’ve got the wind to pull off of you if you want to just bow around town pop it off and you’re ready to go um it does have a high flow air filter system with a stage one is what harley likes to refer to that with a set

Of slip-on exhaust if you notice when i came rolling up she is not quiet your neighbors are going to know you’re on a harley you’ve got a quick-detachable backrest back here in a nice set of rigid mounted saddlebags like i said this bike was set up for the long haul now most diners who come standard with the mid mal controls and if you’re a stumpy little bastards

Like me that’s always a nice thing because for a long haul that’s nice but they wouldn’t help me put the forward cruise bag up there as well so you can change your footing position when you’re going down the road now again that 96 cubic inch motor that’s six v transmission those really make those long hauls really nice ok the fairing is gonna keep all the pressure

Off of you and well it’s time to munch the highway now that 96 cube with the six-speed by the way was one of the best fuel economy is hardly ever saw out of a motor combination people clean anywhere from fifty to fifty-five miles a gallon on that combination so again it’s no mystery that this bike is set up to go take some trips now this is a 2009 it’s got twenty

Five thousand five hundred and seventy two miles on it she has got tons of life left that is not a lot of miles at all 409 and guys we’re letting it go easy this is a 2009 474 95 alright 7495 guys you can get a 883 for that okay so you’re not going to beat that deal and well come on in we can even help you with financing okay like i said i’ve got about 30 different

Lenders that we work with here we only deal with simple interest loans so not only we’re going to give you a good bike and a dependable machine but we’re going to give you the same protection in financing so please give us a call phone over here six one eight four six two three zero three zero or hit me up via email dennis at ted’s motorcycle worldcom have you

Excuse me anybody who watches these things does it one reason i’m out here is i get to rhotic the bikes

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2009 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide! By Ted’s Motorcycle World Inc