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2019 Harley Softail Deluxe FLDE demo ride

My take on the 2019 Softail Deluxe.

All right my first ride of the day is going to be softail deluxe well if you haven’t seen many on my channel before my name is dave i have been riding harleys for three years i’ve got about 30,000 some miles under my belt this is not going to be a real in-depth review there’s plenty of people doing those this is just my take on this particular bike so this

Is a softail deluxe the new softail frame it should be a 107 just sitting here idling it’s very smooth compared to my dino lowrider which is a very vibrate ii kind of bike and someone i’ve read about the new milwaukee eights which i have written before you know it’s a very smooth engine they actually had to not make it too smooth because a lot of us hardly guys

Like that like to feel the machine so this is the first ride of the day on this demo event it’s like we got close to a dozen people and they just went over the rules with us it’s pretty controlled pretty controlled one of the things i’ve done on previous demo rides is kind of hang back a little bit on the highway and then open it up they call that slingshotting

And that’s it no no so the 107 this bike definitely has more torque more power than my lowrider which is the 103 twin cam yeah this thing really just turned that throttle and you are moving they warned us about some wet spots out here it was 50 this morning and pretty foggy and it’s a rain yesterday so i’m gonna have some wet spots anyway see if i can close this

Up sound a little better i’m not gonna be able to do a lot of antics out here like you know wheelies and stuff now i’m not gonna be able to ride this like i would if i was just by myself because i’m just riding in a group here but it’s a really comfortable bike the seat and the riding position feel good i have forward controls on my bike this one feels better

Than then we’ll make the twin cam soft tail that i rode a couple years ago my legs are out a little bit more i was really scrunched up on the it was a 2016 that i rode but this is really comfortable i’m six feet tall i prefer forward controls on my bikes but this one stock feels really good i would be totally comfortable just keeping it like this of course it has

Floorboards and that just really adds to the comfort level the suspension feels really good i’m 195 pounds on a good day and i’m not sure how they have the suspension adjusted you know these have that monoshock that you can adjust but it feels good firm and the seat you know granted i’m only going to be on this thing for 10 or 15 minutes but the seat feels nice

It feels like it has enough padding that you spend a little time in it without getting them a sore behind i prefer stage 1 upgrades on my bike louder pipes and such obviously the factory pipes aren’t going to sound that good but sometimes the factory pipes can really sound pretty bad in my opinion at least on some of the previous bikes i’ve had this one sounds

Pretty good you know but that’s very subjective i’m sure even after a little while i would want lots of outer pipes on it i usually have a windshield – on my bikes but obviously this one doesn’t have one but you know it feels pretty normal the handlebars are about the same width is what i have on my dyna it’s a beautiful looking bike i really like the soft tails

The new softail line has the new frame which is a lot stiffer then the dyna frame probably not going to really get a feel for it on this ride but that is definitely a big plus my riding style is not crazy in my 50s so i mean there’s definitely people who ride really aggressively and really fast i am a cruiser typewriter but i definitely like to get on it when

The opportunity is there you can see the speedometer pretty well without putting your head down on my diner i really do have to look down quite a bit to see the tach and the speedo which is on the tank but this one’s pretty good you can just just use your eyeballs the shifts feel nice and solid i mean harley’s always have that clunk but the shifts do feel nice

And solid really nice bike really nice bike handles well you know a more refined version i guess you could say of the medina and the softail became before it these floorboards are really nice i don’t have floorboards you could definitely it just gives you a feeling that you could really do some long hours and not get fatigued this bike has 680 miles on it just

Broken in this is the hard part of the test ride for me mmm i really want to open the throttle up and go up to about 75 miles an hour and see what it feels like we’re doing 45 50 right now i think the speed limit out here is 65 so as you can see there’s a decent amount of car traffic all right there we go we’re doing about mile we’re doing 65 so that’s what

Happens when you have a escort ride or a group ride you’re just not going to be able to do your thing feels good out here you know here in northeast pennsylvania our roads are not exactly great and sometimes you can hit some things here out on the highway that’ll make your feelings come loose i don’t expect if he hittin anything like that so i won’t be able to

Test that feature but just just general riding it really does feel nice and planted and steady you know i don’t know what what adjectives to use it’s just a comfortable ride it feels really good my first bike was a 2007 sportster 1200 and let me tell you when he took that thing up to 65 70 miles an hour and had five gears you knew you were on a motorcycle that

Thing was really revin and after about 15 minutes like that my fingers would start getting numb from the vibration my dinette is better six years and you can really cruise it seventy-five and much lower rpms and i don’t have any issues with vibration but this bike is whole next level you’re not going to have any any vibration issues with this feels good now you

Can move around in the seat a little bit kind of now you feel a little bit of a of a backstop it’s just nice to be able to move around a couple inches in either direction just to kind of not be in the same set position all the time i like being able to do that you can do that here i’ve always liked the look of the softail the old softail 2016 and earlier i don’t

Like the look of the heritage at all the new one i mean i don’t know what they were thinking with that bike it’s just not what i think of when i think of a heritage but i know people like them and and have them and that’s cool but i really like the look of the softail deluxe with the white walls and it has more chrome i definitely do prefer chrome so maybe that’s

It but this is a beautiful looking bike as well so as my test ride is winding down here i have to give it thumbs up for sure this is a really enjoyable bike to ride although i haven’t been able to put it through all its paces i can understand i definitely understand why people are like hey these new soft tails really feel good and today i’m going to be riding

A bunch of other ones hopefully so i’ll get some comparisons and of course brakes the brakes feel really nice don’t quote me but i believe this one is a single-disc single this breakup front i’ll correct that at the end if i’m wrong but it has good stopping good stopping and here we are back at the dealership as i said this wasn’t be an exhaustive you know

Professional type review just my impressions of a test-drive just one last thing i mentioned is slow speed low speed stability feels fine feels really good you can really do the friction zone thing and go very slow if you needed there we are so this is the deluxe you just rode you

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2019 Harley Softail Deluxe FLDE demo ride By BluesriderDF