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2020 Harley Davidson Bronx | First Look | Review

In this one we explore Harley Davidson’s 2020 lineup with Joe. The Bronx and PanAmerica are highly anticipated motorcycles for several reasons. Harley Davidson is very hush hush when it comes to prices, specs, weight and features but they promise Share if you enjoyed the video. As always, thanks for watching.

Hi i’m mike and welcome to the new york international motorcycle show brought to you by motivation you see bringing you the most anticipated bikes of 2020 yeah okay so here we go we’re currently at the polly davidson booth and i’m super excited because colin’s bringing something new to the game and they’re stepping out the box entire lineup for twenty twenty

One or twenty twenty right they’re doing a whole different approach not that they’re leaving behind what they’ve done traditionally which is also beautiful and you have a huge following for it but there’s planning to step out the box and explore a new market personally for me i ride naked bikes and some sport bikes and of course we had to take a look at this baby

Here absolutely well thank you again for for coming by we’re super excited to enter these these highly competitive and fast growing segments around the world and that’s really what we’re looking at is adding to the holiday vitsin lineup and and providing existing holiday vitsin riders with new experiences while also adding new people to invite the brand and ride

With us as well what you’re looking at is the reverse to results of a all new middleweight platform that harley-davidson has developed so this is the most expensive most labor-intensive product development project and harley davidsons 116 year history so what you’re looking at is both the pant america which is the adventure bike and then bronx which is the naked

Street fighter and with bronx it really starts at the revolution max powertrain it’s an all new from the ground up powertrain developed by harley-davidson it’s a sixty degree water cooled v-twin in bronx it has a 975 cc variant in pan america it’s a 1250 cc variant in bronx you’ll have a projected above 115 horsepower and above 70 pound-feet of torque and in paint

America with the 1250 cc version you’re projected to have more than 145 horsepower and more than 90 pound feet of torque in addition the motor is a stressed member in the chassis to reduce overall vehicle weight and even though bronx is a naked bike and very raw and muscular it will come equipped with a full suite of connected and riding technology features that

One comes to expect for this space it’s a beautiful approach i’m a guy that loves ducati monsters and this bike strikes me immediately and i feel like everyone’s gonna why can’t you see for yourself now can you explain to me a little bit about the name the bronx i know initially it was called something else and they changed it and why did they go with the bronx

We initially called it street fighter’ because it was a concept i can’t give you too many details of why and how we name thing that’s part of the the secret sauce of harley-davidson but it is reflective of the customer base how they want to ride thinking about the commute and the canyon and owning the road that very visceral experience now is this quickshifter up

And down or is just quickshifter upwards we are only announcing details on the powertrain the power the torque so specific technical features like a quick shifter or suspension weight and price will come closer to launch but these will be highly competitive motorcycles i’m also noticing quite a bit on the dashboard here that full control so i’m assuming you might

Have quite a bit to explain there so do you mind elaborate a little bit i can’t give you too much i want to i want you real bad but it will be a full suite of technology we’ve seen a lot with livewire and model year 20 product this year looking at adding lean angle dependent i am you with called are drs which is our reflex defensive rider systems on model year 20

Product we also debuted hd connect services so that connects you to your motorcycle on and off so no details for bronson pain america but it’s a big news story for current harley-davidson product that we’re already adding this technology that riders have come to expect and demand and that we’re providing into new segments and new places so guys not a huge sum of

Details that you can take away from this but i definitely recommend for you to come by to the motorcycle definitely take a look at it but based on what i’m seeing i’m speculating here and i’m excited about all this whatever you see on a live wire most likely that’s gonna translate into that he’s not saying that i am and i’m gonna i’m gonna tell you now base out of

What i know about harley i know this thing’s gonna sound great with the engine amazing yeah looking forward to seeing this bike a lot more from we’re very excited to share with the world thank you yeah man no problem yeah this is like super exciting and the concepts on the wall are are real so they kind of shows you the background like how we got to these styling

Prototypes we looked a lot of different options and these are the first two of a big middle week quick question last see how our traditional holly riders to use or how they are the embracing you know absolutely i know there’s there’s like we’ve seen with livewire there’s people that are hesitant okay however including me yeah there’s a lot of people wondering like

Well houses you know harley needs to customers the answer is a lot of harley davidson customers already have these segments and products sitting next to a street glider a row glider a lowrider s or a sportster so we don’t see it as taking away we’re adding new experiences for those customers to explore and also inviting riders from other brands to experience the

Culture that attitude the quality of the experience of harley davidson bikes that they see themselves riding with it’s all about that really offering up in building riders with how they want to ride and what holiday vision can provide from a signature design and engineering perspective really excited for this so when do i expect the kind of start scene is ruling

Off the line late 2020 oh nice yeah even sooner i was expecting 2021 but now these are model year 21 products but they’ll be in dealerships late 2020 thank you looking forward thank you again thanks for the card no problem

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2020 Harley Davidson Bronx | First Look | Review By MotovationUSA