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Guys you’re in for a treat way to hear this thing now this is this is about as badass club style as i’ve ever seen on a new soft tail can you tell me a little bit about the build on this one uh this was actually off the first truck of blue ride wrestling we got so tell us about this build this is really a special piece so this is 2019 low rider s uh just come in

We did a 131 on it the guys also done legend suspension front and rear on it two in one exhaust tts tuner uh went ahead and had audio rougher false gate system fxrp style fairings on it uh we’re gonna dyno it sometime next week we’re thinking the way it’s set up 150 160 horsepower it’s absolutely insane have you downloaded it at any stage yet or is it uh we had

One that was a 131 that was epa compliant and it come in 128 130 horsepower range what’s your name sir nathan and what is your position here sales sales so um who specs out these builds because this is really quite remarkable uh this one we just went with the harley131 kit but he had already he did some research so he wanted to go to two into one exhaust yeah

We’re really big on the tts tuner around here so he took our advice on it just beautiful i mean i think that’s a believe i believe you’ve got a custom look there’s custom touches on this bike the seat the the the plate mount the engine covers the pegs these are those mx style pegs and you had mentioned the seating position tell me about it with the risers he put

On it and in the mid controls it just makes for a very you feel comfortable on the bike very aggressive riding you can get all kinds of curves and just you don’t feel uncomfortable you don’t feel unsteady especially with the suspension on it um the seat when you throttle down on it with that extra back on it it just holds you in the bike so this is all available

From harley-davidson the screaming eagle stage four kit in the one item that you went after market i think he said it was a tuner right we did the tuner after market and then he went with the tbr two into one exhaust um which he actually had on his previous bike and he just liked the way it looked and sounded legend suspension there’s a clue right there yeah and uh

This the uh so front and rear legend suspension and you had said it felt to you like it’s it’s stiffer than harley’s stock suspension but not a bad stiff it’s just it’s really set up for aggressive riding you get off on a curb you don’t feel like the bikes will come out from underneath you or stand up on you um i think you said it felt like an adventure touring

Bike really the way you sit on it it does feel a lot like a defensive touring bike uh it’s definitely not for a beginner rider the way it’s set up especially with the power in it um you know 80 miles an hour you pull the throttle on this one you’re going to pick the front wheel up off the ground what an insane piece man i you know my 117 well after i wrote that

I sold it a friend of mine bought it gerald rothman jr he’s a if you follow street racing at all he was one of the top three guys in the in the in the country for for about 10 years he worked he raced for ducati and harley and i felt comfortable selling with him but i wouldn’t have sold that bike to like a novice or beginner because these 117s and mine was a

Full stage four kit too and we never downloaded it but we assumed to be around 120 or so maybe a little more and it felt and i’m an expert pro level ride i’ve been riding my entire life a race to ama motocross one of multiple champions championships but the point i’m making is that bike had so much torque that if you weren’t paying attention it wasn’t so much

The horsepower just felt like it pulled like a freaking freight train you could get yourself in trouble like a novice rider could hurt themselves and this is this this is this bike yeah uh the last 131 we did you gotta have all of this stuff but it was with the epa compliant would you mind sitting on it and standing up standing up straight because i want to give

Them the profile of that fair enough this is i mean the motor the suspension the fact that this is the bad assass harley made right now and that fairing just tops it off could you please remember for me um this is you and you mentioned earlier that’s the fxr style the old club style yep just beautiful who makes that fair i’m not i remember it was a company out

Of california did it and this was actually their prototype fairing um because they sent it to the local shop and they actually specced it out as far as getting it to fit up with the correct brackets and all that stuff actually had a lot of time with it until they got it honed in it’s just straight up badass like if if uh darth vader had a harley this would be it

Exactly all black and badass uh the last one we did the 131 on i mean stopped i had my gopro sitting up on the tank and you can see the speedometer here and when i hit 80 miles an hour i just really wasn’t paying attention and i throttled it and you can see the front end of the bike lifted 80. wow so this one 30 more horsepower we’re quite sure it’s it’ll stand it

Up and the stereo system is high-end this is done by uh area 51 customs a local shop that we’ll be going to be visiting while we’re down here um competition style system clock works fairing beautiful piece man got a lot of beautiful bikes back here you got a nice uh road road glide screaming eagle that’s a screaming eagle isn’t it yeah cv 2018 nice piece love

The cvo you have just an acre of beautiful harleys in there you got a nice v rod over there yeah there’s a very cool some bikes waiting for restorations in over that corner we’ve got a shovel head we’ve got a couple hummers sitting back there a dirt bike harley dirt bike you know it’s a family owned uh motorcycle enthusiast business one there’s shelby heads uh

Xlcr cafe racers 78 our maki 250s and this kind of artillery in the shop you don’t see that in most of those corporate shops with 700 miles on it i have one of those in the museum same exact one that’s the oldest bike and i guess you saw the mule out there yep i have a view also a matter of fact i would mention to the sales lady out there my build was in in the

Uh captain america reality show it’s all painted red white and blue and it was on uh motor trend tv and it’s on discovery go right now but that’s probably the first time a a a buell’s been on prime time tv in a decade yeah wheelie right up west main street so awesome yeah i love buells i i used to buy them brand new from the harley shop and used to sell them

Back in the day but 20 years ago i kept that one thank you for sharing that bike with me uh what’s your phone number here if somebody wants a buck like that built who do they call it uh just call look up holidays underneath online um because we have two different sides of the building yeah and you’ll have to connect through our switchboard but harley davidson

Adoption we’ve been here 48 years uh my owner’s 87 years old and still here every day he actually rides a 2003 v rod and a 50th anniversary sportster’s his two bikes a choice anymore that’s awesome we actually have a couple of his sidecar rigs sitting around here somewhere and you know we’re just a family-owned dealership we don’t do the the car lot game thing

And and the quality of the bikes that they’re turning out i’m telling you straight up or second to none if you want one built give them a call they’ll do it for you right here all in house thanks for watching folks stay tuned and god bless america 180 degrees fall stop there i had to show you they have a dyno room too i couldn’t couldn’t walk by without showing

You that uh not every shop has a dino room that’s where the proof’s in the pudding you know you can make wild claims but you know the the stops in the dyno room you know when you can show what your bike’s putting down and just just for a perspective my cbo dyno is putting down 105.89 horsepower that 134 would be pushing 150. that thing’s got to be an absolute rocket ship

Transcribed from video