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2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special Test Ride

We test ride the 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special.

Hi this is james with falcon’s fury harley-davidson and treasure coast harley-davidson in beautiful stewart florida and that brings me to some exciting news which i want to share with you all about this channel we’ve partnered with our sister store treasure coast down in florida and we’re gonna be sharing content between our two channels i’ll be doing a lot of the

Content putting up on both the falcon’s fury web site and the treasure coast youtube channel you can pick which one you want to watch but they’ll also be doing their own stuff on that channel as we’ll be doing our own stuff on the channel so now with that rather long explanation out of the way we move on to what we’re looking at today and today we are looking at

A very awesome bike the street glide special in an absolutely gorgeous zephyr blue which is a 2020 color and it’s just it’s beautiful check this out all right so castro all right so 2020 street glide special in this really striking hello i’m always surprised when i go on a touring well i’m surprised but i’ve always surprised how comfortable these

Things are obviously you know these are designed for the without 114 is nice on these it goes and it rumbles nice to i i know the microphone doesn’t pick up the engine very well but at the engine note when this is really nice all right so these touring bikes they are designed for what their name is at a design for touring and they’re just fantastic at that is so

Comfortable the minute you sit in it you’re like yeah i mean a really comfortable seat and i realized we’re not on the bridge and we talk about comfort on the bridge but it was just a first impression so we’re on the bridge almost comfort yeah they’re spectacular the seats on amis are beautiful the riding position is lovely and let’s get past this fellow here so we

Can we can go a little bit faster than two miles per hour so comfort yeah we’re on the bridge sorry comfort yeah that fantastic ellen of course he’s now going faster than everyone else god’s sake yeah right from the factory without doing anything there’s a stock bike and it’s just incredible the handle was the position is fantastic your geometry is lovely in its

Seat i can say it’s very very comfortable even the floorboards feet are very comfortable just slightly in front of you which is really nice natural comfortable riding position and just cruising down the road here or you’re doing it 55 it just is it’s fantastic it’s smooth the suspension eats up all the bumps it’s just a lovely lovely machine and in this variant it

Blocks a good amount of wind now i’m quite tall 6 foot 3 for those who have never seen one of our videos so for me if i was gonna ride this bike i would have to put a slightly taller windshield on the fare in there so the wind would go right over me because right now the wind sort of hitting me a mid-face right mid helmet is where i’m feeling the wind and that’s

Just because i’m taller than a lot of people so if you’re shorter if you’re six foot or below then this fairing will absolutely push everything over without having a part a taller windshield on but it’s easy enough it’s a few bolts take them out stick in the new windshield good to go engine braking is great as you know i’m a big fan of engine braking i like slow

Bikes down that way and then apply the brakes and obviously with this is great does have that milwaukee 8 114 engineer and it’s well here we go it’s just it’s a smile maker as for this absolutely smile make that you can just feel it it’s got this gorgeous rumble when you roll on and it just it just goes i mean it’s a heavy bike you wouldn’t know it was a heavy

Bike it is very light and actually that brings me to the next point always surprises me when i get on these touring bikes how easy they are to ride because you know you look at them ago wes i’m massive like it’s gonna be you know is that gonna be easy or hard to rival true it’s just they’re so easy i mean you could live to get on this bike after you know right in

Any motorcycle anywhere and you’d be absolutely comfortable on this thing it just it just it’s so smooth it’s so easy and it loves turning in i know it’s not the twisties to twisties but it just it likes to turn in you know and it’s really you don’t have to put much effort into it you just cows there a little bit and it leans right over it really is they’re just

They’re just great great motorcycles to ride they feel smaller than they are i think that’s why i was trying to say rather an eloquently a few minutes ago and again come to stop without engine braking it’s just absolutely lovely turning them as well it’s really really easy and i stresses i keep stressing all through the user well not that engine though my 114

I’ve said it many many times i just i love it like such a good engine i don’t know what i was talking that gonna go we just oh yeah yeah they ride smaller than they loved i mean look at look at this you can just you can get it down in these corners and at first you and you look at this place you ticket well you couldn’t really throw that around it’s just too big

To throw around you just want to sit back and cruise slowly on it but i tell you you can take the twisties on these things it’s like they were built to do it it’s really really fun so now we’re coming up to new construction corner and look at it every every week we come past it and there’s more houses it’s just not new construction oh yeah it just yeah you can just

Go around this corner it’s beautiful it’s like it’s on rails to be honest it really is like it’s on rails absolutely fantastic and what about this paint color this is a zephyr blue it’s fantastic the sun glinting on it and very very tasty color this boat looks good in all colors but this blue is it’s something special probably not for everyone but it’s so i guess

My stamp of approval all right let’s give it some here and i love it i love the way it growls and i know a lot of people for aftermarket pipes on these to give it a bit more of a bit more volume but with this i know some people disagree with me but it’s it’s great i think it sounds good it sounds muscular but it’s not over the top you know your neighbors will love

You if you just keep this stock your pup pipes on then up and love you as much but you know no everyone likes the neighbors all right there you go little little james at home moment via there i just i really enjoy riding these yeah i don’t ride a bike with fairing i’m what you know ello mate i prefer the the wind in my face more more than on these but if i were to

To get a bike with fairings it would probably be a street glide i love how they ride and i think they just look really really cool there you go okay alright now their sharpest corner of the ride again for low speed cornering but it’s something i’m not particularly where it’s nice yeah it’s easy it just turned in then you can just accelerate round these corners and

It it’s just fantastic absolutely fantastic gorgeous day in a won’t believe it’s a 16th 16th of january look at this i’m in short sleeves and oh it’s perfect danny just a coach around the corner so nicely let’s get some beans here see what’s what yeah it gets up to speed fast man that is it’s impressive it’s impressive how fast this will go how quickly it really

Is a lot of fun so who’s this bike for basically anyone this is it’s one of those bikes that whether you’re doing long trips or just short trips this is absolutely fine you do long trips or restates a touring bike it’s two built for that you can go for days at a time if you just run into the shops you can throw stuff in the back there it’s just fantastic bikes for

Everyone i love it heading back to the dealership you know what let’s one of our drive around so our friends in florida gentlemen so our friends down for a treasure coast and have a look at the little dealership here so there’s our driving range you hold all our classes that are the riding academy classes people can learn to ride we have two ranges so we can hold

Multiple classes at times that’s pretty cool there’s all the bikes waiting for service service department in there i’m coming back around to the further building its service am i right here and coming back to the front anyway listen guys i hope everyone enjoyed this video thank you very much for watching don’t forget if you like this subscribe to the channel and

Give us a like and i’ll see you next time you

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2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special Test Ride By Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson