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2021 Harley Davidson Iron 1200 Test Ride

Had the opportunity to take the 2021 Harley Davidson Iron 1200 Sportster for a test ride, and here are my thoughts on the experience. The Iron 1200 is the second motorcycle I have had the chance to test ride from the Harley Davidson lineup, and it was a unique experience compared to the first ride that happened a couple of years ago. There is still a lot for me to learn about Harley Davidson motorcycles, but this was a fun gateway bike to learn from and ride on!

Uh oh this ain’t no triumph clutch is going to take a little getting used to all right we are riding the 2021 iron 1200 harley-davidson so i have about a dozen or so motorcycles to get used to this whole cruiser lifestyle just such a different world i did ask beforehand you guys remember the fat bop video you remember me uh getting getting tripped up on

The controls because they were chrome i couldn’t see any of what anything was on the bike but this one actually has identifiable controls if sir flashman were to get a cruiser it would be something along the lines of this harley is not in his short list of favorites not in a bad way nothing against it it’s just it’s just not something he’s considering so i

Will run through specs of course horsepower harley does not like to divulge that information i actually looked on a few different websites trying to figure out what the horsepower on these bikes were and i found a couple different numbers like 62 and 75 and then another website that says it doesn’t matter so in my history here this is the second harley i have

Written in my life the first one of uh that one guys fat bob this doesn’t have a tachometer it’s just got the speedometer gauge it’s got the trip odometer if i wanted to cycle through that i’m not going to and it’s you know as far as the uh the info and the display it is very very bare bones the seat height i don’t remember off top of my head i will put it

Somewhere in here so you guys can see but is low i can flat foot no problem corsact uh seed height has not historically really been an issue with me not bad on them corners i’m used to squeezing my legs on a sport bike oh man i do wish this had a gear indicator it’s probably my one gripe so far and that’s mean well mainly because i’m coming from a street

Sport bike-ish to this and i’m still learning how it how it feels how it rides all that and it’s just very different it feels great in corners i will say that it’s very uh corner friendly definitely not like i was expecting at least i want to be fair i didn’t really i didn’t really know what to expect so i guess the only complaints i have right now have to do

With the wind which is easily fixable not really a strike against this bike but it’s also for me it doesn’t sound weird never thought i’d say this it feels very small like i’m trying to squeeze the tank and when we get into like really windy situations and i’m finding that i’m just like not able to really pinch the tank as much as i’d like to and it’s making

It kind of difficult so the freeway jaunt we just did really wasn’t that much fun to me i i think being or i should say having a windscreen would help a ton at least for this ride i am uh mentally keeping track of what gear i’m in that that okay so that like to me is a big i wish i had definitely gear shift indicator would make me a very happy lady on this bike

But that’s a small complaint to be fair i could also just pay attention to what gear i’m in this doesn’t have a gas gauge either i don’t believe so when it runs out it runs out we’re living life dangerously man you never know when you’re gonna run out of gas gotta set that odometer and pay real close attention but that said i mean i’m saying that as like a

Complaint and it’s really it you know it shouldn’t be because from an outsider’s perspective here on the harley-davidson brand they are marketing the experience of writing and you’re not wanting the experience and this is just my guess you’re probably not wanting that experience of writing to be smudged up by technology you’re just riding a motorcycle that’s

It you’re here for the experience nothing more nothing less as far as the experience on this bike i am not disappointed i am not thrilled getting one of these would be a little bit of a learning curve and it’s a very big shift from all of the writing i’ve done over the last five five and a half years something like that it’s very different it’s enjoyable but

It’s very very different and i could see the appeal because of all of the social aspect of harley they’ve got the hog chapters they’ve got group rides they’ve got all kinds of stuff you’re with some like-minded individuals you’re out here just riding your bikes you’re doing the thing as as amanda zitto would say you get now you’re doing the thing i will say

Though um for a group ride aspect coming again from the sport bike life this is my first harley demo ride harley group ride anything i feel i i this is sacrilegious i’m gonna get so much crap for this in the comments i feel more protected which is weird it’s it’s really hard to describe but i’ve been on some group rides with mixed bikes like sport bikes cruisers

Everything and i’ve just felt like it was every man for themselves like we’re all bikers we’re all gonna watch one of those backs and everything it wasn’t like people were trying to kill me on that ride but out here everybody is looking after one another like this is kind of silly and you think it’s basic but you’d be surprised how much this doesn’t happen and

Group writes the dude in front of me the guy in front of me is actually signaling when there’s debris and stuff in the road and when to slow down and everything like he’s actually using proper hand signals and it’s like this is refreshing man i like it now from my uh i guess the rest of the observations i have for being a buzzy bike of course this is a twin

Motor the mirrors aren’t too bad they’re actually adjusted pretty well for my height in my posture so i haven’t had to make any adjustments they’ve been really nice getting used to the signals is a trip that takes a little bit i’m getting the hang of it though so fear not the brakes now for being a bike that’s probably at least a hundred or so pounds heavier

Than the street triple it has a single that’s the word i’m looking for that i’m not going to think of because i’m starting to write again um a single brake rotor single rotor brake at the front and uh i can tell the difference it’s not terrible but this is not a bike that would be ideal for emergency braking situations let’s i’ll put it that way because that

Would be managing a lot of weight on one one rotor basically if it had two i bet it would stop on a dime probably a lot better i could be mistaken there so you harley diehards that are probably watching this video like how is she getting on let me know am i out based on that observation and from a ladies perspective i i completely understand why women ride

This motorcycle i get it it’s it is approachable it’s not too bad it’s not entry level but it’s not too bad and i can definitely see why a lot of i guess women riders i want to say smaller riders but i don’t want to make size the issue here but a lot of women riders that may be put off a bit by the power of larger faster bikes maybe flock to this sort of thing

It is it’s a nice bike it’s approachable i don’t feel uncomfortable on it so we’re wrapping up we’re just around the corner from the dealership now thank you guys for coming along on this journey i’ll see you next week and until then you guys ride safe you

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2021 Harley Davidson Iron 1200 Test Ride By MotoKari