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2021 Harley Davidson low rider s in red

This is the 2021 Harley Davidson low rider s in the all new Midnight Crimson red!!! drop your thoughts down below and tell me how you feel about this color and will you be buying this all new 2021 low rider s?

What up welcome back to the video guys if you haven’t or not follow me on my instagram then you would know that i haven’t been uploaded because my computer has been at the shop it’s been under the knife that’s all out of the picture now with the computer back and we’re here making magic i’m trying to upload at least a video every day this week for you guys i’m off

Tomorrow so i could create some some magic for you um i was initially gonna upload a video that i did um december 30th you know going over everything that i went over uh for the past year and a few things that i’m looking for for the new year and that’s when my computer died so yeah that should be of tomorrow morning because i kind of want to get this out today

Um if you haven’t seen obviously from the title and the picture you already know what it is but we got new colors new colors for the 2021 lowrider rest as you can see here i have my 2020 in the background my beauty um so yes we have a new color so far what we know is that it’s one color it’s like a burgundy color at first when i saw it i was like i don’t know

I kind of don’t like that but then as i sat back and i kind of indulged in it and kept looking at those pictures i’m like yeah it’s that works that that that really works it looks really good i love i love the whole uh combination of that dark red that with the with the bronze wheels it just stands out a lot and if you’re gonna be adding more bronze accents

Into there and the bike is really gonna stand out i mean imagine that bike and then with the with the memphis shades road worry on it that looks super cool anyways i’m gonna be posting some pictures right here right now so you guys can see the actual uh pictures um yesterday i saw several harley dealerships um they were all over instagram where they were posting

Them i guess they were getting them delivered in already and they were posting little videos and clips um of all of some of the new bikes for 2021 and some of them had these crazy new colors so that was one of the ones that stood out the 48 honestly stood out to me so much it was like this beautiful blue that makes me want to get a 48 now beautiful um anyway

And today i was on my instagram and i saw that iron j motor posted also a few pictures um so shout out to you homie um he has a channel in there as well um and those pictures were beautiful so i’m gonna be posting up right now so these are the pictures right here this is the 2020 harley-davidson low rider s with this beautiful new color burgundy um i don’t know

The actual name of the color yet um that’s we’re going to call it for now until we get all the descriptions all the details on the 19th beautiful man like i was saying i really love the contrast i love how the bronze wheels bounce off that that burgundy color makes it uh makes it stand out um i wish they could have done something a bit differently with the uh

Tank design um it’s the uh same exact harley davidson logo um you know maybe changing it up a bit would have been a little nicer adding a few lines here and there just to make it pop a bit more but overall a very beautiful color i think the bike is gonna look amazing like i said before if you’re able to add you know additions like a method shades road warrior

On there you know matching up the color with the dark shield oh my god that’s gonna look sick um yeah um let me know if you guys will be looking into this color for the 2020 well 2021 uh lineup um or you’re gonna go with the uh black or i don’t know if they’re gonna bring along the barracuda silver maybe they’re just gonna do the burgundy in black who knows

Like i said before on the 19th is when we are all going to find out exactly what new colors are coming what new bikes are coming parts accessories and other edition that they’re going to be sharing with the public and the dealerships at the same time i’m going to be making a follow-up video to that because there’s one way to find out one way to see all this

All together and there’s a few steps you need to take at home in order to be a part of this so i’m gonna be making that video tomorrow you can know exactly how to get this information first before anyone else well first well at the same time as everybody else so tune in for that video tomorrow if this is the type of content you’re into you’re definitely the

Right place hit that bell buttons that notify you any time i upload any type of new content tomorrow i have a video dropping on the 2020 lowrider i have another video to give you guys information on how to have all the proper information for the 19th to get all the scoop on harley davidson for the 2020. 21 year lineup i keep saying 2020 for the 20 21 year

Lineup and then another video i might be doing a shoot with torque so if you want to get 15 off any port merchandise the links are down below you get 15 of the whole website with my promo code so go ahead and use that mk15 support the companies that support the channel that’s gonna be it guys thank you so much for watching we’re back in action i’m gonna catch

On the next one let the force be with you ride safe and enjoy the ride baby you

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2021 Harley Davidson low rider s in red By MarvelKid87