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2021 Harley Davidson Pan America adventure touring bike my first ride! Harley Cebu.

lumapag na sa pinas ang first adventure touring bike ng Harley Davidson.

So good morning guys all right so see you there with his honda cb 500 a stick maxi simula young event longhorn knowledge um around 1 pm so as of now need to become naga good morning naga city all right to lead the road foreign davidson all right guys me oh mangahan academy ah foreign me yeah thank you thank you more power welcomes are

Welcome sir my husbands are hi you may have uh wow okay so of course this is our first first adventure touring bike and then uh the important specs it has with the bike is the adaptive ride height we’re in the rider can actually feel no when the bike stops they can feel that the seats i mean the the bike lower wow up to maximum up to uh two inches depending

On the load depending on the weight that you have electronics yeah yeah electronically it will lower down and then another thing is the windshield it’s adjustable and like with the other adventure bike it’s fixed the sun you can actually adjust eventually another features is the of course the the right modes where you can choose the rider can choose from uh road

From rain uh off-road plus and off-road uh costumes and then the radio can also customize in his preference of riding style you can customize the throttle in terms if you want to go in the max responsive and then if you go to balance and if you go to minimum so it has a lot of technology in the bike and then uh another thing is also it has the crush control the

Tire pressure monitoring system the ebs the traction control the heel stuff yeah so hello hello actually uh yeah it’s of course highly division is you know being a first adventure touring telegram we we came into a study update how about the waiter yes uh so wait actually uh in its class uh this is the lightest adventure bike yeah because we used an aluminum

Tank you know we use also an aluminum magnesium aluminum and we also have some parts we’re in three parts unlike with the other bike cruiser bike chassis this one is split into three so it’s part actually of the chassis yes so that’s one thing that uh yes yes thank you anytime guys you can drop by our dealership you can test right and actually this way

This right bike will be we will maintain this one for three months so anybody can just visit our dealership to try it yeah so oh wow left and right okay and hazard first bro try this mode first you sport slang sports mode afternoon sports mode b is uh all the throttle is max the engine braking is max sports mode young responsive engine braking okay yes

All right let’s go let’s go whoa wow super advanced motorcycle shout out to manga harley davidson and hugs foreign all right sabine sabini circling i just not in sir d mode uh machine oh tower foreign nothing today about this bike ah thank you so much for dropping guys i would like to invite everyone uh to visit our dealership uh located at as

Fortuna street vanilla mandaue city so free test drive for our demo bikes especially the plan america wow they especially bro the my21 street bob 114 and also the lowrider s and the new soft tail soft tail standard alright so no harley davidson mondawe see you bye-bye all right guys davidson group see you in my next video um you

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2021 Harley Davidson Pan America adventure touring bike my first ride! Harley Cebu. By Loyds Custom