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In this video, we check out the 2021 Harley Davidson Road Glide Standard in Gauntlet Grey.

Welcome to barricade rides videos for motorcycle enthusiasts we’re at emerald city harley-davidson in linwood washington we’re with david and one of my favorite places on this planet we’re doing the 2021 harley davidson road glide standard and before we get into it i want to give a shout out to my boy jake over at sasquatch studios hook me up with this shirt you’re

Looking to have some good music made hit em up the link will be in the descriptions so let’s get into this hey everybody thanks for tuning in and barricade as always thanks for the opportunity to do another video with you quick little story when i first started here at emerald city i was absolutely dead set on a bat on a batwing fairing i liked the traditional

Bat wing the single headlight it just looked like a harley i didn’t like the fact that the fairing didn’t move i thought it would be strange all the different things that i’ve heard from other people and there’s this guy that works here named doc and doc rides a road glide and he said to me have you ridden one now not gonna ride one i don’t like them they’re ugly

And uh then i rode one and for me the difference with the road glide versus the street the road glide the fairings out just a little bit further it just feels a little roomier you don’t feel quite as tucked into the bike as much feels a little more roomy i also really like the fact that on this fairing your electronics your screen is up top on the street it’s down

Lower so when i’m riding the gauges are right here the screen is right here this has so much information that i like to kind of look at as i’m riding whether it’s my music or my navigation whatever i just like having it so i can glance down instead of having to actually move my head it’s a kind of a silly thing but it’s something that really adds up to me and

Up to about 70 the bikes are really very similar over 70 you’re headed through montana those areas where there’s not really even a speed limit this bike just shines at 70 plus it just shines so anyway that’s that’s my story on the road glide so so i’m going to give you a walk around on this bike milwaukee 8107 now the 114 obviously has a little bit more power

But honestly the difference is really negligible especially up to about 70 miles an hour this 107 has great power the milwaukee eight it’s still got the four valves per cylinder stoop two valves per spark plug so you’re getting a really nice complete burn getting a lot of airflow opening up that engine and an engine is a giant air pump so the more air you can get

Through it the more power it produces so the 107 is a great engine it also has of course the big twins have six speed transmission you’ve got a kevlar reinforced final drive belt which is so incredible because it’s better torque than a shaft and it’s no maintenance compared to a chain you don’t have to think about your your belt once you’ve done your 1k service

And they’ve kind of uh tightened up the belt from the break-in process you just ride it forget it’s even there so it’s it’s really it’s really foolproof and designed to be low maintenance and it’s designed to last the life of the bike they’re really really tough kevlar is the same thing they make bulletproof vests out of so it’s pretty indestructible you’ve

Also got the two into one into two exhaust the reason they do the merge is to create a little extra back pressure and at lower rpms or in higher gears when you’re really rolling on the throttle that’s what gives you that low end torque it allows this bike to pull out of whatever rpm up to a higher rpm in any gear without any problem you don’t get the chunking

And clunking like you used to get on some of the older bikes excuse me cast aluminum wheels i think they’re really pretty now this this is kind of a price point bike right this is one that that is for those that are looking for a great value but these wheels don’t scream value to me i think those are really pretty i love the uh you know they cast the aluminum

And they paint them and then they leave it with this polished face on the spokes and on the rim really really pretty look and then they’re wrapped in a dual compound dunlop touring tire made for harley-davidson you can see the little bar and shield here there’s also harley davidson on the sidewall so they’ve made these tires for us the dual compound gives you a

Little harder compound in the center of the tire that’s where you spend 90 percent of your time straight up and down going down the highway so that’s where your tire is going to wear the most so that’s a little harder compound to give you a little more life but then they have a softer compound on the shoulders of the tire for cornering so it’s the best of both

Worlds you get the longevity and great traction but then you’ve got that that real grippy sidewall for when you’re going out and hitting some some twisties twin disc brakes up front single in the rear this bike comes standard with abs so you’ve got great stopping power to match the pulling power of the milwaukee 8107 then you’ve also got showa suspension up front

Adjustable suspension in the rear if you haven’t seen the adjustable suspension all you have to do on this bag come over here for a second kyle these two levers just unscrew you can literally lean the bag out and there’s an adjusting dial underneath here that allows you to go from zero to thirty folks if you’ve bought a touring bike and you haven’t played with

That please do because it makes a tremendous difference for most solar riders i usually recommend somewhere in the 7 to 10 range if you’ve got a passenger probably in the 15 to 20 range but that’s adjustable on the fly without tools all you got to do is lean that bag out so great suspension you’ve got the touring frame which is kind of stretched out it’s made

For comfort that suspension in the rear really it’s all about comfort and longevity and being able to hit the road and do that three four hundred miles and not even really think about it you’ve also got the bag so that’s another difference between the special and the standard the specials have what we call the stretch bags where they kind of come down around the

Exhaust just a little bit it gives you a tiny bit more cargo space but a lot of people like the standard bags because it gives you just a little bit more lean angle so on the high performance baggers you’ll see the bagger races those bags are actually mounted quite a bit higher than factory to give it that lean angle most of us aren’t going out and hitting a track

At 80 miles an hour right but it does give you a little more lean angle with the standard bag so that’s something to consider you’ve also got on on this bike this one comes with the full screen boombox infotainment system it’s the latest from harley-davidson it’s super bright super clean very fast the navigation comes up super quickly and you’ve got access to

Your let me go home here got access to your tunes to your navigation to your phone and then you can also press and hold the home button and that’ll bring in a different menu where you can get things like information on your bike this is kind of where you’ve been this is where you’re going you got information on the on the engine itself whether eitms is enabled

That’s a feature that keeps the engine cooler and idle in hotter temperatures so really nice package the other thing that you have with the road glide you’ve got these really large storage compartments now they’ve got a usb here to plug in your phone that charges it it also allows you to use your phone as kind of like an ipod with the with the system so you can

Run it via wire instead of bluetooth if you want to do that this bike has the two speakers up front mostly for the rider i have seen kits where you can add speakers in the lids if you want to in the bags you can also add a tour pack and a rear seat with speakers if you want to make that something you put on the bike we have included and we put this on here at the

Dealership the quick release four point hardware so that you could get a tour pack or a back rest or a bar or a luggage rack or something and be able to remove it really quickly and leave it at home for those days you’re just going to go out and take a take a ride if you’re going to take a trip you can load it up put all the extra gear on and have a passenger

Really comfortable it’s already got the rear foot pegs already has a two up seat let’s talk about the paint um harley davidson is known for our paint it is it’s a magical formula really and i i know that from experience i have customers that come in that have bikes that yes they’ve taken care of them and yes they’ve waxed them once a year and yes they store them

Under a cover or hopefully in a garage but you don’t see the cracking and peeling and fading like you do on some other brands it’s a very high quality finish it’s all robotically applied so it’s very consistent takes out the human error that could be there three mils of clear coat any of the detailing now this bike doesn’t have striping but any of the bikes that

Come from the factory with pin stripes that’s all under the clear coat so everything’s protected and by the way that’s not just your tins and your bags and your side covers that’s also the frame that’s powder coated it’s the wheels it’s all the accessories anything that has a finish on it even the chrome finish on the pipes very very high quality this is not cheap

Chrome you can get cheap chrome and put it on these bikes and two years later you know it’s cheap chrome when you get harley-davidson chrome it’s designed to look like this for years and years and years so with a little bit of care and proper storage this bike can look like this in 20 years and i see it all the time this is called gauntlet gray it’s a special color

For 2021 and there’s something about this color kyle if you can get a kind of a close-up of this it’s got a really soft very light metal flake but it just helps this paint really dance on this bike and i particularly like this color against some of the black features of the bike i like how it kind of stands out but it’s also subtle and you can get this color in

A variety of bikes with blacked out but for me on this bike the black engine the black accessories this paint and then the chrome to kind of finish it off it’s just beautiful it’s a beautiful beautiful bike your riding position on this bike is amazing second to none when you get on this thing you just man let’s go let’s go look how look how straight my back is

My arms aren’t reaching out they’re not locked they’re nice comfortable position kind of wide so you feel like you got command of the bike another thing about this fairing and something that people say a lot is they don’t like the fact that the light doesn’t move with your handlebars i get it it seems like it would make sense but for those of us that have been

Riding for a while we know that 95 of the time when we’re steering this bike we’re not steering we’re leaning right so as you lean your headlights follow the bike around the corner and i rode one of these home from an event about a month ago and it was dark and i could not believe the light in front of this bike i had no trouble seeing whatsoever the only time

It might matter a little bit would be like in a parking lot but hopefully you’re going slow enough there and you’ve got enough ambient light whatever that that it doesn’t matter but that’s about the only time when you’re actually steering the bike at a really low speed that’s the only time you might notice the light but for the most part when you’re riding not

Something to worry about one thing that it does do is it keeps some of the weight off this uh off this front off the front fork because you’re not turning the weight of the whole fairing you’re just turning the weight of the front of the bike basically and excuse me my goodness the other thing about the uh this front fairing 2 000 hours of wind tunnel testing

So it does an amazing job of blocking the wind not only from your hands and your face but your chest there is a vent here that can be open or closed it’s not actually a vent what this really is designed to do is to force air at an accelerated speed to meet the air coming over the windshield and that actually creates a little more of a bubble for you and your

Passenger so don’t think of this as a vent think of this as a way to get more air over top of your head amazing amazing design uh what else can i tell you about it it’s uh of course comes with cruise control it comes with all your your navigation security um i mentioned the abs so this bike is really really nicely equipped out of the factory throw a set of pipes

On it maybe do an intake and a tune man this is a bike you could enjoy for years and years and years it’s just just wonderful so highly recommend don’t overlook the standards just because they’re not a 114 it’s a great value and i would be thrilled to ride a bike like this absolutely thrilled and i i know a thing or two about them the difference between the 107

114 is negligible but you can save yourself between four and five thousand dollars off a special by going with the standard definitely worth considering all right there you have it the 2021 harley-davidson road glide standard this bike is absolutely fantastic i’m digging the color i’m digging everything about this bike and if you like this content please like

Comment and subscribe and as always brothers and sisters stay safe and ride your ride so you

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