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2021 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special | In Depth FIRST RIDE and FULL Review

Emerald Coast Harley Davidson let me test ride their all new 2021 Street Glide Special in a limited Deadwood Green Denim colorway. This is my first ride and in depth full review of this street glide special! What are your thoughts on this beast of a bagger??

What’s up guys rav sanity here over here at emerald coast harley davidson sounds like we got ourselves a special little treat today that i’m pretty excited about say what if you’re new to the channel go ahead and hit that like button that subscribe button and that notification bell welcome we’re going to talk about some motorcycle things gear reviews life just

Have a good time let’s go in here and we’re going to find kelsey kelsey’s going to help us out today let’s see where she’s at uh yeah this is actually a pretty nice freaking dealership i’m not going to lie cbo street club what’s up stanley how you doing man kelsey oh my god kelsey’s back there oh my goodness all these road glides on the street glad what’s

Up how you doing today doing all right how are you chilling man too what you got got a bike i want you to look at you really do some cool reviews on it uh yeah all right let’s take a look what we got oh that’s nice not this one okay oh my god that’s a 21 right it is i recognize that was a deadwood green denim sick we’re going to find out all right let’s get

To it so go my goodness you guys emerald coast harley davidson has been gracious enough for me to try out the 2021 street glide special in the deadwood green denim my goodness look at look at how beautiful that thing right there is man they got the 114 in there god i cannot get over the screen that’s that’s gorgeous man you got 19-inch wheels in

The front you got 18’s in the back i don’t know if you can see them but that gloss black is just oh my goodness that’s so freaking nice you got dual disc rotors in the front giving you an extra stopping power got the daymaker led headlight in the front that thing is something special the back wing you know it’s your thing man that’s the street glide thing it

Looks it looks super nice one thing that the dealer installed on here was the two brothers racing slip-on when that thing was pulling out of the shop and i was like oh my god i think it sounds so great the biggest thing though the milwaukee 8 114 and they actually put this the new air suckers on there the air cleaners looks like it’s a high flow for sure i think

That’s new for 2021’s man that’s super nice they’re saying that the 114 puts out about 86 horsepower and about 118 pounds of torque i’ll put the specs somewhere on the screen right here so you can kind of check it out man that’s sexy another thing that they also have on here as an option is the reflex defensive rider system and basically that’s going to be more

Electronic braking that’s going to help you breaking and accelerating whenever you’re coming into a straight line or whether you’re in a turn i guess what it’s got on there too is if you’re on a if you’re on a like a hill and you’re parked it’ll actually lock the brake in for you so you don’t have to hold the front brake while you’re waiting for the light to turn

Green or for traffic to go but man it is just a bad bike man this thing is oh let’s check out some of the electronics on here so turn it on accessory the holiday logo pops up except all right so you got your radio station right here so this right here will go back and forth between the channels on the left side where the right one goes between your your saved

Channels so channel one it’s got low fuel the channel one kind of moving on press you press in for to go back to the home key and use all touch screen as well too so you can you know hook your phone up to it and go to your music of course it’s going to the radio right now you’ve got your eq right here so you can adjust your eq to how you want go back to your home

Screen there’s your phone if you want to connect to your bluetooth you can go through the settings on that we’re not going to connect ours right now so to get to the settings boom bring up the setup audio settings display keyboard bluetooth that’s where you go to set your phone up at a clock language all this technology is wonderful you got cruise control right

Here you press it once to turn it on you have your resume and then you’re set accelerate as well you got your blinkers boom boom and then you got your traction control right here so for it for you to actually do this you have to uh have the bike turned on but shoot man let’s just see what the bike sounds like let’s put it neutral and then i’ll get you guys a

Good sound bite of it show them two brothers my two brothers sounds real good even for a slip-on sounds real nice let’s give it a little little throttle blip man you can you can’t beat that milwaukee 8 sound man sounds nice and throaty i love it all right let’s get on the saddle and let’s see what this bad boy sounds like ready and go okay man we are in the

Cockpit of this 2021 street quad special man my goodness but first of all this paint job in this deadwood green denim my goodness i absolutely love that i love that a lot actually just look at everything that’s in front of me man like you got your you got your attack you got your speedometer you got your fuel gauge you got your battery voltage meter and then

You got this beautiful touch screen panel that you can actually use to switch back and forth between radio stations go to your gps and stuff like that as i showed you earlier this thing is so freaking smooth man my goodness just the just the even power obviously is also a brand new bike so i’m just having like that that jittery like oh my god i want a brand new

Bike this is awesome i absolutely love this that 114 hopefully we get the chance to open it up here in a little bit i think harley says you have to break it in 500 miles before you you know do some spirited driving we’ll see what that means but my goodness you guys this thing is amazing i am i’m not just saying that but if you remember a few weeks ago in one of

My other videos i said i had some news coming this is part of that news i’m going to be doing bike reviews for emerald coast harley-davidson they’ve been really gracious to let me test ride their bikes and stuff so so if you’re coming from their page whether it’s youtube or facebook or instagram appreciate the appreciate the love extend my thanks to coast fargo

Davis for let me try out this street glide for the day those two brothers pipes man they just they’re so awesome man let’s my power’s there man this solidifies the fact that i need to get a fairing for my uh for my uh for the rascal for my breakout i may have to uh get them to run my credit when we get back because my god oh man a shout out to salty and sprinkles

Salty was over here like hey man if you’re gonna test ride that you may end up taking it home so we know what there’s no going back and dang it if it’s not right this is this is beautiful once you got your horn oh powerful horn all right and today is actually an extremely windy day and uh immediately i can tell the difference with this right here hey there is

No wind i can feel it just a little bit coming up above my head but i’m also six feet and so my legs are actually a little bit longer than my torso but i still feel a little bit of the buffeting on my on the top of my helmet a little bit but totally not even a problem i don’t even realize i’m going 60 right now i thought i was going like 40. oh it just wants to

Go dude oh my god that was so sweet that was 80 miles an hour i’m so sorry i had no idea i was going that fast i was too focused on the road holy crap this thing is just so smooth man now one thing that’s due for the 2021s is they were they went from a hydraulic to a cable clutch and um i don’t have very much experience riding with a with a hydraulic clutch but

I can tell you that like the tension on this is really freaking smooth and nice like there’s no problems you know getting you know with the with the tension or whatever and actually i wrote a buddy of mine’s road glide around the corner because he had a hydraulic system or hydraulic clutch i was like all right let me see the difference real quick and honestly i

Think i prefer the cable just because that’s all i’ve ridden on my entirety of my my riding career if you want to call it that but yeah this this paint job is absolutely stunning they got the right side i think what’s new for the 21s as well is you have the gas tank on the right hand side as opposed to the center yeah i mean i guess it is what it is i mean mine’s

On the right side so i’m not you i’m not too you know it’s like a super sail point but i think what that’s going to do though is that’s going to give people the opportunity to get a flush a flush cap thing for their gas cap for the gas tank and i think that’s gonna be awesome i feel like this should be like the perfect army bike with this like this flat denim

Green and the black i feel like they should be having like a black stripe coming down the back or take off the harley emblem and put like a like uh one of those tattered stars or whatever but man this thing is let’s think of something else man i’m sitting here trying to go to a maybe trying to go to texas later this year and meeting up with stature pendants and

Uh salty and sprinkles and i would definitely you know ride on something like this oh i can’t get over that sound when you let off the throttle like that it just sounds that purr this i like the way it tickles oh man don’t know if i’m turning into an old man or something but like i don’t know the aesthetics of this bike are absolutely beautiful i do like how

It has everything right here in front of me too and almost like a car so you get the amenities of the car but the freedom of the wind and check this right here this is like your little phone spot right here you can put your phone in depending on you know how big your phone is i got an iphone 10 regular not a plus or anything but i’m able to fit it back in there

Really good it’s got a little usb thing in there so you can plug it in and charge it if you need to that’s super convenient i like that a lot i don’t think there’s anything over here and these are just your auxiliary buttons in case you wanted to add some you know exterior lighting or you know whatever case you want to do that’s it i’m selling my breakout we’re

Trading it in today folks that’s not gonna happen i love how rude it is right off the line too it’s like excuse me i’m trying to go i’m trying to really rip into the throttle and it’s not that heavy either you know i was kind of worried about if it was gonna be too much weight because i’m so used to my bike and my bike’s not that heavy i say it’s not but my bike’s

About 730 pounds wet but i was thinking with the fairing in the higher receipt ride it was gonna be a little bit more top-heavy but it’s not that bad i definitely had a a close call one time trying out somebody’s road glide i was like oh no it’s going to fall over because it’s so top heavy and it had the touring pack and stuff on the back but no this is totally

Fine like and it’s just like it’s so nimble like it’s so smooth there’s not there’s not anything about this right now that’s not absolutely smooth you know oh yeah let’s see going over bumps yeah no problem super smooth more smoothness i’ll tell you what would be nice too is if you got some like maybe some 14s some apes on here kind of raise it up just a little

Bit be just a little more comfortable see that’d be just fine oh it’s trying to find it there’s your gears right there it starts at one it goes to six i’m not used to all this high-end technology guys this is this is crazy right you know kind of going back to the technology point too i think you know you could also make the argument that you know you’re not

Buying a harley for the technology some of that still that bare bones and roots and stuff but you know there’s also got to come a point where you know if you want a new generation of rider you’re going to have to um you’re going to have to appeal to the generations that’s wanting to ride because i’m going to say it plainly and no offense to anybody but you know

The older generation they’re not going to be around forever and if holly wants to keep those same customers coming back then you’re going to have to you know you know start listening to their fan base and i said the same thing whenever they did the virtual launch for the 2021 models by just listening to the fan base and you know what we’ll see whatever the pan

America comes out i’m actually really freaking excited about that street glide versus road glide i think i still would probably prefer the road glide because of the fact that the fairing is fixed and um i can i can tell whenever i’m turning at the higher speed or whatever that the the wind changes the direction or whatever and i feel like the fairing on the rope

Glide just kind of diverts the wind a little better i don’t hate the bat wing design but i think that the the road glide just kind of just fits my my taste more oh yeah sky first control let’s see how the cruise control works so i think you said you push it in yep and then let’s shift it here let’s go to six and then let’s set it hey look at that we’re riding

We’re riding in this cruise control yeah that cruise control is nice you just you can resume it like that go a little faster oh i’m actually really surprised at the cornering ability of this bike too and it just really grips the road well you know what i mean the 19-inch front the or the 19-inch wheel in the front and the 18 in the back i don’t know it just feels

Just feels right for this bike let’s see what it’s going to be like drop that knee drop that knee hey does it like a dream man all right bank number two let’s see here oh man this thing is so much fun all right let’s take it easy on a little bit let’s turn around get it back to the harley dealership quick shout out to the dealership too if you’re ever in the

Navarre for walton beach destination highly recommend coming and checking out the guys at able coast harley i love these guys those are they’re some of the best customer service reps in the business man every time i go in there i have a good time with them always down to sit down and talk i just go there sometimes even grab a water get a cup of coffee sometimes

But that’s it for this video guys if you like this definitely leave me a comment and uh tell me what you’re expecting to see out of more of the 2021s but until next time you guys ride safe stay decent enjoy the outro peace you

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2021 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special | In Depth FIRST RIDE and FULL Review By REVSANITY