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2022 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy First Ride Review

Let’s take a test ride on this 2022 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Welcome to speedway harley-davidson and today we are taking a look at this beautiful 2022 harley davidson fatboy so before we go on our ride review let’s go over some of the specs of this bike the fat boy weighs 699 pounds wet it comes with the milwaukee 8114 motor putting out 119 foot-pounds of torque it’s got a very aggressive stance with that 160 front tire

And the huge but iconic 240 rear tire your main headlight is going to be led lighting you got your standard two and the two exhaust mono rear suspension with adjustable preload and this bike is going to get much better gas mileage than your car with an estimated 47 miles to the gallon straddling the bike you’ll see an analog speedometer with a digital display that’s

Going to give you information such as your mileage your remaining miles to this tank of gas as well as you can see your rpms there as well you also get your standard harley controls and you get these floorboards which are really nice on a motorcycle because you can adjust your feet to different positions but let’s get this baby on the road and see how she rides all

Right let’s see how she rides so the fat boy does come with the keyless fob which is currently in my pocket better double check that yep got it all right let’s hear that cold start not nothing ridiculously exciting upon starting up the milwaukee eight with stock pipes but it definitely has a little bit of grumble that you can hear and feel but once you put some

Aftermarket pipes on one of these engines they sound beautiful so it’s a beautiful day great day for a ride we have our demo truck here that’s going to actually be out here this weekend we’re just going to talk about how the bike feels while riding it as far as handling um cornering performance so we’re going to go over a few questions that i feel like people

Who were looking at the fat boy may want to know just from hearing things from other people and just looking at the bike stance and things like that definitely a little windy here today what does it feel like in the saddle of this motorcycle it’s an extremely comfortable seating position the seat feels like it has ample cushioning the bike is extremely stable

And that’s because of those larger tires you got that 240 in the rear with the 160 up front so of course it’s going to be extremely stable when you’re riding this bike if you’re hearing a bunch of wind noise i do apologize about that it is an extremely windy day let’s see how it feels in the corner now while that wasn’t a very aggressive corner the bike handles

Tremendously well there are some people who feel like because it has a larger rear tire it doesn’t want a corner well harley-davidson developed this bike to be able to do it all while it definitely does a lot better in a straight line it does still feel extremely good in the corners the suspension is what you would expect from harley-davidson you definitely can

Still feel the road but it’s not unbearable it’s a comfortable riding suspension and i kind of like that i want to be able to feel the road i want to feel like have some type of response out of the motorcycle while i’m riding it yep as you can see it handles just like any other harley it’s just you’ve got to be comfortable leaning the bike over now does it take

A little bit more effort to lean it over of course because the tires are a little bit wider you know you’ve got to lean it you got to give it a little bit more effort to get it to lean over it’s not going to be one of those bikes where you’re going to be up out somewhere dragon knee or anything like that you will scrape some floorboards that’s for sure but you’re

Not going to be dragging me on this bike and that’s not what this bike was designed for this bike is a true cruiser with a very aggressive stance and what a lot of people forget about is the fat boy is one of harley davidson’s iconic motorcycles the terminator rode the fat boy arnold schwarzenegger was on a fat boy i mean iconic that’s all i need to say it’s been

Refined over the years quite a bit like the bike feels extremely refined the shifting very smooth the throttle response you know it’s definitely smooth the ride the feel you can tell that you are on a premium motorcycle now let me roll on the throttle here i’m gonna back it off a little bit just so we can see what kind of performance she has i’m gonna i’m gonna

Get it down two right around let’s say 10 miles per hour and i’m gonna lay on it oh yeah you can definitely feel the torque out of this motorcycle that that rear wheel isn’t stopping the torque that’s coming out of this bike and again this is a new motorcycle so i didn’t want to redline it or fully like just open it wide up but the little bit i did open it

Up felt plenty of power out of the bike so it’s not lacking in power at all you’re gonna get harley davidson’s aftermarket community for customizing the motorcycle that’s always a wonderful thing so that that way you’re able to look at that it’s so stable no hands oh sorry i shouldn’t have done that um you’re gonna be able to add on some different accents to make

The bike your own and you know turn it into your own gonna go this way yeah she leans over really good surprisingly for that 240 tire i’ve ridden some other bikes that have a 240 in the back and they don’t really want to lean over as easy as this fat boy right here that i’m one does another thing that’s great about this bike is just the overall look of it it

Looks beefy it looks aggressive if you’re a bigger guy like this bike would fit you well if you’re someone my size i feel like the bike proportionally looks perfect for me and it’s extremely comfortable i feel like i am 220 pounds six feet tall my size a little bit smaller even a little bit bigger the bike is proportionally perfect for us bigger guys you got

The floorboards which are extremely comfortable for me to adjust my feet i feel like i could definitely do some longer rides on this motorcycle now would i be riding it aggressively probably not i’d just get out and cruise on it which is what most people who have a fat boy may do now there are some people who are going to ride their fat boy aggressive and by all

Means you can it’s nothing stopping you from that but this bike feels like it’s a motorcycle that wants to cruise that’s meant to cruise it feels like a premium cruiser with a very very beefy look to it and i’m loving this color now that the sun is hitting it you can see the flake in it and it looks really good the flake in the um in the paint this blue looks good

And i’ll be completely honest with you i’m not a fan of blue but i like the way this blue looks on the fat boy i love the new wheels that harley put on here where it has the slots i know a lot of people feel like solid wheels the crosswinds do not affect you when you have solid wheels i’m one of the people who feel a little bit differently i feel like those solid

Wheels do affect you when there’s crosswinds depending on how strong those crosswinds are but with this bike i’m getting quite a bit across wind right now and it’s not blowing the bike anywhere i don’t even feel it at all in the bike i may feel it in my body but i don’t feel it in the bike and i believe that is because of the slots that they decided to go with in

This 2022 model overall just from this short ride as well as some of the other rides i’ve done on the fat boy i feel like this is an excellent cruiser brakes feel good i just felt that abs kick in you do get abs on this unit baby is kicked in the brakes stopped the bike because i didn’t want to run the yellow light chop off and let’s take a look at it really

Quickly let’s look at that so that’s how it looks that that is a nice stance for a motorcycle it this bike is beautiful it’s nice and beefy i said beefy quite a bit in this video but i love the look at this bike i love the stance of it i feel like it fits me really well i don’t feel cramped up at all i don’t feel like it’s too big it doesn’t feel too heavy i mean

It’s only at 699 pounds and i believe the street bob is like in the 650 pound range which is hardly stripped down softail which is the bobber style so this is only about another 50 pounds or so and you don’t really feel it and that’s probably because of how wide that tire is it’s kind of balancing it a little bit the bike doesn’t feel heavy at all i’m hoping i’m

Over the sensor so that i get the turn signal sometimes that’s the thing with motorcycles you don’t you don’t get the turn signal let’s hope it works oh someone was in a rush so i can tell you all day how the bike feels as you can see i’m not cramped up at all i’m extremely comfortable but for you to get a true feel of this motorcycle and to know if this is a

Bike that you’d be happy with long term you’ve got to ride it you’ve just gotta ride it so if you’re in the concord or charlotte area swing by speedway harley davidson swing by the dealership take a ride on this baby take a ride on any of the bikes you know you’ve got to ride multiple bikes for you to find the one that’s going to be perfect for you if you just go

Out and you just grab like the first bike you find it may be the perfect bike for you but you may be missing an opportunity to experience other bikes as well now if you’ve been investigating that bike for a while then you know that that’s the bike for you i’m that guy i’m that guy i do it myself i’m like well this bike i want i know i want it i’ve watched a million

Youtube videos i’ve sat on them i’ve done this and that and done all of my my information and i know this is what i want then yeah you’re good to go but i definitely advise stopping in riding a fat boy especially if you have never if you have never ever ridden a fat boy i feel like that’s something you have to do if you love harley davidson if you’re looking at

Harley davidsons why would you not want to ride something that’s that beautiful so what i’m gonna need y’all to do is comment down below what do you think of the fat boy have you ridden the fat boy what did i miss talking about on the fat boy i’m pretty sure i missed a few things because i was enjoying the ride but ask any questions down below that you may have

Like comment subscribe share the video content definitely check us out on instagram there’ll be some pictures of this baby on there that i’m about to take right now but we will see you in that next video thank you

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2022 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy First Ride Review By Speedway Harley Davidson