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2022 Harley Davidson LiveWire One First Ride + 2022 Low Rider S First Ride

My thoughts on these bikes will be pinned in the comments below.

Hey how’s it going everybody my name is jimmy brooks thanks for stopping into the channel we are going to be riding the harley davidson live wire one the new cheaper version of the harley davidson live wire if this one’s going to be 20 000 or so instead of the usual 28 and i’m also going to be riding this lowrider s in this video so let’s check it out all right

Thank you all right and uh gotta get that zipped up all right hi viz vest there we go here we go all right um is there any kind of like modes or things i need to know about i’m gonna go over that okay cool oh okay so stand it up we’ll click the fuel pump on right here and then it’ll fire up flip the kickstand up and then oh this is real sport bike ergonomics

Wow so i’m going to put you just in economy mode right now all right get started okay so then we’ll press start the engine button so now you’re golden okay so it’s already started kickstand is up you’re good roars to life yeah no clutch no gears or enough yeah yeah okay yeah um so switch it around you’ll feel it go um that’s so good that’s so crazy yeah um

And that’s it bro um okay any questions that that’s about it yeah yeah just follow me and we’re good okay this one then yeah okay okay got it i’m gonna leave follow me okay we’ll just make right turns and stuff okay and then i’ll put my hazards on and then we’ll switch okay sounds good sounds good all righty oh uh turn signal is uh is that is it that um oh the

Right is on the right oh wow okay that’s cool we got it got it yeah we’re yeah yeah sounds good yeah boy oh my god dude bro oh my god this thing is so fast it’s so good oh man i like how it has like engine breaking almost you know it’s like the region that’s cool yeah okay that right there huh got it okay okay i can’t believe how fast this bike is dude

That was economy mode it’s so different than the scooter like the scooter is like janky this is so stable but like the world is just like coming at you so fast oh man dude i love how like i could just chill like this and there’s no gears i’m gonna wait for him to take off all right check the out that’s sweet oh my god oh my god that’s awesome my god oh my

God i’m sold i’m sold god electric torque is so gnarly oh my god that is ridiculous dude so this is so easy to ride this is so easy to ride here we go ready ready wow you know not bad handling either that is so gnarly sport mode is that like the more one of the more aggressive modes or okay man i mean like from a roll full pin and that’s that’s a lot

That’s so good so now again same thing just follow me okay uh i want you to feel the power on this one now okay sounds good this is the this is the hot bike this is the badass bike what’s uh cc uh it’s a 114 so it’s like 1860. oh wow that’s funny this is the hot bike i always thought it was like low rider s and then a dinah was like the big one dinah and then

A low rider okay what’s the weight on this a little bit oh that’s not that bad okay all righty we’re gonna go uh that way okay follow me i’ll wait for you yeah yeah okay this is pretty ballsy too there’s nothing compared to that thing but i heard something small scrape that’s all right i think it’s all right i think we’re good uh so uh all right this is

Pretty sweet i have to concentrate a lot more on this because i’ve never ridden like a big cruiser like this but this is still pretty sweet i can dig it i would totally own a harley this guy he’s letting me have more seat time on this thing because he wants to sell me the expensive bike alright um uh this is cool man this bike is a lot louder than i thought

It would be uh all right uh cool uh kickstand there it’s just a juice oh okay i don’t know if you too steep uh huh that’s it nice oh all right yeah it leans over a good amount how does that feel nice awesome awesome it’s funny yeah both surprised me i didn’t think i didn’t know that thing was that fast and then i didn’t know that was that comfy yeah i mean

That’s the that’s the best seat well now i see it it’s like that’s the best seat i’ve ever sat on on a bike it’s the suspension the monoshock yeah yeah tire so that’s a that’s a new low rider okay i i’m guessing they’ve gotten better over the years because like like i remember you know oh harleys are crazy heavy and they don’t handle good i’m like this is fine

This is totally fine like i’m i’m mildly afraid from scraping you know on the side but like versus that but uh no it’s good it feels less this feels less heavy than the dyna and i know the dino wasn’t easy

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2022 Harley Davidson LiveWire One First Ride + 2022 Low Rider S First Ride By Jimmy Brooks