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5 Things I HATE about the Harley Davidson Road King

So I’ve owned my 2017 Harley Davidson Road King for 2 years now and I thought it was about time I talked about the 5 things I dislike about this motorcycle. Though it was hard to come up with 5 things, I think I address the top items that I found challenging over the last few years of ownership….

So i’m from the silver bullet now for about two years and i thought it was about time to do five things i hate and loathe about the harley-davidson road king so let’s get into it good talk everyone sit boy bly here with iron cross racing coming to you you from another beautiful day texas hill country so this my first ride of the new year luckily living in south

Texas we were blessed with another beautiful weekend both days were in the 70s so that’s awesome so you of course you know i’m just gonna take every chance i can get to get out on the silver bullet oh silver bullet and go for a ride but yeah i’m gonna take you guys along and see how things go so i’ve owned the silver bullet now for about two years and i thought it

Was just about time to do a five things i hate about the harley-davidson road cake so if anybody knows me in person or just in my channel they probably know that i love the harley davidson wrote king so it’s really hard for me to come up with five things that i don’t like about this bike really had to wrack my brain so some of the things i’m pitting on i selected

Four things that i had to get used to in the beginning so number one the weight so the bike i had before the road king was a triumph thruxton that bike got it out four or five hundred pounds tops the rope kings like eight nine hundred pounds so yes but it was quite a bit heavier so it was definitely a adjustment getting used to just the size of the bike the weight

Now the oni it only really took me a few weeks to kind of compensate and kind of get used to the overall dimensions how it road had handle and parking lots things of that nature but the the biggest thing that’s still a problem for me at least because i have short legs i’m 510 but i got little teeny legs is if you’re in a parking lot and you want to back the bike

Up maybe kind of an incline unless it’s almost completely flat it’s like it’s a so yeah so definitely weight is one thing i dislike about the road king especially if you don’t have long legs that leads me into number two things i don’t like about the road king is the height so like i said before i fit the 21 inch front rim on i could pretty much flatfoot the the

Bike pretty good i mean i wasn’t like my knees weren’t bent i mean my legs are pretty straight but i could flat fit the bike put the 21 inch rim on the front then raise it up you know i don’t know half an inch or so but now it’s i can kind of flat foot but a lot of times i’m just on the balls my feet wait for 95% of what i do 95% of the riding it’s not a big deal

But wait you’re in those situations where in a parking lot or something like that and you actually have to scoot the bike with your feet then it can become a problem so heights is definitely a thing i don’t like about the road cake at least for my size so if you have a longer inseam regardless is your height it’d probably be perfect i would say 30 to 34 inch inseam

You probably wouldn’t have no problem at all and like i said for the most part there’s only been rare occasions that i actually have been like ah this thing’s a beast moving it around but majority of times it’s when i roll in a parking lot i just don’t park on we have to back up a new little client i’ll just pull up to it that way i can just roll back and then take

Off so it just makes it this makes it so you have to think a little bit more when you’re actually looking for a parking spot so number three things i hate about the road king so when i first got this bike took it out for you know test drive no big deal but when i got on the freeway i started noticing how much buffeting wind buffeting it had and it was one of the

First motorcycles i had they had a large wind shield on it a lot of the sport bikes i had had little small ones which kind of work not that big of a deal but you weren’t really expecting a lot of wind blockage but on this particular motorcycle there was quite a bit of bumping especially when you would get up in the 60 70 80 mile an hour range and i was looks like

It was literally you’d like vibrate your head and make it to you where you couldn’t have a blurter vision i bet it was horrible and i was like oh god you know what did i get myself into it’s like there’s got to be a fix for this because this is annoying so i have the stock windshield on currently haven’t done anything with the stock windshield like i said i have

Kind of a long torso so my you know my body sits a little bit higher than somebody’s probably 510 my eyesight’s kind of level with the edge of the actual windshield itself so i went online i did a little research at the forums and found out you know besides raising the windshield or doing a recurve or some kind of solution like that that you can actually the lot

Of the wind buffeting is coming down from below the bike so hardly makes these deflectors that kind of go down the forks you kind of see them the right down there and they’re right there people lovingly call them the fangs because they kind of look like a couple fingers on the front of the bike i’ll throw the actual description of what they actually are called

At the harley’s website they weren’t super expensive but people said at the end it’s all those and that kind of resolved the problem for it for them so in suit i went head and you know desperately needing a solution for this crazy wind buffeting that’s a spike at bottom slapped them on and buffetings gone so now i’ll get a little bit of buffeting like once i get

Up between 70 and 80 mostly close around the 80 range but it’s very nominal and i would think that if i would get a windshield that might have a little bit more of a curve to it which i’m planning on doing in the future also they have to have a little opening right there especially in the summertime they get a bit more airflow so if you want long rides because one

Thing the windshields kind of help you with is fatigue so when you’re hanging on to the bike you don’t get a lot of like having a pull cuz sport bikes you’re leaning forward right you know you kind of tucked in you’re kind of leaning into the wind our cruisers you’re a little bit more like lay back so you’re kind of like hanging on for dear life and when you don’t

Have any kind of a win/win screw the wind protect there you have a lot of you know takes a lot of strength this to kind of keep your your body upright from the constant wind buffeting so that’s one thing i like about having to win screen-on but then again you know especially in the hot summers of texas it kind of blocks a lot of that additional airflow that kind

Of get with some of that evaporative cooling so getting a windscreen that actually has a little opening that you could actually kind of get that direct airflow plus have some of the other benefits the you know less fatigue is definitely beneficial so the fourth thing that i hate about the road king is because the nature of the bike whether or not you go black or

Chrome i had the the silver bullet with silver i decided to chrome it out because that’s what the silver bullet was tell me it wanted to have done to it love the look but it is a lot of maintenance it’s a lot of upkeep it’s all a polishing i know if this is a good and a bad but i mean like when i had my thruxton it’s like i wash that thing on occasion but it’s like

I just hopped on it wrote it and i didn’t really care that much about it in regards so like it’s always having to be nice and sparkly clean but the routine just because it’s such a nice looking bike you just have to do it right you just can’t have a dirty road king it’s got to be clean it’s got to be sparkly it’s got to be show quality all the time so i spent a

Lot a lot of countless hours with my kind of kind of polishing it up like this got my my baby diaper out down the garage polishing for our hey look looks like we’re at during these we’re shooting a video the other day number five the last thing that i despise about the road king there’s a harley tax once again i’ve owned countless motorcycles done a few little

Bits of modifications to them exhausting to that nature and some of the parts and whatnot were expensive some of the customized parts but harley-davidson accessories which are a bliss are mega bucks can’t believe how expensive some of these parts are for this thing i mean i’ve already dumped thousands of dollars into the road cake after the thousands of dollars

I spent on it and how i love what i’ve done to it and all the customizations and everything i’ve done to the bike it’s like i said it’s it’s definitely an investment an investment that you’re not really gonna get your money back on too much so that’s a lot of parts you gonna have to take off the bike and sell on ebay so that way you trade your bike in in stock

Because you’ll not get that money back from the dealership if you decide to do a trade-in i hope you get a stupid private-party individual that’s just like oh yeah mike’s got everything i want i’ll pay 5 grand over when it’s blue book value is then hey and you have to worry about it but hopefully they shop smart shop s smart smart shop just kidding you know and

I do their homework and they know that the bikes value is what the bikes value is and accessories really don’t do it mean anything so so folks those are the five things that i hate about the harley-davidson bro king of course you know that i’m not gonna leave it with just five things i hate about the bike but and a follow-up video i’ll be doing five things that i

Love about the road king and i probably could do 150 things that i love about the road game because i love this bike so thank you for watching this is your board blonde cross racing if you liked this video go hit that like button if you haven’t already please do me a favor and press that subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the bell notification so you can be

Alerted whenever i release my next video so you guys get out there and ride get out there make some great life experiences in 2020 and i’ll talk to you guys all later peace

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