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7869H8 – 1978 Harley Davidson Iron head sportster – Used motorcycles for sale

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Hey guys nick here with texas best used motorcycles in mansfield texas got another bargain bikes special with me today it’s a 1978 harley-davidson ironhead sportster this thing is pretty sweet now we’ll keep our bargain bikes in a separate area from our frontline bikes make good deals on them so we can pass the savings on to you sell them as is test ride them get

Them cleaned up make sure they pass the texas state inspection then we put them out for sale this one’s got the 1,000 cc v-twin motor with a four-speed transmission see it’s got these upgraded chrome staggered exhaust pipes with the slash cut tips it’s also a chain driven bike a right-hand chain driven bike it’s got drum brakes in the rear this one’s got a few

Cosmetic issues on it i think it’s 35 almost 40 year old bike and see here on the tank it’s got quite a few scratches and rock chips it’s a good running bike though also it leaks a little fuel right here so if you’re gonna ride it it’s not gonna leak but if you park it and turn it off make sure you put this petcock back on the hospice ition so you’re not dripping

Down gas it’s got some upgraded forward controls nice chrome oil tank here it’s sternal rear shocks actually a lot of fun to ride you’re looking for some just a pud around town on maybe have a bike do some custom fabrication on this would be a good starter bike for you it’s a good base bike it’s got a good motor runs great just needs a little little tlc it’s

Also got an upgraded lapera solo seat you got your passenger pillion here it does have passenger pegs if you want to take that off you can have that solo seat look with that lapera you’ll see right here on the rear fender it’s got some paint chip down here on the swing arm it’s got some discoloration it’s got a brand-new tire on the rear still got the hairs on it

This is a battery tender pigtail we put those on all our bikes helps keep the battery maintained we’re not riding it it’s got some upgraded grips mirrors chrome wide blade levers it’s also got this leather tank bib here little storage pouch i think this one’s got a little over 44,000 miles i don’t think that would be 4500 so you got your choke right here front

End actually looks real nice usually on a bike this old there’d be some discoloration some oxidation on those lower fork legs i see a small film of oil up here so looks like your fork seals might be leaking just a little bit it’s got the chrome wire wheel i think that’s a 19 inch wheel nice tire on the front as well some good tread left let’s go ahead and start

This thing up see what kind of noise we can make start right up the pole girls still got a lot of life left in her a nice smooth idol to it i’m pretty surprised that a bike this old can still run that good that motor sounds real healthy i wrote it around the parking lot and it shifts fine it’s got plenty of power it’s a fun little bike if you’d like to know more

About you can contact our sales team toll-free at eight one seven nine eight five 8888 or you can check out our website at clean harley’s dot-com i’m sorry texas best used motorcycles calm and see our full inventory american motorcycle is our sister store over here in arlington texas we offer excellent finance and extended warranty options take almost anything in

On trade and we sell and show bikes all around the world so be real easy to get this one to you this is nick with texas best used motorcycles in mansfield texas thanks for watching

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7869H8 – 1978 Harley Davidson Iron head sportster – Used motorcycles for sale By TexasBestMotorcycles