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951327 – 2001 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Switchblade FXDWG2 – Used Motorcycle For Sale

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Hello folks gino here with the american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas today i’ve got a 2001 harley-davidson fx dwg – was the 9a wide glide it’s called the switchblade this was the predecessor to the cvo bikes so it’s got a lot of goodies on it it was the before they were called cbo’s that’s what this was it’s all of all this was factory stuff that

Came on here the goldleaf flames a little headlight i’m going to call that a spore i may be calling it the wrong thing all the gold leaf and the graphics there this is a carbureted twin cam 88 with a 5-speed all of the these foot pegs all the chrome levers pegs engine chrome all of that stuff came on this bike from the factory the handgrips switz housings chrome

Mirrors the air dam down low there there’s a few of these bikes around but but certainly not many this one has got some corrosion on it where the chrome is starting to tip it a little bit and kind of flake off in some places got a couple of scratches on it it’s not a perfect bike so i don’t know you know if we could call this a collector’s item or not but it is one

Of the original dinah wide glides that came out just prior to the cbo’s that’s the original seat on it the bike doesn’t have many miles on it’s got twenty nine thousand seven hundred and forty four miles you can see some corrosion here on these mirrors rear paws it’s a chrome front-end so there’s no corrosion there but there’s just spots around that it doesn’t

Quite measure up to what we would want to sell other than in our scratch indent there’s a little spot here on the muffler it does that’s got a chrome swing arm excellent tie on the back that’s a nearly new tire on the back it’s got docking hardware here for a back rest your luggage rack i’m say right up in here there’s some oxidation on that chrome fired off and

Let you give it a listen mike fires right off and runs great dad like this i’d like there’s a little rattle in there in that exhaust i’ve got to quote the choke pulled out a little bit i don’t know what that rattle is this sound like a shroud or something there it is on them up do you like to know more about it call our sales team toll-free at 888 411 51 they

Can tell you all about it it came with steel braided lines we ran it through our shop and they just just looked at it they didn’t really do anything to it just made sure there was air in the tires and the battery was hot so what you see is what you get in our scratch and dent section but you can get you a nice bike at a reasonable price and this is not one that

You see a lot of go online and see our complete inventory at clean harley’s comm we sell and ship bikes all over the world so it’d be easy to get this one to you this is jino with american motorcycle trading company in arlington texas thanks for looking

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951327 – 2001 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide Switchblade FXDWG2 – Used Motorcycle For Sale By americanmotorcycle