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955468 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE8

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What’s going on nick here with american motorcycle trading company in bedford texas got a 2013 cbo ultra classic with me today great looking bike it’s got some really nice upgrades to it it does have a few small issues so we’re gonna offer it as a bargain bike special and we’re gonna sell it as is we test rode it got it cleaned up made sure it passed the texas state

Inspection we did put brand new michelin commander two tires on front and rear and we changed the engine oil and installed a battery tender pigtail so we did do some work to it it’s got a few cosmetic issues the service department mentioned that the heated grips weren’t working so that might be something you want to replace it shouldn’t be that big a deal other

Than that it’s got some cosmetic issues this hard to see but this chrome fork cover that’s got a little dent on the backside you’re probably not gonna really notice it it’s got a little rub mark on the front side very tip on the front fender a little bit of pitting in the chrome on the backside of the mirror again a set of mirrors shouldn’t be that big a deal

If you want to replace them it’s got a small little rub on the tour pack lid and back here on the saddlebag it’s got some scratches and that’s the biggest of everything and really that was about it it’s it’s it’s a nice bike so the color is called typhoon maroon and black diamonds again brand new tires it’s got this kit on it and i’ve never seen it before but i

Was told it’s he puts these levers down on the tour pack will slide back and forth depending on how much room your passenger needs so i thought that was pretty cool i’ve never seen it before this bikes got the drivers backrest it’s also a heated seat both front and rear and the seat is in great condition i didn’t see any rips or tears or anything like that it’s

Got the screamin eagle 110 inch motor this one’s had the diamond cut on the fins on the jugs six-speed transmission it’s got a full vance and hines setup so you got the vance and hines x-pipe and the vance and hines power duals outback it’s got a set of highway pegs installed it’s got a set of bagger apes on it probably 10 11 inches or so real comfortable seating

Position plenty of chrome on the controls all that looks good no pitting on that just that mirror right there got a cup holder it’s got the key to the ignition road tech izumo gps which is nice paint matched interfering it’s got the nice leather dash pad it’s got the push-button locking luggage abs cruise control factory security i mean they’re pretty well decked

Out straight from the factory the cbo so also swapped out the stock bulbs with some leds which are much better you got the led signals it’s got a clock works windscreen there’s a few light scratches on the fairing one right there chrome forks chrome cvo wheels a bike stolen golly 12,000 miles it’s mechanically it’s in phenomenal shape all the chrome over here

Looks great it’s got the heel toe shifter and this thing has a legend air ride kit so here’s your air gauge right here and here’s the toggle switch as far as air ride goes legend is pretty much top of the line it’s like a $1,500 kid it’s it’s pretty sweet you can custom tune it to however you like the suspension of field it’s got twelve thousand two hundred and

Seventy four miles if you’d like to know more about it pick up the phone and call us at 888 411 51 you can also check out our website at clean harley’s comm i’ve got a full set of detailed pictures you can also see the rest of our inventory we do offer finance and warranty options we take the most anything in on trade and we sell and ship bikes worldwide this is

Nick with the american motorcycle trading company in bedford texas the freedom to choose

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955468 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Ultra Classic FLHTCUSE8 By americanmotorcycle