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A Vintage Harley Davidson Advertising Sign. Or Is It? Nigel Gives Me Grief.

I have finished working on the vintage Harley Davidson advertising sign. It’s a bit weird doing all that work and then destroying it to make it look old but that’s what has to be done. Or, at least that is the way I do it. I suppose I am what is known as a faker? I said faker! If you would like an Old Master’s painting give me a call. Nothing’s impossible.

What a mess i need to get myself a cleaning lady or cleaning man i mean or cleaning gender person yeah this can’t go on someone’s got the tidy up oh and i’ve uh i couldn’t do it myself because i’ve been busy i’ve been busy making this antique sign i’m quite pleased with it ah they cost a load of money you know you can actually find them although this one was made

Recently if i could sell that i could probably afford a cleaning lady or a cleaning man or a cleaning person that’s all this some creature been attacked here no it was me i look well hard oh i know where you’ve been what do you mean where i’ve been you you and in your studio yeah so what i’ve been in my studio you know why were you there to show off showing off

What you achieved showing off showing off your don’t swear don’t swear i’ve decided this is a non-swearing channel you’re joking aren’t you you not swear yeah i listened to myself the other day i swore several times and it sounded dreadful i mean there’s there’s ladies and and gentle people who watch this gentleman what do you mean you mean what because daddy

You’re not allowed to say that either what can you say these days well actually not a lot on youtube you’ve just got to be very very careful with your words you ain’t like like a politician yeah just like a politician um uh yeah anyway hello everyone i um yes uh yes actually i was showing my latest artwork my advertising sign i was showing it and i was showing

It because i was quite proud of it tried to sin you know that don’t you well if you believe the bible if you believe the bible everything’s bloody sin um but yeah i was uh i was showing showing my work to to my fans thanks no no swearing what are you talking about hands well subscribers yeah yeah subscribers that’s what i mean fans are big headed off me were

You what are you covering your eyes for is your head right the light shining on it yes had rather a drastic haircut i think i look quite quite good actually you look like oh god on it right oh garlic what do you know about afghan garnet you’re too young to know about half garnet what was this program that afghani was doing yeah anyway half garnet was a bigot

Yeah so what are you saying yeah anyway you know we just go away will you just lie down there yeah i wanted to apologize i was looking through the um analytics page of this blog blog and um there was loads of comments that you’ve made on on things and i i just haven’t replied to them i just miss them some i don’t know perhaps i perhaps i don’t perhaps i’m doing

Something wrong i’m missing a lot of your comments but because i do try to actually answer them say something say hello or whatever excuse me disgusting really disgusting on camera just go away yes i want to apologize for that and uh that’s about it really apart from doing my finishing off that sign in my studio today i’ve done nothing it’s a lovely life um

Yeah tomorrow sunday i’m going down to the motorbike shop workshop and we’re going to get the sidecar set up absolutely correctly hopefully i don’t know if we’ll manage it but i think it’s just trial and error that’s all you can do that’s what i’ll be doing so yeah thanks for looking in this is just to say hello really and to show off your work was showing off

Aren’t you he was showing off he really got ears he thinks he’s the you can’t say that you can’t say he thinks he’s the bee’s knees why not because ventriloquist can’t say that sort of thing you can’t i can’t say bee’s knees because if i say it my lips will move try it go on try it i dare you ease knees said these didn’t you he said dee’s knees no no i actually

Did say bee’s knees he said dee’s knees didn’t he because if he says if he says bee’s knees his lips move go on try it again try again say these knees right i’m going to try um you’ll have to say it okay go on in these knees go on but not moving your lips give it up john you just bloody rubbish at this give it up well i’ll keep practicing thanks for looking

In whatever don’t swear i wasn’t gonna swear it was you that was talking then oh yeah you can’t even get who’s talking right can you well i mean well i try my best see you later bye bastard you’re exhausted i haven’t taken anything honest i’ll see you later take care bye you dastard that’ll do i got pressing the wrong button studio that’s enough of that see you later everyone bye

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A Vintage Harley Davidson Advertising Sign. Or Is It? Nigel Gives Me Grief. By Old Bloke West Sussex