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BRIT F1 Fan Reacts To NHRA Top Fuel Harley Davidson Motorcycles! – CRAZY Speed On Two Wheels!

🇬🇧 BRIT F1 Fan Reacts To NHRA Top Fuel Harley Davidson Motorcycles! – CRAZY Speed On Two Wheels!

In this video i’m going to react to top fuel nitro harleys hi guys and welcome to another episode of kabir considers this is the place where i react to music media sports anime anything related to popular culture i’ll watch it with an open mind and give you my 100 honest reaction to it and if you could please hit that like button early i’d really really appreciate

It now this video is going to be really really interesting and a lot of fun to react to just because i’ve been absorbing as much about the nhra as i possibly can ever since i first reacted to that first video which was uh nhra crashes and engine explosions learning about the crazy speeds and acceleration that these cars are able to produce had me thinking is

There any other kind of vehicle that they’ve put you know these engines and the fuel i believe it’s nitro methane that they use to power these engines and i’ve learned that there’s net uh there’s a top fuel boats and now i’ve learned this top fuel harley-davidson’s like it’s just unbelievable so i imagine that the speeds that these bikes because obviously when

You’re in a car you’ve got you know the uh the shell of the car that’s going to kind of protect you a bit i guess obviously if the engine explodes it’s still going to be a catastrophe but you’ve still got a little bit of protection right but on a bike you’re literally lying on top you know of the engine a lot of the time so if anything goes wrong i believe a lot

Of the riders wear kevlar breastplates which tells you all you need to know but these bikes must be something else so let’s go this is going to be me reacting to top fuel harleys let’s do it man listen to that these engines just produce a noise just unlike any other this thing is about to go crazy any second the anticipation the anticipation is building whoa

Whoa man gosh gosh the way they just got it and it’s just out of sight like that i wonder what it must feel like for the for the riders just feeling that engines underneath you the vibration must just go through your whole body i imagine right oh wow the smoke so that was to warm the tires i imagine right it’s crazy how long these bikes are compared to your you

Know your typical superbike just so like long i imagine a lot of that is to accommodate the engine i imagine and the fuel tank because i i think i’ve uh people have told me that they consume like a gallon of uh a fuel per second insane the noise is just ridiculous like i imagine that being there it’s just a completely different thing yeah you can see the two

Guys in the top left corner covering their ears must be crazy loud are they covering their ears or are they holding their phones actually i think they might be holding their phones oh my god that one on the left crazy 241 miles an hour oh my god he’s not happy he’s not happy i’m guessing it was a full start oh man the horsepower in these things must is are

They going to be around 1500 miles an hour like similar to the uh the bikes at the santa pod that i reacted to i think last week gosh yeah 1500 mile uh horsepower in this in a bike it’s just it’s just insane mind-boggling power you know like imagine trying to take a corner on one of these bikes it’s unbelievable whoa goodness it doesn’t get old it doesn’t get

Old seeing those bikes just gun it just does not get old i wonder what it would cost but what’s the cost in you know making a bike like that ballpark i’d have to guess maybe 50 000 something around that yeah around 50 50 000 like it can’t be any cheaper than that i i doubt it oh oh my god did he win i’m guessing he won how much what was the top speed man

That was epic honestly like i said it a couple of times in the video but just seeing those bikes just hair it down just it it never gets old like just i can imagine that you know seeing it in person is just gonna be like 10 100 times better because you get to really appreciate you know when you hear about these numbers you know 200 miles an hour 300 miles an

Hour when you see it it’s a completely different thing like i remember seeing a uh what was it a mclaren 720s going about maybe 120 miles an hour and that’s nowhere near these bikes but that looked quick so you know these bikes are hitting double that speed so i just cannot cannot wait to get to one of these events thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed this

Video please like subscribe turn on bell notifications and keep throwing the recommendations my way i know i say it all the time but they genuinely help me out because if i know you enjoyed watching something i’ll definitely enjoy reacting to it so like subscribe turn on bell notifications keep throwing the recommendations and i’ll catch you in the next one

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🇬🇧 BRIT F1 Fan Reacts To NHRA Top Fuel Harley Davidson Motorcycles! – CRAZY Speed On Two Wheels! By Kabir Considers