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cheap led motorcycle headlight comparison. H4 LED Headlight Bulb Motorcycle, 9003 HB2 .99. harley

H4 LED Headlight Bulb Motorcycle, 9003 HB2

All right just to do a quick little uh review here um made in china this was 8.99 and what i will say is that it definitely definitely will do the trick it’ll illuminate it’s this guy here the name of this chinese company is just the led auto light see your led bulb uh i can’t really i mean you can make out with the whatever it is there if you look at this

Closely though you can see it looks like these were hand soldered oh come on it always works out that way how about if i go this way you can kind of see that it looks like they were almost hand soldered in there and it’s definitely open so i have some concerns and what happens is the high beam low beam low beam only lights up or emits half of the or illuminates

Half of the uh the gel glob there and then high beam illuminates the rest of it that was for that side this is a 20 bulb in my opinion definitely built better all aluminum uh this is the auto exito or whatever oxido and i’m sorry it was a 9003 high beam low beam so we’re going to take these over to the uh moped i’m going to stop and we’re gonna stitch some

Of this together do some movie magic so the movie magic part of that is i’ll stitch this together in a second and this is the high beam probably blind in the crap buddy i don’t know and if you watch here when i turn it to low beam it just uh illuminates the other half but i’m sure if i i don’t know let me try to see if i could go ahead and block some of that out

I mean for 8.99 it’ll do the trick all right not sure how much uh you’re gonna get out of that one so this is the uh the 20 bulb and that is a low beam i think yep sorry that was high beam pretty cool if it would light up both of them at the same time really blind the crap out of low beam looks like it decides the uh hides it behind the uh behind the aluminum

There so let’s uh bring it back and turn it off overall like i said this definitely seems like it has a uh i won’t say it seems like it does have a much more superior aluminum housing and i would hope would dissipate the heat more efficiently what would be really neat is if like i said when you initiate the high beam both both those cree leds make it easier

Turn the uh what the cree leds would light up and illuminate i’ll put the link to what i got in there and uh these uh these guys got to turn the high beams off wrong button and turn that on i think either way uh with the gist of uh brightness there and have a fun fun summer riding

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cheap led motorcycle headlight comparison. H4 LED Headlight Bulb Motorcycle, 9003 HB2 $8.99. harley By Wolfie