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Cheapest Harley Davidson On the Planet

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So sean here from sr k cycles comm we pulled the black line out of the office to do some pictures do some more videos and i thought you know what i bet you guys want to see another test-drive guys this is the black line then we’re giving away on our patron channel if you are a uh a patreon subscriber check it out the link should be below you have the opportunity

Of getting this harley davidson black line yes sir so in december 31st some lucky fella is gonna be getting a phone call or a text message or somehow we’re gonna contact them and we’re gonna go come get your bike get it we’re ship it to you something somehow we’ll get it to you and it’s gonna be ever and this is what they’re gonna hold where are you going holy

Cow what’s happening well hope everyone’s all right let’s uh let’s say a little prayer for that person there god i pray for whoever’s needs that assistance and ambulance and the police officer that you will be there for keep them safe and that they’re alright amen i thought that amy was gonna turn in and turn right into me pop up never go a little too i have a

Gear for that i got a saw the harley-davidson black line to my knowledge is what replaced of the night train they stopped the night tram do they joke we need something that’s black like the nitrogen and they come up with this and i love that i love that orange how about that sweet sweet sweet sweet orange paint scheme and then someone was like i like the black line

But let’s put some ridiculous handlebars i’ll let the flag put up pull up 14 it looks like 14 but puts about 12 inches it looked like 14 it’s actually not bad i don’t mind it i think it feels pretty good the guy’s got dancin on pipes and in tank it’s got a great sound to it it runs good nice and smooth sorry interrupt the test-drive mare shh we got something i got

Some want to show you guys we finally released the date of the bike giveaway december 31st 2017 this year become a patron subscriber get on board we’ll see you guys later as smooth as a harley can be you know and harley’s could be a lot smoother this actually but it’s got a great feel to it you know what though if it were me this is just me if it were me i probably

Would’ve went with black black handlebars although the chrome does kind of match the a little bit of chrome in the in the shots i think black would have been a little bit blazer that’s just me take a look at this bike oh no wait hey that right there is a bri look a motorcycle someone is gonna get that if they’re a patron subscriber that is nuts i don’t know i never

Win anything get almost brand new tires on it good-looking bike forget this sentimental nonsense let’s get back on the road i want to see someone put some miles on this bike it only has like 4,000 miles you go out anyway to buy and build a free looking bike like this and you only put 4,000 miles on i mean bad day okay okay this is it it is that good-looking and

It’s like yeah i’m gonna keep this in my office which has been in my office for the past couple months so maybe that’s what they did maybe they kept it in their office that’s kind of cool but no not us not you whoever gets his bike riding riding it’s comfortable i love the pool i love the love the controls it’s a comfortable control lights you know the minimalist

Bike no radio no nothing that’s a i love this this center tank center cake module you don’t see us in any other motors like on the black line it’s all black dad got a little harley a little trade bar it’s cool it’s sleek it’s flat i don’t know what it’s made out but it’s very unique i don’t even know how long they even made the black line for i just know that i

Never heard of one until i bought one and oh my goal that’s cool-looking and it was cool-looking alright guys remember it’s not what you’re writing but where you’re going and if you’re going somewhere you don’t got a ride maybe you should consider becoming one of our patreon subscribers because we are given this bike away to one of our patreon subscribers go to

The website check it out we’ll explain and all that stuff on the patreon site we’re super pumped maybe you see what’s going on over here oh all right i really do i hoped all right i’m nothing to happen yeah this is hard it’s hard to do but i feel like i’m flying alright guys remember it’s not what your riding but where you going check out a check our website

It’s ok cycles calm just do it come on yeah what’s up guys showing in from xrk cycles click here to subscribe click here to check out our new bikes and beards channel and click down here to see how to win a motorcycle

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Cheapest Harley Davidson On the Planet By Srkcycles