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Close Call! Quest For First Hand Drag – Harley Dyna FXDX

One of my dream tricks since getting into the Harley Dyna wheelies has always been the “hand drag.” Today I’m setting out to get it done or die trying! Stay tuned to see if i can pull it off.

What up you guys john’s motor garage i’m out here on a mission today i want to see if we can get a hand drag i think it’s about a uh 10 chance but we’re going to try it anyway yesterday i was out here getting comfortable hooking my foot and taking the hand off a little bit and we’ll just kind of see what happens sometimes it just you know you got to go for it jackie’s

Going to do photography i got my little dude out here probably about right where that rock is yeah i’ll try and make it work like right here i’ll warm up a little bit i got it man i’m nervous man i’m nervous dog i’ll warm up a little bit with some staggers and some sit downs the whole nine see how it goes man not feeling super confident but like i said we’ll

Try it i also want to get a staggered scrape but that one’s kind of scares me too everything scares me i could see the sparks in my reflection on here that’s kind of cool all right focus on the task at hand which is the one-hander these are just kind of warm-ups you know get into the get into the flow that was a little bit better i held it with the one hand

For a while it wasn’t up to balance point but i held it with the one hand all right so i’m getting to the point where i’m i’m turning my bar and locking it and doing the one-hander so now it’s gotta slow it down more still okay okay i had my hand back there i don’t want to really really push it but i had the hand back there i’m probably really far still because

I don’t think i’m up to a balance point one of the things you tend to do is as you reach back you let the bike drop as you reach back you tend to let the front end of the bike drop down and you gotta not do that so i’m chasing these out too much i’m not sewing it down so that’s part of my issue right now i think if i slow it down i can maybe do it so pop up

The balance point turn the bars bring it back that’s what i gotta do oh my gosh i was reaching i was a region but i was just like hoping like touch dude touch man just so i can say i did it you know even it’s a little even if it’s a little baby touch but i think i’m not in balance point still so it’s still too far back there so i’m assuming what’s happening is

My front wheel’s too too far forward so i’m still real far does it look like i’m any close at all or not really i think i need it’s hard to keep it at balance point and take your hand off that’s the scary part i’ll try one or two more yeah so what i suspected is i’m not at balance point and so even though i’m kind of like stretched back they’re leaning which i’m

Not even super far leaning back there um i’m still just nowhere nowhere near it so i need to focus still on just up and slow slow so slow keeping it real slow man i hit a scrape but i’m not slowing it down i don’t know what my problem is there this is usually how it goes you have something in mind that you want to do and it doesn’t quite work out but i think

The key with this also don’t force it you know like it should come semi semi naturally if you’re getting close oh i think i think that was probably the closest and i just got scared if i could just if i could just set it back maybe i need to do a tank grab scrape if i could do a tank grab scrape that might be it the hard part is cranking the bars and just

Letting it go you know barely barely tapped it i scraped at the same time it was super super sketch i came down with one hand still off the bars but i technically technically did my first finger scrape i’m not gonna say hand drag but i will say finger scrape now the question is did jackie catch that split split second where it actually hit probably not but don’t

Worry don’t worry i’ll do it again i’ll do it again did i i did it man rebel reaper would be proud maybe maybe not i mean the key really is control the key is control you get it up to the spot you control it you’re at balance point and then you just dip it back oh my gosh oh my god just ripped right through my gloves that was scary that was scary that was wack

Hopefully jackie got that one we’ll go see that one on film so first of all that actually hurt my fingers and uh yeah these are meant for hand drags i guess not finger drags let’s see what jackie has to say about that one did that one show up on picture did that one look as sketchy as it felt wow i don’t think i could ask for much better than that i mean it’s not

A hand drag it’s a finger oh that actually hurt my finger like ripped right through it well the idea is not your finger dragon the idea is like actually dragging your hand but all i could get was the fingers that was kind of sketch i must say dude i don’t know how they do a freaking elbow drag cause that actually hurts you know let me try one one more oh i

Gotta say jackie killed it on the photo she made it look way better than i think it actually turned out um yeah so my key my key with these that i need to do is i really need to get it up to balance point and just control it really you need to control it and i tore right through the gloves here but it’s right at the scene where i happen to get it so it’s kind of

Sketch i want uh i gotta admit man that last one scared me a little bit i may need to go back to the drawing board and kind of practice a little bit more i want to scrape one of those but it’s not happening oh well yeah the key with this is get it to balance point and keep it there don’t be you know do you don’t need to be doing anything stupid there we go i

Didn’t touch it but i felt a little more controlled on that one yeah i almost felt like i could keep throttling through that jb stunt style that was pretty cool not writing it out like jb stunts but a little bit better try one more hand drag and then probably call it a day i feel the rocks like flying out behind me i missed my hand drag so i just went for

A scrape on that jackie needs a call today so let me try one more hand drag we’ll call it good up to balance point slow it down and let it drop yeah yeah bud oh geez it feels so sketchy but i’m just you know it feels good to do it feels good to do it i’ll take it i think i’m going to call it good with that i’m just going to have jackie get one video not of

A hand drag but of just this stand-up scraper see if we can do like a jb stunt style i’m going to call that a day you guys i’m good to call that a day good cool thanks jackie big shout out to jackie’s moto garage and my little dude having the patience to come out here and we did it man so rebel reaper dude you need a little bit more reinforcement on the top

Side of your glove where you would never expect somebody to be doing something so stupid as a drag i didn’t actually hit the spots that are reinforced and then i never actually got the palm in the hand so yeah i mean you can’t really fault him for that but bummer i like these gloves they also be good you know me i wear gloves until they’re worn so there you have

It a progression session man as dom 829 puts it i came out yesterday and was focusing on hooking my foot hooking my foot hook in my foot and then slowing it down slowing it down leaving yesterday i did not feel anywhere close sometimes you got to push it a little bit but you still got to know where to call it because a few of those could have been sketch but i

Finally pulled it off a fingertip drag on the uh on the fxdx as well as a staggered scraper two of the things that i’ve been wanting to do so shout out jb stunts for the inspiration on the staggered scraper and the hand drags he’s doing those too um shout out domin829 just because he’s here local and always helping to push and motivate and yeah that was a fun one

Sometimes it’s just about having fun and i got to be honest i’ve been having a lot of fun on this bike lately so there you have it like and subscribe if you did i appreciate the support we will catch you guys on the next one adios

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Close Call! Quest For First Hand Drag – Harley Dyna FXDX By Jon’s Moto Garage