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DO NOT Commute on a Harley Sportster!!

DO NOT Commute on a Harley Sportster!! I’ve been commuting on my Harley Sportster for a few months now. I will go through my experience so far on how its been and why I think it might not be the best bike for a commuter option!

Okay here we go off to work off to work alrighty let’s go to work all right everybody what is up what is up welcome back to another video as always thanks for stopping by we are back out on the harley sportster iron 1200 on an early philly morning and like i said in the intro there we are commuting to work right now that’s right we’re headed over from philly into

Jersey where i work a couple times a week on a little commute here on the harley sportster i’ve been commuting on the bike now for uh maybe a month over a month now getting some good experience on the commute luckily it is only a couple days a week i don’t have to go in every day which would kind of suck but yeah like i said i’ve been doing this for a little while

Now so i’ve had a good chance to get a little familiar what it’s like to commute on a motorcycle commute on the sportster and it is a little bit different than what i kind of expected or what you might imagine from just general riding and i’m going to talk a little bit about that in my experience so far so we’ll talk a little bit about what the commute is like as

You can see right now we’re going over the lovely ben franklin bridge obviously we got to get over to jersey to the office so we got to take the ben franklin bridge views a little bit better coming back the other way on the way home you get a better look at the city but always nice little ride crossing the bridge over in new jersey the commute itself is not too

Bad it’s about 17 miles one way so we’re looking about 34 miles total every day i go in which is not too terrible it’s really not that far at all i mean it’s pretty much a straight shot mostly a little bit of like highway type riding two lane highways on the way out there not really any turns or anything like that it’s mostly just a straight shot but before we

Dive into this real in depth in my experiences so far let me know what your guys thoughts are on commuting i know i got some guys commuting out there on their bikes maybe even the sportster itself let me know what your spirit experiences have been like you like it you don’t like it the pros and cons of commuting on a bike because i’ve definitely got some uh some

Opinions that some people may or may not agree with that i have formulated so far as i’ve been doing this so make sure you drop those comments down there let me know your thoughts on motorcycle commuting if you do it if you like it if you don’t like it also what bike you’re doing it on of course ah yes camden we have entered the dirty jersey but anyways so some

Of my experience so far is a little bit interesting so there’s some of the experience that actually doesn’t even have anything to do with this bike specifically at all that i kind of don’t like but then again a lot of it does have to do with the bike also so starting off first off motorcycling for me is very much more so a hobby i would say so one of the reasons

That i actually do not like commuting on the bike and i don’t think just this bike i think any bike in general i wouldn’t really like commuting on is the fact that like i said this is more of a hobby for me and it’s kind of something that i look forward to outside of work in all capacities it’s something that i like i don’t want to be associated with work now i mean

Yes i like being out here do i like coming to work right now on the bike i love riding the bike no matter what that’s always going to be a fact but the fact that it now kind of crosses over and is somewhat a little bit associated with work kind of is something that i don’t like about it because i want this to be something that like i look forward to an experience

That i enjoy outside of work strictly joyriding is what i like traveling riding around with friends all that good stuff i kind of don’t want my bike to be associated with work in any way if that makes any sense at all i don’t know if that makes any sense to you guys out there some of you may agree with that some of you may not i don’t know if i relate that the the

Right way that i was expecting it or the way that i’m thinking it to come out but i would prefer to like you know not have my bike associated with work you know it’s a hobby i just wanted to remain a hobby of joy riding traveling having fun and all that stuff i mean going to work is just really not that fun i don’t want to have to ride my bike somewhere that i

Know i’m not going to have fun but anyways that’s another story but another thing as you guys know this really is you might be saying you know why don’t you just drive a car blah blah well like some of you guys might know i made a video about this a while back i got rid of my car my least vehicle over a year ago so this is my only means of transportation so it’s

Really my only option for commuting riding the sportster into the office when i have to is my only option for computing so like i said i would like to be able to keep those things separate work like hobbies things like that but you know that’s just the way it goes now luckily for me when my company did start this whole you know like return to work type thing like a

Lot of people are doing this whole thing is really super flexible obviously so it’s two you know they say come in two days a week it could be any two days so obviously i’m picking two days that it’s nice out like like right now obviously i’m only coming in when it’s uh super nice i’m not trying to get out there in any rain and all that nonsense but luckily it’s been

Flexible it hasn’t been too much of a hassle that way so that’s kind of the first part of my thoughts so far is you know i wanted to remain a hobby you know blah blah all that type of thing luckily as far as the commuting experience it’s not too bad i mean you can see there’s not that much traffic right now coming out of the city in new jersey a lot more traffic

Going into the city on these work days i’m in i’m out here early in the morning i usually leave about 7 30 get to the office about eight no problems there i can’t complain too much about that the actual action of commuting itself has not been that bad so far but so now we got to get into the good stuff here now we gotta talk about the actual bike and the reasons

That some people may agree disagree agree with me whatever out there we gotta get into the bike and why i don’t like commuting on this bike i’m just going out here on a limb this is not a great commuter bike and there’s a lot of reasons why i’m going to give out there to you guys as to why this is not a bike that you want to commute to work on let me know if you

Agree or disagree with any of these points that i’m making out here on why the harley sportster is not a great option for commuting first of all not a great commuter bike because as we know the harley sportster is a very you know rough visceral ride experience not great suspension pretty uncomfortable and honestly man when i’m getting out here at like whatever 7

30 in the morning i’m trying to get to work it’s early i just want to get there like i’m not trying to deal with all these like bumps and rough ride and crashing and like loud exhausts i’m saying like that’s why i like it as more of a hobby motorcycle because that’s the experience i’m expecting and i want when i’m out there doing my hobby you know when i’m going

To work i don’t want to be like smashing into like all these bumps and stuff it’s just a very like raw rough ride like this early in the morning i’m like man i wish i do kind of wish that i was in a nice like air-conditioned car with a nice smooth ride in there but it is what it is that’s just something you deal with when you ride this bike and it’s your only means

Of transportation but that actually brings me to my next point is kind of like the experience maybe not even just on this bike but any bike is the heat man like it’s already like 80 85 degrees we’re heading into work we have a little bit of sweat going on like hopefully these days you know i’m hoping i don’t get drenched in sweat on the way in here we got this hot

Air cooled engine right here the air is hot hoping to keep the wind moving that’s something to consider if you’re walking into the office all disheveled take my helmet off sweaty as hell but this is another thing you got to kind of deal with when this is your only option of transportation another reason not a great option for a commuter bike is you’re limited on

Storage and so obviously you saw me there at the beginning i’ve got my little bag packed up there that i strap onto my bar carrying all my essentials in there you know you’re going to work need your lunch you need whatever this and that so we got all that taken care of in there in the bag i mean would it be nice to have something like a little bit better like

Saddlebags or something like yes you could do that with your sportster if you wanted to i choose not to but if you’re commuting on this thing that is something that you got to consider is how are you going to carry all your stuff now i’m choosing not to use a backpack because the sweat factor the sweat factor that i just mentioned if i have a backpack on my back

Would be drenched in sweat so i choose to go ahead strap a little back to my bar carry all my stuff into work that way you know i could almost see a better option for a commuter bike to be like an adv bike you know just sit up nice and high got some good suspension you know get some saddlebags luggage hanging off the back there then you’ll be all set good to go

Now don’t get me wrong like i said i love the bike it can do anything i always say that but in my opinion it’s just not a great commuter bike can you do it have i been doing it yes obviously it’s taking care of that function but is it the best and greatest option uh not really like if you have this bike and it’s your only option to commute somewhere only way

To get into work a couple days a week like me then you know you just got to do what you got to do but there’s a lot better options out there for commuter bikes that i would probably recommend over this bike now does this make me want to consider getting a vehicle now or getting four wheels still no still not really i like not having the additional car payment

Additional insurance stuff like that now another thing that also is kind of a hassle this is just kind of for me specifically in computing obviously everybody knows i keep my bike outside keep it covered up chained up so every morning when i gotta go commute i gotta uncover the bug i gotta throw the bag on i gotta throw the bar on i gotta unlock it i gotta wheel

It out from where it is that whole thing takes like it takes time you know to get the thing ready to roll and head out of the city over to jersey for work but i mean that’s my own fault that’s not the bike’s problem if i did have a garage and could just wheel it right in and out that’d be much nicer but hey you know you got to do what you got to do so i mean all

In all i mean the experience is not that bad i guess i should be lucky that i have the bike in the first place i love this thing but like i said just not exactly the greatest commuter bike that you’re looking for a little rough ride little rough experience also just a hobby that i would prefer to keep totally separate from work if possible not associated in that

But that’s the way it goes like i said you got to do what you got to do with what you got so i think that is going to start to wrap this one up as we get a little bit closer to the office we are going to hop off get into work get on with our little work day get back into the city on the bike at about five o’clock luckily like i said the whole experience of the

Commute not terrible heading back into the city is really not that bad either takes like 30 35 minutes which really isn’t terrible so of course like i said let me know what you guys think about commuting on a motorcycle or commuting on a sportster i know i got commuters out there drop it down in the comments let me know your experiences let me know what you think

And how it’s going for you so far if you are a motorcycle commuter all righty so that’s going to wrap it up now if you like anything we’ve got going on here make sure you go ahead and like this video and subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with everything we got going on and as always make sure you ride safe out there any type of riding you’re doing joy

Riding or commuting make it a good one guys this is the moto john we’ll see you all on down the road peace

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DO NOT Commute on a Harley Sportster!! By The Moto Jawn