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Dyna Vs. Sportster! Side by Side Comparison Which Harley is Best Buyers Guide Review Considerations

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Buenos es que pasa amigos welcome back to john’s moto garage so whether you’re brand new to riding and you’re looking to get your first cruiser and you want to go with the harley or maybe you’re just switching over for metrics to your harley for the first time or maybe you’re switching from sport bikes to the hardly seen one of the age-old questions that i see

All the time is do i do the harley dinah or the harley sportster today we’re gonna be going over some of the differences between the two bikes we’re gonna be doing a visual side-by-side comparison of the two and i’ll go over some things you may want to consider when deciding which one’s the best bike for you now i’m not gonna tell you which bike to buy and just

Like everything else it really just comes down to the individual there’s lots of factors that come into play and everybody’s a little bit different but hopefully you can get an idea of some of the differences between the two bikes and some reasons why you might pick one or the other or vice versa and if you haven’t already be sure to smash the like button and

Subscribe as always thanks for the support so for started right here we’ve got 2013 harley davidson street bob custom this is the dyna line this one happens to be a 103 cubic inch most of these are belt drive this has a chain conversion it’s a six-speed air-cooled fuel-injected motorcycle this one has a lot of aftermarket add-ons mostly just bolt ons so this is

Not gonna be your stock standard looking dyna by any means but some of the other diners out there you’ve got your lowrider you’ve got the fat bob you’ve got the wide glide super glide street bob i think those are some of the main diners out there hardly no longer makes the dyna line they are all soft tails now but the still applies there’s lots of lots of used

Ones out there on the market and i think you can kind of just lump the soft tail and with this obviously there’s key differences there but really people are looking at do you get the sportster or do you get the slightly larger bike and what are going to be some of the reasons for that and then over here of course you got the harley-davidson sportster this one’s

A 2012 ford sportster 883 so this one’s a five-speed fuel-injected air-cooled as well also a belt drive and now the cool thing with the sportster is you can get your 883 s or you can get your 1200 it’s gonna be a slightly bigger engine and the sports also has tons of different trims well you can get the iron 883 you can get the night stir you can get the 72

The 48 they got the sportster low the roadsters i mean they have tons of different options and i believe since 57 they’ve had these bikes the sportster is a smaller engine so it’s a little bit lower to the ground it’s gonna be a lighter motorcycle whereas with the dyna typically if you’re gonna have a little bit of the engines bigger the bike is heavier it’s a

Longer wheelbase and usually it’s gonna sit maybe a little bit taller as well so you know like i said it really comes down to personal preference what you’re gonna be doing but some things to consider what are you gonna be using the bike for what’s your height what’s your size what’s your experience writing do you plan on just zipping around town bar hopping are

You gonna be on the freeways do you plan on doing longer right those are some of the questions to ask yourself because the sportster especially looking at the 883 super-fun zippy lightweight bike perfect for entry-level riders you can and people do take these on long cross-country rides but it’s not gonna be the optimal bike for it it’s not gonna be comfortable

For writing to up again people do it but it’s just not gonna be the optimal bike it’s not built for that this is purpose-built for basically zipping around town bar hop and cruising all that fun stuff it definitely hits the mark when it comes to that i really dig just the kind of classic look of the sport ease it kind of captures that barber look especially if

He goes iron 883 the knights tear some of those ones it’s just a really nice clean looking motorcycles another cool thing with the sportsters tons of people customize these that’s 40 1200 you’ve got tons of people doing you know the club style wheelies stunting all kinds of crazy stuff you can do on these bikes with the sportsters typically and this is the use

Market because that’s typically where i’m buying my bikes you can get these refraction of the cost that you’d be paying the you know for the dyna year for year mileage vermont there’s no reason the sportster should cost as much of the dyna so it’s another reason depending what your budget is the sporty might just be the one that fits budget and it gets you on

Two wheels so those are some things to consider for the sportster why it might be a good bike for you if you’re new to riding you’re looking for something lightweight you’re not going to be doing any long crazy rides you know maybe you don’t want to jump dump a ton of money into it you’re not really sure if vikings for you yet this poor you might be a good option

I had let’s jump over to the diner then the hard davidson dinah the interesting thing to me is the dinah you got the bigger engine so it’s gonna be a little bit faster more power overall it’s a bigger heavier bike so the dinah is a little bit more comfortable if you’re doing longer rides you can set it up to where it’s optimal for the long rides you can put forward

Controls on it you can do all that stuff if you want to on the dinah definitely give it’ll definitely be a little bit more comfortable for two up riding it also has a larger tank i honestly don’t know a fuel economy the two because you got the bigger engine about you you know you have a bigger gas tank so but an interesting thing to meet with the dinah’s is again

If you’re really looking at getting a bike that you’re gonna be doing you know long-distance riding and torrie and all that stuff on then you might start creeping into the road keying and the road glide and the ultra classic and the street glide you know looking at full baggers because this you know the dinah isn’t even in my opinion really going to be the best

Bike for jumping on and going long distance but it’s kind of a good in-between there it’s not super heavy like the road king so it’s gonna be more comfortable for your average rider in and around town and slower speeds at you know in different situations but it does have the ability to jump on the freeway and crew that speeds i’m a huge fan now of the club style

Dinah’s and and of course if you watched any of my other videos i decided to tackle the wheelie challenge on this motorcycle and it has certainly been a challenge but it’s a fun one so that’s some of the reasons why i take the dinah but it is a bigger heavier motorcycle you know you’re gonna have a little bit more power on that thing so depending you know for your

Shorter riders or new riders it may not be as comfortable starting out now one of the problems is obviously for new riders you don’t know what your preferences are you don’t really you know you just don’t know because you haven’t been out riding yet you haven’t tried out different motorcycles so you’re just not sure and so it can definitely be a hard decision

If and when possible go sit on the bike throw a leg over kind of get a feel for it but the only way you’re ever gonna really find out is once you’ve actually written the two bikes once you know what type of bike you’re looking for and what type of writing you’re gonna be doing so again you guys not an exhaustive list but that’s a side by side visual comparison

Of the two motorcycles you can see what they look like so again just to recap the sporty lighter probably better for your newer riders but you go with the 1200 still a nice torquay powerful bike not gonna be as ideal for the long distance you know freeway riding at high speed it’s not gonna be as ideal for two up but you can still do tons of customizations lots

Of aftermarket parts out there for it and people do the wheelie games on those motorcycles and then the dyna more power bigger bike can be a little bit more comfortable in the freeways and you can do all your customizations with that one as well the dyna is gonna cost you more typically the sporty is going to be a lot more affordable entry-level motorcycle but

Those are the two options i’m gonna show you real quick we’ll go and start the two bikes up now of course this has aftermarket exhaust but as far as aside from the exhaust in the air intake i mean the engine is pretty much stock like i said i’m a huge fan of the club style dinah’s these days i’m trying to learn wheelies and have fun with that kind of thing but

It’s kind of an acquired taste for sure when these first came out i wasn’t a huge fan of just the overall look of them and don’t let people fool you sons of anarchy did not start this people were doing this before sons of anarchy and if you’re interested just in that bike i have other videos doing walk arounds of that bike specifically and then the sporty here

This one’s cold i haven’t had it started up in a while stock exhaust on this guy all right so there you have you guys the harley-davidson dyna side-by-side comparison with the harley-davidson sportster hopefully that gives you a little useful information so you can decide which one you want to get which one will be best for you as always thanks for checking out

The channel if you dig the content be sure to like and subscribe leave a comment below and we’ll hit you guys up on the next one adios

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